Alcoholics Anonymous (xtranormal)

0 Alcoholics Anonymous (xtranormal)Thirteenth stepper

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3 Responses to “Alcoholics Anonymous (xtranormal)”

  • 41chrisanderson says:

    it is true and …
    it is true and unfortunate that there are predators in AA….these are people who claim to be recovered but prey on newcomers. But that is not the basis of the 12 Step program…we who have truly recovered have only the sincerest desire to be helpful…Our primary purpose is to carry the message to the alcoholic/addict who still suffers. AA is not a cult. It saved my life and countless others.

  • somethingdiffereable says:

    AA is a cult that …
    AA is a cult that preys on the weakminded!

  • ricgomez1 says:

    Thats Right! there …
    Thats Right! there are many AA members who claim they are Just being helpful, but the reality is that they use the program to Prey on women looking for help and try to make them into AA hoe’s, If they resist…its covered up by rumors that the disease called them back into active addiction, but really they were driven away by the very same people who say that they’ve changed and God is working in their life.

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