RE: Secular and Sober: Beating Alcoholism Without AA

0 RE: Secular and Sober: Beating Alcoholism Without AAThoughts on Alcoholics Anonymous

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9 Responses to “RE: Secular and Sober: Beating Alcoholism Without AA”

  • rangergxi says:

    I think alchoholics …
    I think alchoholics anonymous should be an optional program and not a program the government forces people to go through, via court orders.
    My father gave up smoking and drinking with family support and self determination, not a god.

  • ItsSpikeHere says:

    @mushroomstone …
    @mushroomstone faith in yourself implies confidence in yourself. But faith in your own ability.

  • mushroomstone says:

    Faith or confidence?
    Faith or confidence?

  • romperstompist says:

    You go juggalo!
    You go juggalo!

  • ItsSpikeHere says:

    @DRAKULU I will :)
    @DRAKULU I will :) And I appreciate that, I truly think that whether someone is strong atheist, weak atheist, agnostic, spiritual, or even liberal Christian I think generally speaking we all have the same goal, taking religion out of government influence all around. People need to see that skepticism is NOT a bad thing, that asking questions is positive, and that personal beliefs are just that, personal. It’s fine to discuss them, but they should not be legislated in any way.

  • DRAKULU says:

    This is an …
    This is an interesting commentary regrading this issue, especially from a “spiritualist” and agnostic. I really think that your advice is solid, all the way around… this, coming from a *strong atheist*. Long story short, I agree with what you said and fully endorse that people should take responsibility for their own lives. Overall, excellent advice! I hope you keep making videos and speaking your mind! :)

  • ItsSpikeHere says:

    @ …
    @ReasonableAssumption Sure thing :) Thank you.

  • ReasonableAssumption says:

    Good solid …
    Good solid commentary. Thanks for taking the time !!!

  • MrSpockZilla1 says:

    Yeah man I …
    Yeah man I completely agree with you. There should be some statistics done before anyone assumes spirituality works on addictions. But hey they’re humans.

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