Germany vs USA – Alcohol

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These unsuspicious brown bags that people carry coming out of liquore stores contain…of course, 100% pure grape juice!

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Germany vs USA explores the contrasts and joys of two unlikely friends, Jim and Alex, as they learn more about each other’s cultures, languages, and the greater friendship between Europe and America. Insightful, whimsical, educational and always genuine (not to mention unscripted) the show aims to bring a slice-of-life perspective to viewers around the world.

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24 Responses to “Germany vs USA – Alcohol”

  • Deathmatch1993 says:

    You also can drink …
    You also can drink WHILE you’re driving!
    While you are the driver!
    You’re just not allowed to reach a special “promille” percental.
    If you’re still under it (like drinking one beer), you can drink while driving! ;)

  • Scaramouchemusic says:

    It’s kinda funny. …
    It’s kinda funny. In Europe you are allowed to buy and drink alcohol when you’re 16 (beer and wine) or 18 (hard stuff). In America you are allowed to buy and drink alcohol when you’re 21. I get that, because the brain is fully grown when you’ve reached that age (sorry, don’t know how to put that in other words), but what I don’t get is why you are allowed to buy weapons and stuff when you’re 18. That’s a bit phony, I think. Sorry. But ‘murica is still very beautiful.

  • toonkelz says:

    Old enough to die …
    Old enough to die for his country but too young to drink beer ….

  • klavier285 says:

    It’s ironic how the …
    It’s ironic how the US is supposed to symbolize freedom yet in a lot of ways we have less freedom than the rest of the civilized world.

  • Gatrenzwerg says:

    why do you think …
    why do you think the american system is better?

  • MrFreimi says:

    Oh we have in …
    Oh we have in Germany somthing similar to “public drunk” its “§ 323a Vollrausch” but you only get punished if you do somthing else…
    So if your drunk and hit somone in the face but you were to drunk to get punished for that than you get punished for “Vollrausch”
    dejure . org/gesetze/StGB/323a.html

  • smalltalkerin1301 says:

    the american system …
    the american system is better. Even iss germany is THE Beer cultureland of the world.

  • MrDeutschGerman says:

    Glückwunsch….lol. …
    Glückwunsch….lol. Ich hab englisch gelernt da war ich drei, vier und mein vadda hat immer viel englisch gesprochn, isch wohn in VA beach und ich denk ich kenn beide sprachen gleich gut…

  • vanzonhl says:

    haha deutsch ist …
    haha deutsch ist meine zweitsprache, ich denke ich kann das ganz gut beurteilen

  • oho noho says:

    The problem with ” …
    The problem with “us” Americans is, as much as our Constitution tells us not to, our politicians mix their religions and conservative beliefs with our politics. Honestly, America is the most ass-backwards country ever. The only countries that are as conservative as us are the Middle-Eastern countries where religion IS law…and they can kill wives and daughters without going to prison -_-

  • MrDeutschGerman says:

    weisse, wenn du …
    weisse, wenn du auch so englisch sprichst musse einfach mal die klappe halt’n…

  • RobbyOnTheWay says:

    In the US most …
    In the US most poeple can have weapon, but drink is often nocht legal? Stupid!

  • vanzonhl says:

    er redet …
    er redet einwandfreies englisch ohne deutschen akzent… kA was du da zu mokieren hast

  • ValePhoenix says:

    another funny fact: …
    another funny fact:

    in germany you are allowed to drink beer and wine by the age of 16 and the hard stuff by the age of 18
    in america it all by the age of 21

  • freak4388 says:

    hahahahaha god …
    hahahahaha god save germany

  • MrDeutschGerman says:

    Warum schreiben …
    Warum schreiben hier alle auf englisch? Ausserdem ist Alex’ englisch schl….verbesserungswürdig…

  • TheyCallMeMannes says:

    my dad gave me to …
    my dad gave me to taste vodka ever since i was 13-14 I guess. I didn’t like it, and now at 30 I still hate it and never drink.

    PS: I’m european

  • Raffix394 says:

    In Germany you can …
    In Germany you can buy and drink Beer and Wine at the age of 16, in the US it’s 21 as you said.. another point tat is worth mentioning.

  • DepthofField25 says:

    In the US, …
    In the US, drinking itself is federally legal once you turn 21. Specific laws about alcohol (e.g. public drinking, DUIs, sales) are allocated to each specific state and then trickle down to the county level. For example, while Las Vegas (Nevada) and New Orleans (Louisiana) allow public alcohol consumption, places in Utah and Alaska don’t even permit the sale of it.

    In regard to public drunkenness, cops don’t go around arresting every intoxicated person. They only do so when it becomes a publi

  • jwoelmer2 says:

    I live in a dry …
    I live in a dry county, and we can buy beer, but not “hard liquor”- so we go to a nearby county for those needs.

  • quatsch344 says:

    (Sorry for my …
    (Sorry for my horriable english)
    What you say is kind of right but some things are not. For exarmple you will find people drinking alc at every playground in the bigger cities in the evening. And there is no law that forbbits it or at least you don’t really get punished for drinking there. And when it comes to shools it’s sometimes so that the students before the hoolidays drink in the shool’s but of course it is not allowed. And most people start drinkin alc with 14-15 not 11 ;D. MFG a german

  • Adam Nilsson says:

    in sweden you …
    in sweden you cannot also buy alcohol more than 3.5% -.- in a normal store because we to many problems 100 years ago about people being drunk 24/7

  • Gary freeman says:

    Looks like Germany …
    Looks like Germany and Wisconsin have a lot in common.

  • Grapefruit5000 says:

    lol i never knew …
    lol i never knew why they have always such a bag in films and stuff.

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