Batman: Arkham Asylum Walkthrough – Chapter 10 – A Courtesy Visit

0 Batman: Arkham Asylum Walkthrough   Chapter 10   A Courtesy VisitBatman: Arkham Asylum Mission Walkthrough Video in High Definition

Game played on Hard Difficulty


Chapter 10: A Courtesy Visit

Location: Arkham Island

Primary Objective:
- Rescue Commissioner Gordon.

- Locate Gordon by tracking his discarded tobacco.


Related Achievements \ Trophies:
- Perfect Knight


Game available on: Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360 & PC
Video recorded on: PC


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Duration : 0:8:27

24 Responses to “Batman: Arkham Asylum Walkthrough – Chapter 10 – A Courtesy Visit”

  • nategist1965 says:



    Well he is a wacko like them.

  • ThAmEcHaNiC1 says:

    I really need help …
    I really need help on the tabacco tracking part so if aanyone can help add me on the Xbox iLove x JDM

  • queenesther09 says:

    Shut your ugly face …
    Shut your ugly face, Riddler. I can solve your stupid riddles, I just don’t give a damn

  • kendrat199 says:

    …Dr. Arkham …
    …Dr. Arkham discombobulated voice is the scariest thing so far in this game.

  • Mechasonicrocks says:

    Good point, but I …
    Good point, but I personally like how this feels like a movie.

  • TheMarvelousDC says:

    Probably the usual …
    Probably the usual nightlife, while the GCPD is racing around, disarming Joker’s “bombs”.

  • xgray2012 says:

    Yep!!! That’s their …
    Yep!!! That’s their cities.

  • stillman625 says:

    Metropolis and …
    Metropolis and Keystone? That’s Superman and The Flash!

  • LanternKnight says:

    5:57 Joker really …
    5:57 Joker really likes the Three Stooges.

  • Mechasonicrocks says:

    Robin spray-paints …
    Robin spray-paints an “R” in explosive gel in Arkham City. I guess he’s OCD too.

  • Andrew Martin says:

    0:38 pounded him …
    0:38 pounded him so hard he fell into the ground

  • Marcel Karas says:

    Best playing ever
    Best playing ever

  • SuperBlur17 says:

    I wonder what was …
    I wonder what was happening in Gotham when Batman was on Arkham Island.

  • Wbjpen says:

    He either has OCD …
    He either has OCD or he really is crazy just like all the villains he chases.

  • bgcorporation says:

    I kind of wish this …
    I kind of wish this walkthrough was kind of streamlined like how Arkham City was where it’s just the story. The way Arkham City was done by you guys made it feel like a movie.

  • incinerator327 says:

    I love how he …
    I love how he sprays the explosive gel in the shape of a bat.

  • Wormilliam37 says:

    so the batmobile is …
    so the batmobile is a character huh?

  • Mechasonicrocks says:

    Riddler: …

    Riddler: “The only way I could’ve made that one easier to find is if I strapped it to the hood of that ludicrously ostentatious vehicle of yours.”
    Batman: “Don’t insult my car with your overly long, intellectual words! You can hack my transmission frequency. You can make me run around the island like a moron collecting trophies and solving stupid puzzles. You can even claim superior intellect. But when you insult the car, THAT’S when things get personal! I now VOW to collect them all!”

  • Mechasonicrocks says:

    Batman walks …

    Batman walks calmly out of creepy room
    Action music starts playing
    Batman goes full run
    Way to fall for musical cues guys!

  • theratedrtransformer says:

    they diny saw a guy …
    they diny saw a guy deress like a bat with long poiny ears

  • MegaCarencro says:

    “paging dr howard, …
    “paging dr howard, dr. fine, dr howard” ah joker u funny funny dead man

  • jasamp21 says:

    3:07 What?!?!?! Did …
    3:07 What?!?!?! Did I see a missed punch that broke a combo??? I never thought I’d see the day where you did that…I can’t believe it! You are human lol

  • marvel6592 says:

    huh? joker’s hand …
    huh? joker’s hand just moved down at 1:47

  • Shiimochi says:

    Is it me or is …
    Is it me or is Arkham City a lot harder?

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