200 Year Old Alcoholic-Makem & Clancy

0 200 Year Old Alcoholic Makem & ClancyFeb 1977, At the National Stadium, Dublin

Duration : 0:5:21

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  • spacefox71 says:

    I’ve been singing …
    I’ve been singing this since I was a toddler. Love, love, love this whole album! I bought it on iTunes, but it didn’t include this song. Does anyone know where to get it?

  • Frank Collins says:

    dennis a real wake …
    dennis a real wake in my family there are alot of songs .Now the funeral mass the music is restricted

  • TheEvilCoconut says:

    haha Liam Clancy …
    haha Liam Clancy rocks!
    Does anyone have the chords to this song? Cuz I wanna be able to play it ^.^

  • denisgerard says:

    I love “The parting …
    I love “The parting glass” but I think THIS is the song I’d like played at my wake

  • cgms310 says:

    I had the pleasure …
    I had the pleasure of meeting the Clancy’s in Ireland and in New York.
    RIP Liam

  • Tom Gallagher says:

    Two originals…. …
    Two originals…. you won’t be seein’ the likes of them again! Life ends but the music goes on. 

  • LessHairMoreFace says:

    just great!
    I love …

    just great!
    I love when he, talking with a real “harsh” irish accent transforms to “southern drawl” and says talks real funny.
    thanks for posting

  • Justin Williams says:

    Here’s to hoping …
    Here’s to hoping they are entertaining heaven in their own little way :)

  • matty0503 says:

    two great …
    two great performers, RIP boys

  • SicaGR says:

    OMG! I’ve loved …
    OMG! I’ve loved this song since I was little. near wore out the tape. I so need it on CD!

  • variousgenres says:

    I got a great kick …
    I got a great kick out of this performance. Liam, with all his charm and talent, will be sorely missed.

  • Ruth Lardner says:

    Aw Liam if only you …
    Aw Liam if only you could have lived for another 126 years. Liam died on the 4th of December (yesterday) at 12 in Cork hospital

    Rest in Peace a mhac

  • orckiller91 says:

    bless liam LMAO
    bless liam LMAO

  • Scorkies says:

    Thank you so much …
    Thank you so much for posting this song…its one of my favourites…. it’s my party piece also…..when I’ve had some liquid refreshment !

  • DaraghPhelan says:

    funny song! I love …
    funny song! I love when he performs this live!

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