Effective, High End Alcoholism and Drug Treatment Center

0 Effective, High End Alcoholism and Drug Treatment CenterThe Gonzalez Recovery Residences is designed to offer high end quality, effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation and substance abuse treatment to individuals and their families. Our structured sober living environments are all safe, supportive, dignified, and inspirational. Many places such as: addiction center, alcoholism treatment facilities, drug treatment centers, alcohol rehab programs, drug rehab centers, dual-diagnosis drug treatment centers, and therapeutic centers exist to provide treatment for substance abuse. However, the alcoholic or addict must take the proper gradual steps to reach his or her potential for recovery. It is important to know which treatment or facility will best fit your needs.

At The GRR, you will receive the best continuing care and support from both our south Florida and Northern Virginia staff. This drug rehabilitation center has several residential houses all of which have attractive and enjoyable accommodations. The GRR has been helping people nationwide fight alcohol and drug addiction since 1990. Our approach to long term recovery is using relapse prevention tools and family friendly environments which exceed other addiction facilities. Our luxury residential houses are equipped with all the comforts and modern amenities needed for quality recovery.

The GRR Plantation is our most appealing luxurious residence nestled within 46 acres of waterfront preserve. The top executive quality house has 12,000 square feet spacious living space. Our secluded, well-appointed home is ideal for individualized extended care programs tailored to help residents experience balance in lifestyle and sobriety. Six private bedrooms, each with a bath and balcony, offer views of the river and wildlife sanctuary. Additional on-site amenities include a gourmet kitchen, indoor garages and elevator, swimming pool, tennis court and private dock with boat.

Our program is a proven, including ongoing transition from a brief, structured environment to applying knowledge and support to help fully re-integration back into the real world. Daily 12-step meetings, group and/or individual counseling and incorporation with the recovery community are the foundations of the program. It also provides residents with the opportunity to attend cultural and recreational events; tailored activities and special-interest seminars are available on location and within the nearby resort town.
It is not easy finding a suitable drug addiction treatment center. Please don’t wait until it’s too late to call for help now, 772-633-1097, 800-797-0938 or email: info@thegrr.com. The destruction of chemical dependency and alcohol on the individual and their loved ones can be stopped when you pick up the phone.

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