Serious Accidents, Bad Overtaking Car Crash..

0 Serious Accidents, Bad Overtaking Car Crash..On route Vladivostok-Nakhodka Toyota Levin went on to overtake on the closed right-hand turn, and of course went to the oncoming lane. And on an opposite was a small machine. As a result of severe accidents

Duration : 0:1:29

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14 Responses to “Serious Accidents, Bad Overtaking Car Crash..”

  • jeffdaharper says:

    Toyota Soarer for …
    Toyota Soarer for sure, 2 tail pipes and the rear deck spoiler.

  • anitec19 says:

    I hate when Fucken …
    I hate when Fucken people do that shit! If I saw that I wouldn’t give a if that person was so injured I’d kick his ass.

  • nojomen2 says:


    It’s funny because the driver notice, so you didnt notice that the driver notice it, and you wrote it here. Ahahah.

  • CH1CKENQUIFF says:

    Truck driver didnt …
    Truck driver didnt even notice lol

  • wizzlefizzlebizzle says:

    Its not a Soarer, …
    Its not a Soarer, looks too small. We dont get Levins in the UK but it dont look like one of those either.

    Yep that truck saved you

    Yep he was a dickhead

    And after a few watches you notice the lorry driver saw it coming a mile off. Look how early he put his brake lights on, and swerved a little!!

  • yuprulesing says:

    What part of do not …
    What part of do not change lanes on a solid line doesn’t that idiot get? What a moron.

  • JamikKim27 says:

    That truck was …
    That truck was lucky it didn’t go out of control due to getting hit by the car, he would have been off the edge!

  • bigalwillis says:

    over take on a …
    over take on a curve? bad idea!

  • gnamp says:

    that lorry saved …
    that lorry saved you.

  • Coolito says:

    I think that was a …
    I think that was a toyota soarer

  • kelcamargo says:


  • flyerholland says:

    wtf is it with …
    wtf is it with these up retard drivers in russia for god sake

  • Johncarson9113 says:

    I know the title …
    I know the title says “deadly accident” but did anyone actually die in this crash? What a stupid idiot trying to overtake a long truck on a narrow one way curb on top of a mountain, sounds like a dumb who thinks he’s driving some Ferrari.

  • joanariguda says:


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