Secular and Sober: Beating Alcoholism Without AA

0 Secular and Sober: Beating Alcoholism Without AA(note: this video was originally released in March 2011 as part of the “In Your Words” series. It has been re-formatted, re-titled and re-uploaded for greater accessibility to viewers relating to the issues of substance abuse and the relevance of Alcoholics Anonymous.)

Does Alcoholics Anonymous provide help and hope to addicts, or is the constant reliance on a Higher Power a crutch to keep the addicted from finding true solutions.

EllenBeth candidly shares her story.

Duration : 0:5:4

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25 Responses to “Secular and Sober: Beating Alcoholism Without AA”

  • BnaToToSnap says:

    @Coffeeisnecessary …
    That’s sad :(
    By the way – why the AA is a religious ?!

  • bornagain001 says:

    @Coffeeisnecessary …
    @Coffeeisnecessary …and you would rather he be an alcoholic??? Obviously…you have NO LOVE for your father.

  • bornagain001 says:

    It’s both sad and …
    It’s both sad and hard to watch this woman. I….like her…spent many years of my life wasted in rebellion against God. I fought against God’s will in my own life until the only thing I cared about ..besides myself…was my son. His wonderful life spiraled out of control as he became more and more addicted to OXYCONTIN. It was only because of GOD’S GRACE did the both of us come to understand God’s LOVE for the both of us. He and I are both FREE of the bondage that controled our lives.

  • flyman385 says:

    @bornagain001 That …
    @bornagain001 That is a very evil thing to say bornagain001. Shame on you.

  • flyman385 says:

    Great story. …
    Great story. EllenBeth is a role model of how much better the world would be without the controlling dogma of religion. AA has been known for a long time as a recruiting ground for the christian movement when people are at a weak point. Shame on the christians for this evil deceit!

  • MrNemitri says:

    I wish I could work …
    I wish I could work in that organization, I feel powerles as it is!

  • youngsaintsfan says:

    @Coffeeisnecessary …
    @Coffeeisnecessary I did not mean to add in the b, it was supposed to be I, am not even atheist

  • diomedes39 says:

    @bornagain001 good …
    @bornagain001 good for you

  • bornagain001 says:

    @MrNemitri …. …
    @MrNemitri ….correct. You are powerless with Christ. You live a life with NO HOPE. Your existence is one with NO PURPOSE. Life without Jesus is like an unsharpened pencil. There’s no point.

  • MrNemitri says:

    @bornagain001 oh …
    @bornagain001 oh shut up troll and go pray to your imaginary sky daddy.

  • CannotEscapeReality says:

    I wished there was …
    I wished there was an organization like that where I live. My agnostic ex-girlfriend surrendered to AA and is probably believing in god now. She’ll probably spend the rest of her life going to AA meetings because she’ll never take personal responsibility. AA is weak, pathetic and a waste of life, IMO. I’ve never seen a room full of so many victims of their own doing. It’s just sickening to see religious people take advantage of people who need real help, and not from some bullshit god.

  • ZenTractor says:

    AA relies on …
    AA relies on heavily on cult mechanics (see Cult Checklist for criteria) however it is not about curing people, in fact the 13th step (back sliding) is essential for the existence of the AA cult. If you want to stop drinking and cannot do it without help use cognitive behaviour therapy, if that doesn’t work try aversion therapy with something like Antabuse. If all else fails, get radical with Ibogaine treatment, but don’t ever stop trying to quit on your own.

  • bornagain001 says:

    @MrNemitri …by …
    @MrNemitri …by WHAT AUTHORITY do you know God does not exist? Especially since MILLIONS of us speak with Him every day.

  • AtheistFMD518 says:

    @bornagain001 …
    @bornagain001 Trololol

  • bornagain001 says:

    @ …
    @CannotEscapeReality ….obviously….YOU WERE NO HELP TO HER….but you want to bad mouth those who are. Go figure.

  • lordtalon69 says:

    I am also a little …
    I am also a little confused. I have a alcohol issue and was assuming this was a video about secular help with alcoholism disappointing indeed.

  • RedlineMMA says:



    Millions of people talk to Vishnu or Allah everyday. It doesn’t make them real.

  • bornagain001 says:

    @RedlineMMA …the …
    @RedlineMMA …the difference is…Allah and Vishnu do not speak back. Allah has had a terrible time protecting his followers from the infidels in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Bin Laden has discovered there are no 72 virgins.

  • visceralzen says:

    Ditto, been sober …
    Ditto, been sober since 2002, without help from any god. I finally made a CHOICE to quit after 3 DWI’s and other reasons. I’m not the type of person to ask for help, and never viewed drinking as a disease, since no one forced me to drink. I’m so glad I didn’t seek out AA, and feel sorry for those who truly needed help, just to find that they were getting brainwashed. You see this is one way xtians recruit, they attack in your weakest hour, seeking to infect you with their delusions.

  • GiveBlood88 says:

    or you know… you …
    or you know… you could just drink less

  • eorgeburns7 says:

    um is this saying …
    um is this saying that aa is bad ? because aa has helped alot of people

  • bornagain001 says:

    @flyman385 … …
    @flyman385 …because of the SIN in your own life…YOU TOO live in rebellion to God. You actually wake up and walk around everyday thinking YOUR LIFE is all about you. IT IS NOT. Your life was CREATED BY GOD FOR HIS PURPOSE. You have not found the purpose for your life and you will die without dicovering the purpose for your life because of the SIN which you have allowed to consume you.

  • MouseHusic says:

    I left “the program …
    I left “the program” for similar reasons. Although, I’m not knocking AA. I’m sure it works for some people. It just didn’t for me.

    8/19/11 will be 4 years sober for me.

  • flako1983 says:

    Since I was a kid I …
    Since I was a kid I also started questioning the bible and God… And for me, this people were crazyyyyyyy

  • stiimuli says:

    @TheThinkingAtheist …
    @TheThinkingAtheist “Read the description, please.  :)

    ah, you’re correct I should have read the description. my bad

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