Best Exotic Car Crash Compilation from Super Speeders

0 Best Exotic Car Crash Compilation from Super SpeedersIts pretty inevitable that when you give the wrong person a fast car bad things are bound to happen. When the only certification you need to purchase something you aren’t able to operate is money, we are just glad to catch it on camera for you guys. NONE of these crashes resulted in any serious injury, the only injury from any of these were a pair of bruised knees and a bunch of bruised egos.

Duration : 0:10:57

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25 Responses to “Best Exotic Car Crash Compilation from Super Speeders”

  • OldsPowered69 says:

    hey rob, …
    hey rob, technically all 6 gumball cars made it back, not necessarily on their own or in one piece… ;)

  • OldsPowered69 says:

    @sincoliveapb i …
    @sincoliveapb i imagine he was slipping the clutch on the launch, but who knows…


    I like the part …
    I like the part where he crashed.

  • sincoliveapb says:

    sure that evo is …
    sure that evo is the fastest on the world , might ahve the highest top speed but acc dident look that good

  • crktp7 says:

    just seeing all …
    just seeing all these poor babies like that makes me want to cry

  • korfballertje100 says:

    i wud hvae liked to …
    i wud hvae liked to see the lambo crash on 0:34 fully cuz now u only see it drive then no visual only sound and then a broken car xD

  • korfballertje100 says:

    how the F*CK u …
    how the F*CK u still have money?
    u have good sponsers or sumthing?
    or ur just frikin rich :P
    look ur garage man O.o
    and thats prolly not even all xD

  • superspeedersRob says:

    @FistFullOfSky yes, …
    @FistFullOfSky yes, ferrari had a green light.

  • Em3rizzle says:

    It’s too painful to …
    It’s too painful to see these beauties molested like that…

  • albiel07 says:

    the guy at 4:46 is …
    the guy at 4:46 is not worthy to ride a bike.. rofl

  • FistFullOfSky says:

    With the Ferrari …
    With the Ferrari Spider at 1:06 did the guy in the white car run the light?

  • FantasyX3I says:

    guys whats the name …
    guys whats the name of the song at 2:25 ?
    i want the same song plz

  • seapeddler says:

    I’d like to see …
    I’d like to see these ‘super exotic’ cars put in an oven that simulates a space shuttle re-entry, or flying-saucer for that matter. How many supercars could withstand a 2000 deg. oven ? So, it isn’t a question of how can someone afford these cars; the question is, who has the time?

  • Slapin916 says:

    IF you like Cars, …
    IF you like Cars, Car audio , Check out my Vids.

  • Alcapone900 says:

    makes me sick
    makes me sick

  • eaglesrockbooya says:

    You guys forget the …
    You guys forget the SUPER expensive insurance rates that you have to pay to own one of these cars. When you crash, its covered.

  • xarnoldx10 says:

    bear mountain is …
    bear mountain is awesome

  • seansskyline says:

    @jwwhite207 …
    @jwwhite207 you…

  • jwwhite207 says:

    @smsoccer25 alright …
    @smsoccer25 alright you got me, let me dig through the couch then i’ll be back

  • 00through09 says:

    @Turbulence654321 i …
    @Turbulence654321 i was reffering to super speeders. where do they get the money for them

  • alex199273 says:

    hey can i have the …
    hey can i have the rim 0:06 i pay for shipping and handling lol but 4 realz

  • Turbulence654321 says:

    or …

    or were you referring to that commenters? i probably misinterpreted your comment XD

  • Turbulence654321 says:

    he …

    he has an exotic car rental company, so he probably is quite wealthy. you need MASSIVE capital to own something like that

  • smsoccer25 says:

    @jwwhite207 $202.01
    @jwwhite207 $202.01

  • jwwhite207 says:

    @seansskyline i’ll …
    @seansskyline i’ll raise that to $202

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