Alcoholic Logic – Amy Winehouse

0 Alcoholic Logic   Amy Winehouse“New” track from the Winehouse

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25 Responses to “Alcoholic Logic – Amy Winehouse”

  • JTStreed says:

    She has the …
    She has the greatest voice the world has ever seen. She’s a completely original talent. Her body is beauty, her voice is love, and her eyes are heaven. God would be jealous of her perfection.

  • zaldivarjohn says:

    @neobootsonious … …
    @neobootsonious …I have to second your motion…I really can see them together, The Queen of Jazz, meets Prince the Doctor of Funk. Ohhhh !!! Can you imagine the concert? Amy is soooo gooood. She’s up there with Sade,undoubtedly another Queen of Jazz…. Amy really is best new talent, she is Kicking-ass-good!!

  • josiedakota says:

    my head is …
    my head is sppppiinning

  • lettucewrap9 says:

    She is awesome!
    She is awesome!

  • onepartsjay says:

    @Aieritroea exactly …
    @Aieritroea exactly…….

  • dubberdoodee says:

    if you look up …
    if you look up pics.of her when she first came on the scene..she is very healthy!..almost voluptuos!…but the money, fame and ‘drugs’ got her and now she looks like a skinny crackhead!….great voice…natural talent….but the drugs are eating her to the bone!

  • narutoandhinata4eva9 says:

    I’ve seen you when …
    I’ve seen you when you’re healthy. You’re absolutely gorgeous. Don’t let a few plants take that away from you Amy. You’re better than that.

  • jokerpacheco says:

    Amy es de verdad …
    Amy es de verdad magnífica, en lo personal, me inspira bastante, y me encantan todos los aspectos de su tormentosa personalidad. te amo amy!!!!

  • gabrealeable says:

    hell if i was her i …
    if i was her i wouldnt want to go to rehab either.

  • neobootsonious says:

    She needs to do an …
    She needs to do an albumor song with Prince.

  • zimadafaka says:

    Amy i love u!
    Amy i love u!

  • llilla91ll says:


  • jambra15 says:

    This is a grown …
    This is a grown woman. If she wanna sit on Youtube and smoke crack and drink her lungs out, thats her business. We will see her in a few yrs OverDosed on something. Thats why she dont wanna go to Rehab (duh)

  • phellandrene says:

    “beautiful eyes and …
    “beautiful eyes and sexy” is an understatement, my friends.

  • ctuggy says:

    i get it she is to …
    i get it she is to honest ,that is why paparazzi love her, to bad as they only try & exploit negative,(look what they did lady di)LOVE THIS

  • boomshockalakalaka says:

    her music teaches …
    her music teaches me to think inside the box when it comes to creativity..she’s so amazing.

  • boomshockalakalaka says:

    her music teaches …
    her music teaches me to think inside the box when it comes to creativity..she’s so amazing. 

  • ILuvMusic4real says:

    This is so dope!

    This is so dope!

  • radioheads8 says:

    Amy is just lost, …
    Amy is just lost, it takes time to find ones way

  • bloodredbracelet says:



    you should always think outside the box, just thinking your own thoughts :P

  • Iulian0608 says:

    I don’t think …
    I don’t think there’s a B-Side of this Lioness that I don’t like :D

  • crystallbaby123 says:

    her music teaches …
    her music teaches me to think outside the box when it comes to creativity..she’s so amazing.

  • GeaVox says:

    @lettucewrap9 YEP!
    @lettucewrap9 YEP!

  • GeaVox says:

    @dubberdoodee And …
    @dubberdoodee And even as a skinny crackhead she spanks spots off the dumb, idiotic bimbos that pass for singers these days.

    her lifestyle is only her business, OK, get it? She does not need your or anyone else’s permission to live her life. She has the right to get high and behave as a fool, at least she has to take a shitload of drugs to do it.. what is the excuse of people posting their inane pap?

    DREGS! I wish I could feed Amy on YOUR bones!

  • hawaiianette says:

    At Aieritroea, it …
    At Aieritroea, it may take away from some of her beauty as a person, but not as a singer. and if people are truly here for the music, that is all that matters.

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