King kurt – alcoholic rat

0 King kurt   alcoholic ratone of my fav songs icon biggrin King kurt   alcoholic rat

Duration : 0:3:37

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25 Responses to “King kurt – alcoholic rat”

  • dangerrat666 says:

    @liamscottcarl …
    @liamscottcarl king kurt rule dude

  • WorlddestroyGuy says:

    the blues part at 1 …
    the blues part at 1:55 is the german athemn

  • jue1971 says:

    hehehe oh yeah they …
    hehehe oh yeah they were the days ……. :)

  • johnnythefoxable says:

    When you went back …
    When you went back to Brixton. Wad hapend? BEST BAND EVER

  • liamscottcarl says:

    @dangerrat666 yeah …
    @dangerrat666 yeah man =)

  • stanleyknif says:

    @dangerrat666 Yeah, …
    @dangerrat666 Yeah, yeah THIS is, my comment was a reply to someone asking how he got hold of “The Screaming Abdabs” which is on Ooh…. Seems like that question has been removed since.

  • VanHowle says:


  • STCCLover says:

    Got the LP.Love …
    Got the LP.Love these guys…

  • Deuteronomy100 says:

    great band.
    great band.

  • Piksson says:

    Sounds kinda like ” …
    Sounds kinda like “House of Fire” doesn’t it?

  • standupbassfiend says:

    My favorite song to …
    My favorite song to listen to and from the bar :) !!!!

  • JohnnayJohneson says:

    1:55 the german …
    1:55 the german anthem xD

  • stanleyknif says:

    It’s available on …
    It’s available on the Ooh Wallahwallah CD :-)

  • lillucy6 says:

    im trying to get …
    im trying to get hold of king kurt t shirts were do i look to find them help

  • minderlover says:

    cos i’m a ALCOHOLIC …

  • brift25867 says:

    “All i wanna do is …
    “All i wanna do is drink whiskeyah!”

  • hovisx19 says:

    awesome band , i …
    awesome band , i really need to get my in gear and put some vids on here by these guys….slammers is a great track

  • daitha1968 says:

    Does anybody …
    Does anybody remembera track that was on the B-Side of one of their 12″ Singles called ‘The screaming ab-dabs’? I would love to hear it again after so many years.
    I was DJ-ing at an alternative 80s gig, and had a box of vinyl stolen – all my King Kurt Stuff was in it! :-(

  • silasmiller34 says:

    the bassist of this …
    the bassist of this band is one of my teachers at college. legend.

  • suedehead1166 says:

    I remember the song …
    I remember the song but sadly have no record of it. (Did it really happen or was it just us)

  • liamscottcarl says:

    yes yes :) loads of …
    yes yes :) loads of king kurt videos on my account :)

  • daitha1968 says:

    Suedehead, it …
    Suedehead, it really happened!! liamscottcarl
    has got it on his youtube account. go onto his channel and it’s there!!!!

  • liamscottcarl says:

    go on the king kurt …
    go on the king kurt website, contact jo or king kurt and ask or look on ebay or internet orr get a image off of google images and take it to a print shop :)

  • liamscottcarl says:

    yeah man, clikc on …
    yeah man, clikc on my name go onto my channel and its there with all the other songs

  • dangerrat666 says:

    @stanleyknif its on …
    @stanleyknif its on big cock….u big cock

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