Russia Car Crash Compilation (Suitable for Germans version) || TNL

0 Russia Car Crash Compilation (Suitable for Germans version) || TNLBecause of copyright and stuff. What’s going on in Germany?? Why can’t you see the original video?

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Over 9 minutes full off car crashes. As far as I know no one died in one of those. That makes this video an SFW video. icon smile Russia Car Crash Compilation (Suitable for Germans version) || TNL

Duration : 0:9:26

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25 Responses to “Russia Car Crash Compilation (Suitable for Germans version) || TNL”

  • MrRizthekid says:

    russians love das …
    russians love das disko!

  • o0OreidanO0o says:

    THIS LOOKS LIKE FUN!!! if i ever feel the urge to die, i go to russia as a pedestrian.

  • yulocke says:

    is it me or does it …
    is it me or does it seem that some of the crashes are on purpose??

  • aayooh says:

    @treved15 that was …
    @treved15 that was icy road, not mirrors.

  • ThePhysicsToday says:

    7:38 Crude
    7:38 Crude

  • SIG1776 says:

    lol russians cant …
    lol russians cant drive XD

  • rippmd2010 says:

    1. Russian cops …
    1. Russian cops cant drive because funding for driving school went away to fund
    2. Russian mandate for cameras in everyones car and
    3. Only had enough money left over for white paint for lane markings. Highly visible, unless its snowing.

  • chancesGLEC14 says:

    now united states …
    now united states what did we learn :] …………………. we LEARNED THAT RUSSIA got there license made of construction paper :] ndd terible drivers :P

  • chemicalism says:

    @7:46 Of COURSE it …
    @7:46 Of COURSE it was going to be the orange van!!

  • chemicalism says:

    So… Why does …
    So… Why does everyone in Russia tape their driving??

  • Rwaterwall says:

    Я угораю. Столько …
    Я угораю. Столько разных отенков слова “блядь” :)

  • DjOver9000 says:

    6:55 (When in doubt …
    6:55 (When in doubt take people out)

  • DjOver9000 says:

    @cam0shade OMG …
    @cam0shade OMG PErSON *swerve* OMG BUS F— *swerves*

  • cam0shade says:

    4:39 now thats a …
    4:39 now thats a good driver..

  • Blayros says:

    so if I can’t drive …
    so if I can’t drive a car I just go to Russia to be “normal” ? :P

  • LtColJoe says:

    3:10 Double Kill

    3:10 Double Kill

  • terminator363 says:



    They look alike but no

  • 01100110011011110110 says:

    Most videos are …
    Most videos are from russian police i guess … and they drive sh1t! they drive much too fast on snow and then wonder when they crash into someone. idiots.

  • zeircei says:

    It is WAY too easy …
    It is WAY too easy to get a drivers license, they should at least require an IQ test. That should clear up the roads a bit, I mean a LOT!

  • TheHcgdietplan says:

    How much fun is …
    How much fun is this making video’s .. When you have time come visit my channel!

  • GEREEF says:

    Fun like a big …
    Fun like a big roller coster.

  • timetravelingguido says:

    everyone drives …
    everyone drives with cameras recording in their car in Russia?

  • ShitFromTransASS says:

    @kimprincezz ” …
    @kimprincezz “Driving in Russia looks like playing Grand Theft Auto :D
    No, no. It’s like Grand Theft Auto is playing you.

  • ShitFromTransASS says:

    @4jamjoom 1:40 Come …
    @4jamjoom 1:40 Come on, Can’t you see? He saw big uncontrollable truck heading into him from behind. If He did’t move between cars, he would be a pancake between two big trucks. He is really smart driver!

  • gurra12345 says:

    if you drink like …
    if you drink like one bottle of vodka each day your driving skills can be affected :P

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