Thomas Woods Speaks For HR1207 Audit The Fed Bill w/ Dr. Ron Paul

2 Thomas Woods Speaks For HR1207 Audit The Fed Bill w/ Dr. Ron PaulFrom Friday September 25th

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18 Responses to “Thomas Woods Speaks For HR1207 Audit The Fed Bill w/ Dr. Ron Paul”

  • saxahydros says:

    your concerns are …
    your concerns are valid bulldogger, so how about we don’t stop with dumping the fed. We then need to get a system with apporioate checks and balances in place so that NO ONE or NO GROUP can manipulate the system like the Fed has. Don’t just shoot holes and complain – work to fix things

  • waakow says:

    congress is suppose …
    congress is suppose to be in charge last time I checked the constitution.

  • MikePhilbin says:

    tell it like it is …
    tell it like it is

    in a game they thought they weren’t part of.


  • cowboybill117 says:

    the treasure will …
    the treasure will handle our money if the fed goes, the fed is a private company, they account to no one where the money goes. congress will have oversight on the treasury

  • bulldogger says:

    You underestimate …
    You underestimate the length the people running this world will go to retain their power, you won’t destroy or even get rid of them by ending the FED, not even close, your naive if you think so.

  • nonplus86 says:

    What will take the …
    What will take the place of the Fed? Nothing. We existed as a nation well before there was a Fed. And we will continue to exist when the Fed is gone.

    We don’t need a centralized bank, contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to our survival. In fact, it is more likely detrimental to our survival.

  • gatorofa says:

    @ bulldogger..I …
    @ bulldogger..I think you may be missing the point that Uni Health care would bring just another iron curtain that could enable more secrecy enabling population controlled outbreak viruses such as AIDS.

  • bulldogger says:

    What will take the …
    What will take the place of the FED ? Have you thought that far ? I guarantee you someone has, and they already have a plan drafted to deal with it.

  • bulldogger says:

    Universal Health …
    Universal Health Care isn’t a bad thing, it’s already working in countries across the world. It’s bad when bad people run it, trying to discredit an idea because people ‘could’ it up doesn’t fly.

  • indyattic says:

    You’re joking, …
    You’re joking, right? The Fed is the biggest picture. They control the money. They pick winners and losers. They know what government reports will say months before they’re published.

    They are Baum’s man behind the curtain.

  • indyattic says:

    You mean like …
    You mean like United Health Care, who just held a fundraiser for Nancy Pelosi? $2,300 per person, $10,000 per PAC to get in.

    The reason they’re so successful is because the government protects them and their profits. They’re arguably the best reason *not* to support national health care.

    But people are apparently too greedy and stupid to realize that the answer to bad government is not more government.

  • Snowflake70 says:

    sharp fellow ! I …
    sharp fellow ! I enjoyed his testimony immensely !

  • bulldogger says:

    Just checking, I …
    Just checking, I hear so many people that are against the FED but doesn’t get the bigger picture.

  • toPWNnwo says:

    haha are u joking? …

  • bulldogger says:

    Do you support the …
    Do you support the health insurance corporate pigs ?

  • 2minstral says:

    Let us all hope …
    Let us all hope that the eventual micro accounting will be conducted by an honest group that does not have ties to Interest groups with the Fed, or we will not see the correct set of books.

  • toPWNnwo says:


  • toPWNnwo says:

    haha …
    haha corporate pigs tha fed

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