Experience with crystal meth

0 Experience with crystal methYoung addict talks about her relationship with a crystal meth addict and what kinds of symptoms these addicts reveal. To learn more about symptoms of drug usage visit our website at http://www.drughelpdesk.com

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5 Responses to “Experience with crystal meth”

  • tommy41758 says:

    this isn’t really …
    this isn’t really an experience with crystal meth LOL, it’s just her friend…. she is an attention seeker.

  • tommy41758 says:

    @Pent5HT LOLOL
    @Pent5HT LOLOL

  • superhellsing123 says:

    @Pent5HT right?
    @Pent5HT right?

  • Pent5HT says:

    Fuck meth……… …
    meth………heroin is wayyyyyyy bettr

  • coqpit77 says:

    I tried meth 3 …
    I tried meth 3 times and didn’t had to find out how people may get addicted to that. Racemic amphetamine and dexamphetamine (aka Adderall) works way better. Meth doesn’t increase concentration ability, i felt myself like an “idiot who’s able to do everything” Euphoria, but an idiotic one. I think, meth addiction is caused by dementia.

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