☺ David MeShow – Leopard Dreaming

0 ☺ David MeShow   Leopard DreamingAustralian writer AA Bell asked me to write a song that will be used as the soundtrack for the trailer of the book “Leopard Dreaming”.

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Audio mixing software: Cubase 5
Audio mastering software: Wavelab 6
Audio plugins: A lot of Nebula presets by CDsoundmaster, many plugins from the Powercore, drums sounds from Superior Drummer. Guitar effect from the Kemper, Profiling Amp, Slate Digital FG-X
Video editing software: Premiere Pro CS5
Video FX software: Magic Bullet Looks
Guitar: Gibson SG Supreme
Bass: ESP LTD B-1005
Amps: Kemper Profiling Amplifier
Piano: Imperfect Samples & Novation 61 sl mkii
Microphone: Telefunken M80
Camera: Canon SLR 60D
Spotlight: Impact Octacool-9

Duration : 0:3:58

23 Responses to “☺ David MeShow – Leopard Dreaming”

  • MultiDaGuy says:

    Your welcome buddy!
    Your welcome buddy!

  • King Ombladon says:

    Sry for my …
    Sry for my english:)))

  • King Ombladon says:

    This must recieve …
    This must recieve more views than Gangnam style and more popular that the harlem shake! You are my idol and Julia is a magnific singer. And beautiful of course.

  • svedigsylte says:

    my biggest (and …
    my biggest (and only idol) never fails! this is yet another fantastic piece

  • ROVAKAN says:

    Awesome job , like …
    Awesome job , like always he do

  • hellthunder999 says:

    It’s been so long …
    It’s been so long since I last came to see your work. As I can see, you are still one of an artist ;) You are fabulous! Just give us more of your incredible work! OwO

  • a7threvolution says:

    Very Floydian, …
    Very Floydian, especially A Momentary Lapse in Reason/Division Bell/post Roger-Waters-dominated era. I dig it… which is saying a lot for me since I regard the Waters era as by far the most superior of all Pink Floyd “iterations”, if you will.

  • joshkasper says:

    then answer this …
    then answer this question, Why does youtube give us an option to dislike a video?

    Maybe because when people who watch it, and actually have a different opinion, they can express it.

    One man’s treasure, is another man’s trash. People are different.

    If im stupid, then you must be one of those primates that natural selection couldn’t weed out due to the conveniences of the modern and secular world. :)

  • J3TPILOT1991 says:

    He worked really …
    He worked really hard on this and people that dislike something obviously great, have no respect and 9 times out of 10 they have no talent whatsoever, just like you probably.

  • J3TPILOT1991 says:

    Seriously. You …
    Seriously. You must be stupid. It’s called, IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT JUST OFF. There is no need to be a and dislike an obvious masterpiece just because you have wax in your ears and talk shit.

  • yuha yuha says:

    BRAWO! Very good
    BRAWO! Very good

  • joshkasper says:

    omg what is wrong …
    omg what is wrong with people like you? you have to understand that the world is full of different people. some people will dislike things that you like. seriously. get over it.

  • Jānis J says:

    Very, very well, …
    Very, very well, David!

  • 2k9sandman says:

    Kurt Cobain meets …
    Kurt Cobain meets David MeShow meets Twilight = Leopard Dreaming. I like it. Very well done :)

  • rayegeamusic says:

    good job :1
    good job :1

  • Robert Hernandez says:

    grande felicidades …
    grande felicidades desde venezuela!!

  • CaptainBaseball says:

    Very nice girl :D

    Very nice girl :D

    David should marry that girl.Really !!!!!

  • rafael cordeiro says:

    OMG epic music !
    OMG epic music !

  • Fabian Gonzalez says:

    Now i have it in …
    Now i have it in my phone…!!!

  • claudio mura says:

    I like movie songs …
    I like movie songs, and this is a great job for a movie I think! full of suspence and mystery. Really good job with arrangements too. And Good idea this voice… I like it, pretty good!

  • Jesse Williams says:



  • MsPlayInGames says:

    Assasin’s creed – …
    Assasin’s creed – ezio familly remake !

  • drumBreiZh says:

    ah j’adore continue …
    ah j’adore continue comme sa et tu iras très loin :) 

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