How to recognize complications of alcoholism with Dr Rodriquez and Delray Center

0 How to recognize complications of alcoholism with Dr Rodriquez and Delray CenterComplications of Alcoholism
Many people are not aware of all the real major complications of alcoholism. Most people think alcoholism and liver problems and that’s true, liver problem such as Cirrhosis and liver failure are some of the major complications of alcoholism but there are many many more. Some of the other ones that people often don’t think about are pancreatitis for instance; a severe painful inflammation of the pancreas can actually kill you faster even than liver failure. Then you have complications on the brain heavy drinking over the years will lead to dementia where the person will have a state where they loose their capacity to think and reason much like how it happens in Alzheimer disease. Then you have issues with vitamin deficiencies; alcohol has a tendency to cause certain specific vitamin deficiencies in a person by simply not allowing them to absorb certain essential vitamins, for instance vitamin B-1 deficiency can cause Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome which is a severe condition that will leave a person permanently debilitated looking very much like somebody with Alzheimer’s only worst sometimes, this is part of why a person who is new to treatment will often receive thiamine or vitamin B-1 as one of their medications or as part of their treatment often by injections because it is that important to stop the chance of developing Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrom. Other complications are high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease as a part of a general unhealthy state of living and existing or the body really suffers.
Raul J Rodriguez MD, a double Board Certified Psychiatrist and Addictionologist, discusses complications of alcoholism.

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