Intervention CANADA season 1 episode 12 TRACY(alcoholic) FULL EPISODE

0 Intervention CANADA season 1 episode 12 TRACY(alcoholic) FULL EPISODEIntervention Canada Tracy

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  • Ziggy Eugene says:

    She wasn’t ‘ …
    She wasn’t ‘drinking’ in front of them and she did make an effort. Her daughters are self centred and sound stuck up.

  • isis sun says:

    these “daughters” …
    these “daughters” need to wake up and love there mom due not let some beer get in the way. get over it!

  • Ziggy Eugene says:

    I actually don’t …
    I actually don’t know how much longer I can listen to those two talk about themselves lol.

  • zaygezunt says:

    Damn. She has a job …
    Damn. She has a job, looks after her dog, cares for her friends and is a really nice person. Just how does drinking make her bad?

  • misswank1 says:

    Her daughters are …
    Her daughters are not stuck up or entitled, they have grown up without a mother in their lives because of alcohol. They are entitled to feel how they feel. If you haven’t had an alcoholic parent, you have no right to judge.

  • astayonix says:

    If she wants the …
    If she wants the help, let her have it. Yea, she’s a very high-functioning alcoholic, but there’s room for her to deal with the trauma she’s experienced and better her life. Just because she can hold down a job doesn’t mean she shouldn’t get help.

  • Flynn Rose says:

    She is a nice lady. …
    She is a nice lady.. she can cook, she loves dogs, I wish I could do that when I drink! Honestly, I drink like 4 times a week, a lot, and I couldn’t do what she does..

  • kaitykaitykaitykaity says:

    I can understand …
    I can understand these daughters are angry, and they had a messed up childhood because of their mother, but they aren’t really helping, they keep attacking her, but it’s quite obvious it’s a disease, she’s still a nice lady, and tries real hard with her life, she knows she has issues, but it’s easier said than done to go and get help. Give her a break,

  • globe255 says:

    Just to see her …
    Just to see her drive under influence of alcohol is terrible. She can easily that way destroy others peoples lives, both those she would collide with in a destroying mess and her own family. Well she would destroy her own life too but thats not the worst. The worst thing is always to destroy others peoples lives.

  • globe255 says:

    Dear Canadians stop …
    Dear Canadians stop slapping and spanking your children cause if you do theres a very big risk that they wanna numb their mind all the time as adults, just to forget their horrible childhood with violence when they said a wrong word. Talk to your children from the very first day they are born, it doesnt matter if they cant understand or answer back but they will that way quickly maintain words and turn out to be intelligent people as adults. Just read from a book to your new born child.

  • globe255 says:

    Good to see a happy …
    Good to see a happy ending when somebody cares about you. One of my brothers died from alcoholism. Yes they said he should stop drinking but were more irritated about the fact that he did. He was 59 when he died. Its a slow death. Your liver will reach a point where it stops working and you will die.

  • Leah Vaughn says:

    thanks for …
    thanks for annotating what their addiction is in the title :) thats nice

  • barkerISgod21343 says:

    really you’re …
    really you’re suprised your mom’s drinking? shes a alcoholic retard

  • barkerISgod21343 says:

    seriously? what …
    seriously? what site lol

  • barkerISgod21343 says:

    damn her kids …
    her kids sound like entitled dumb bitches

  • dmacamill99 says:

    Keep it up Tracy :)
    Keep it up Tracy :)

  • a leite says:

    damn u sound like u …
    u sound like u have a lot of friends

  • MisterWillyum says:

    i can’t stand the …
    i can’t stand the way her daughters talk. i have family issues too bro but you don’t hear me cry wah’ing

  • BeeRocket2010 says:

    I’ve seen Tracy in …
    I’ve seen Tracy in heaps of fetish pornos, man she does some dirty stuff!

  • brooklynlulu says:

    The way Tracy’s …
    The way Tracy’s Mother stated about her being sexually molested was ” well it was 30 years ago, sexual abuse was different, you know it wasn’t jumped on as much” WTH people say to take the responsibility off of them.

  • trxifxi says:

    tracy is a slut
    tracy is a slut

  • electronictrip says:

    i’m really happy …
    i’m really happy for Traci that she got sober. i hope she stays sober so she can be happy. the rest … blah. they’re happy because she looked better? i mean, that’s what they said! they just come across so obsessed with image and appearance it makes me want to wretch.

  • electronictrip says:

    it really me …
    it really me off the way the daughters are coming across that if their mom would have stayed pretty, then they’d be more okay w/ everything. them. thing is i know they were neglected as kids and they refuse to forgive her; they’re bitter. but really? she’s ugly? that’s what u got to say? that’s disgusting. who gives an ugly rats if those girls have pretty features, their ugly insides seep through.

  • electronictrip says:

    those girls are …
    those girls are old enough to know and understand that their mom wasn’t drinking because she wasn’t concerned that it hurt them, she drank because if she didn’t at that point, she’d get deathly sick. those girls were old enough to not be such snooty towards their sick mom. no wonder the mom doesn’t want to be around their piercing judgemental looks. i’m just 27 mins in to it at this point lol

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