Amazing high-speed police chase as car smashes through level crossing barrier

0 Amazing high speed police chase as car smashes through level crossing barrierExtraordinary CCTV footage has been released of police chasing the driver of a stolen car as it crashes through a level-crossing moments before a train passes.

Duration : 0:1:38

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20 Responses to “Amazing high-speed police chase as car smashes through level crossing barrier”

  • simpletimes222 says:

    Idiot could have …
    Idiot could have caused a train crash, its happened before…

  • ProcyonAlpha says:

    @Peter78730 It …
    @Peter78730 It would be good if they used it more often for that purpose. According to official statistics that I found, the ANPR is used far more often to fine motorists who have a tax disc or MOT, which is a few days out of date.

  • twg20101 says:

    The Train was 10 …
    The Train was 10 seconds late… pity

  • eric144144 says:

    Dumb thing to do. …
    Dumb thing to do. Not as dumb as the police morons that followed him.

  • bigfatdogscock says:

    With any luck when …
    With any luck when he gets out of jail he’ll manage to kill himself properly next time.

  • ciula2009 says:

    @nigelsara What if …
    @nigelsara What if in that car was some illegal s**t how many years will be??

  • xXAgentTeddyXx says:

    nice one
    nice one

  • JELH says:

    “Nothing crushes …
    “Nothing crushes level-crossing barriers, so easily and quickly, like a Mercedes-Benz.. Engineered like no other car in the world.”

  • gratiaDei777 says:

    @ …
    @alandavidhutchinson Thanks.

  • Xaiano says:

    He’s caused at …
    He’s caused at least half a million pounds worth of damage after smashing through that crossing

  • nigelsars says:

    Love how the …
    Love how the policeman at 1.16 foresees the future by saying ‘Don’t run the crossing you f**king idiot,’ which of course he does. Endangering all those peoples lives, including his own for nothing as he was still caught and jailed for 3 and half years!

  • AmanamanIII says:

    I love how he …
    I love how he ironically has the hazard lights on for the duration.

  • ConicalRamirez says:

    haha at 0:59 does …
    haha at 0:59 does he really drive on the other side of the road to avoid getting a speeding ticket from the speed camera!!!

  • Sweetspeas says:

    @Rolandos147D if …
    @Rolandos147D if you think that’s good driving! then there is something clearly wrong in your head

  • Peter78730 says:

    I am very impressed …
    I am very impressed with the technology that puts an Automatic Number Plate Recognition camera in the police vehicle. Imagine that! Police just driving about the countryside, and here is a camera and on-board computer constantly scanning license plates. Amazing!

  • Rolandos147D says:

    Good driver!!!
    Good driver!!!

  • brainslans says:


  • alandavidhutchinson says:

    @gratiaDei777 …
    @gratiaDei777 According to BBCNews: “15 April 2011 Last updated at 11:35 Help
    Footage has been released of a car thief smashing through a level crossing seconds before a train passed through.

    Terence Fowler, 20, has been jailed for three-and-a-half years for a variety of offences including dangerous driving.

    Police in Peterborough went into pursuit when the Mercedes Fowler had stolen triggered an Automatic Number Plate Recognition camera in their vehicle.”

  • donga1998 says:

    If that lad ever …
    If that lad ever get a driving licence, the person who issues it wants to be sacked and flogged

  • gratiaDei777 says:

    So, did he get away?
    So, did he get away?

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