Crazy Car Accident.

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Duration : 0:2:15

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25 Responses to “Crazy Car Accident.”

  • kielbasaciwdupe says:


    “thats …

    “thats how gay and retarded you are ROFL” – I’m sure you meant to type ‘that’s’ … Cheers!

  • numerousnakes says:

    @cartmanfan10 I was …
    @cartmanfan10 I was just about to say that!

  • cartmanfan10 says:

    Press 6 repeatedly …
    Press 6 repeatedly to hear “creaming like a little girl”

  • xxxsavannahbabyxxx says:

    1:19 – 1:30
    LMFAO. …

    1:19 – 1:30
    LMFAO.!!!!!!! XD

  • DoesKillOnFridays says:

    That was chuck …
    That was chuck norris driving to work…

  • MeFishiee says:

    102 people got wood …
    102 people got wood thrown at them..and actually their organs out

  • jjbacker11 says:

    Thanks FLUffle i …
    Thanks FLUffle i almost choked!

  • T3hFr00bSh0w says:

    @agahajak dude… …
    @agahajak dude…english is my second language. (; and I can barley speak it properly on a daily basis. Americans are just stupid and don’t learn anything

  • agahajak says:

    @T3hFr00bSh0w …
    @T3hFr00bSh0w english nerd

  • chubyguy2 says:

    By the way fluffee, …
    By the way fluffee, she was going to report the trucks for racing, thats why she was recording, and yes its a she

  • chubyguy2 says:

    100 people were in …
    100 people were in this car accedent

  • T3hFr00bSh0w says:

    @agahajak I’m …
    @agahajak I’m pretty sure im is I’m or I am, and I is capitalized and don’t has an apostrophe, and so does that’s…and gay and retarded are not synonyms for the word “stupid” or “troll” – If you’re going to correct people, do it right (;

  • Two4Zero2 says:

    It was a female in …
    It was a female in the car drivin she was on some talk show talkin about it she wad tapin the to trucks bcuzz they was racing

  • 101cgk says:

    i said yo …
    i said yo piece of wood! >:(

  • SadieGirl52 says:

    I jumped when the …
    I jumped when the car crashed…or shattered….

  • SadieGirl52 says:

    I jumped when the …
    I jumped when the crashed crashed…or shattered….

  • Lowtech3000 says:

    man the person …
    man the person probably wet himself >.<

  • narutoisnumb1 says:

    this is …
    this is insane!!!!!!!!
    plus I’m lovin the joke at the end

  • treesaver101 says:

    this video made me …
    this video made me literally LOL

  • werdofilms says:

    Okay, I watched a …
    Okay, I watched a few tomes here’s what happened,
    The wood was on the side of the road, when the white truck drove over it the wood was sent flying into the car behind it
    That driver is so lucky she/he didn’t get killed.

  • enathet says:

    got some wood?
    got some wood?

  • GoldenKnight422 says:

    Holy that is …
    Holy that is scary. Just few more inches to the left then that guy would have killed

  • RIP31750 says:

    i like 0:20 …
    i like 0:20 FUUUUUUUK………didnt see who won. LOL


    I jumped I was like …
    I jumped I was like sweet Jesus!!!

  • morcas51 says:

    1:40 couldnt …
    1:40 couldnt stop laughing

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