Adderall – College Student Smart Drug

0 Adderall   College Student Smart DrugNBC News did a report on Adderall abuse by college students looking for better grades. Ana Kasparian and Jayar Jackson discuss.

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17 Responses to “Adderall – College Student Smart Drug”

  • BarackMcBush says:

    People were doing …
    People were doing Ritalin 20 years ago..

  • WalrusSlapper says:

    I made the dean’s …
    I made the dean’s list at the university I go to with out this stupid drug. Just like roiders, these idiots are just trying to cheat and take the easy way out to get the results that many people struggle and work their off for.

  • JIYkp says:

    This is so sad. So, …
    This is so sad. So, so sad.

  • SteelyPhil420 says:

    i love adderol. i …
    i love adderol. i was getting it from a dude at college for a dollar a pill 30 mg. it helped me go to school during the day and help me work my night shift at the newspaper

  • Shadowlit001 says:

    Me and my friends …
    Me and my friends have a backyard wrestling Federation and I take aderal before matches and it relly helps me focus on what I’m doing and improve my grappling techniques.

  • AmishRakeFight85 says:

    Damn Jayar came off …
    Jayar came off the top rope. I think he’s completely right though.

  • NikEgUy101 says:

    Lmao Jayar is the …
    Lmao Jayar is the truth.

  • braydenbeautiful says:

    A major in physics, …
    A major in physics, chemistry, mathematics and even economics are all brutal — and far harder than law school.ahhaha

  • TequilaFlavor says:

    Jayar for the rescue
    Jayar for the rescue

  • mistacramer says:

    btw, athletes die …
    btw, athletes die or have serious medical problems from steroids.

  • mistacramer says:

    So the students …
    So the students with high GPA and end up getting relevant jobs after graduation are secretly junkie basketcases? Great, just great

  • winadai says:

    i fake being adhd …
    i fake being adhd to get adderall last year and i only took its once in awhile during exam time to help me when im in a pinch but that’s about it. i never really got addicted cause i made sure of it. and im not sure if you mentioned this but the more dangerous side effects of adderall is loss of appetite and ive heard of ppl using adderall as a diet plan

  • aedmeig38 says:

    thanks for the tip
    thanks for the tip

  • Pelonetillo says:

    this video disliked …
    this video disliked by adderall junkies

  • MrKfiat says:

    I was prescribed …
    I was prescribed Adderall for 5 years; I felt more of the side-effects than the benefits which is why I am never going back to an ADD drug ever again. It isn’t a joke, abusing this screwed up my social skills for a long time.

  • AnythingButClever says:

    Yeah, I don’t buy …
    Yeah, I don’t buy the course load excuse. I’m 26, going to college and I work around 35 hours a wk. Now THAT sucks. Having the responsibility of being an adult combined with the stresses of college makes things difficult. I don’t know what life is like for these kids, but I’m assuming they don’t have anything stressing them other than school and where the next party is going to be. If I can do well at University without anything assisting me, they certainly can.

  • MrSamuelheart says:

    yeah come on drink …
    yeah come on drink a cup of coffee and study harder…works fine for me.

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