pre-drinking before clubbing

2 pre drinking before clubbingPre-drinking before clubbing is a rite of passage. It usually starts when you’re either old enough to go to a club but not old enough to drink, or you’re old enough to drink but you’re too broke to afford multiple 14-dollar shots. I was of the latter variety. Since I’d ditched work to spend New Years in Vegas, I was no longer a part of The Gap team.

That being said, Ivy was always more than happy to cover me if I was short of cash. Her reasoning was always along the lines of “Don’t worry, baby! I know you’ll get me back when you start making money again.” While she was ostensibly referring to the immediate future, say me a getting a new job, I always suspected she was focusing on the BIG picture: One day I’d finally graduate and be a nurse. She had no problem covering the little things because she knew that soon I’d be able to cover the big things: Mortgage, cars, kids, vacations, etc.

On this particular night, Ivy’s then-single friend Anjanette wanted us to accompany her to a club that her friend was promoting. We agreed and I purchased a bottle of Malibu and a couple bottles of red wine to get us in the party mood before we stepped foot into the club. We sat in Felicity and killed the Malibu and a bottle and a half of Pinot. After that, we went to a bar above the actual club to have a few more drinks.

The three of us, now VERY drunk, went out onto the bar’s balcony to have a smoke. Ivy grabbed Anjanette and hugged her tightly. Soon after that, Ivy pulled ME into their group and the three of us did that frat-girl triple-kiss thing you see on Girls Gone Wild videos. We broke it after a moment, drunkenly laughing at our actions. Feeling randy and sensing Ivy was in the mood, I told Ivy and Anjanette to kiss. Amazingly, they did it! It was long enough to matter, but certainly not enough to be erotic. Then, to my surprise, Ivy exclaimed “Baby! Now YOU kiss Anjanette!” Anjanette and I smiled at each other for a moment and went for it. Only this wasn’t some chaste kiss. She and I were full-on making out as Ivy stood by hooting and cheering.

Soon after that, Anjanette received a call from her friend inside the club. She ran off to procure wristbands for me and Ivy (saving us the total 40 bucks the cover would’ve been). As soon as Anjanette was out of sight, Ivy did a complete 180. She was pissed. She stomped away from me, screaming obscenities. I made chase, pleading “Baby, you TOLD me to kiss her!”

“That was a TEST! And you failed! I KNEW you were a cheater, you motherfucker!”

Anjanette came out, but only had a single wristband. She instinctively placed it on Ivy’s arm, saying that I’d just have to pay the cover…a task made impossible by the fact that I was completely broke. Ivy gritted her teeth at Anjanette and said shed be inside in a minute. After Anjanette went back inside, I asked Ivy if she could cover the 20 bucks for me. Ivy flat-out refused and started to make her way into the club. She wanted to be alone and dance. that, man. I’m gonna sit out here in the cold while she gets her grinded on by a bunch of strange guys? I reached over, ripped off her wristband and tossed it into the wind.

The two of us retreated to a bench outside a restaurant and Ivy’s tears started flowing. Ivy has a tendency to blow things way out of proportion and tonight was no different. She started asking if I thought Anjanette was more beautiful, or if I were falling in love with her, or if I wanted to break up. All of these would’ve been valid questions IF I’d known Anjanette for more than two weeks (this night was the second time wed ever hung out).

After a while, Ivy calmed down and the two of us made our way to the car. I assumed that Anjanette would be able to find a ride home from her promoter friend, but to this day I don’t know if Ivy sent her a text saying we were leaving like I’d asked her to.

Interesting postscript to that story: A few weeks later we actually took Anjanette out AGAIN. Near the end of the night while Ivy was in the bathroom, Anjanette looked me straight in the eye and leaned over to kiss me. This time I placed my finger on her lip and simply said “No”.

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