Teen addict speak on Oxycotin usage

0 Teen addict speak on Oxycotin usageEx teen drug addict discusses his Oxycontin usage and how that drove him to use more dangerous opiates. To hear more stories like this visit our site at http://www.drughelpdesk.com/education

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4 Responses to “Teen addict speak on Oxycotin usage”

  • royalnaz1 says:

    oxycodone is great. …
    oxycodone is great. downsides are addiction, itching, lack of sleep, straining to pee,

  • danheinzen says:

    oxycontin w/d are …
    oxycontin w/d are 100 times worse than heroin

  • flastatesoldier says:

    Oxys and especially …
    Oxys and especially Roxy 80s are a huge problem where im from, but honestly only with the drop out/loser kids i grew up with that havent done anything with their lives. He compared it to laying in a field and that really is what everyone does on them… they just lay there. They must use it to numb the pain of some underlying emotional issues. OCs suck

  • laetrille says:

    The new switch from …
    The new switch from oc oxycontin brand to op will create an epidemic of heroin use among the oxycontin ranks. I have already seen many people make the switch from oxy to heroin.

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