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sober companion questions for the doctor?

Welcome to sober companion by Dr. Rob Tencer DC,BSC.

We first wanted to answer your main questions of who is this sober companion? What does this sober companion do? How much does a sober companion cost? How do I contact a sober companion?
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What is the psychology of a drug addict?

Someone told me that drug addicts have strong convincing power and it’s not easy for a normal, ordinary person to find the truth from them. I didn’t understood what he meant. I’ll like to know how they are.
Thanks in advance.

I’m a little bit of a drug addict. I don’t often say "addict" in reference to me, because I’ve seen people who are infinitely more addicted than I am, though. I usually say "fiend", or something.
I’m sober at the moment though, so.

Basically, it’s true that deception eventually comes fairly easy for some, because it’s something you either have to do or deem important to do, in order to continue doing drugs or to avoid hurting people, etc. It’s NOT true that every drug user is some malicious little psychopath for the rest of their lives after they do drugs. It is true, though, that you’ll probably get lied to regarding their sobriety a lot, if you press the issue. That’s not necessarily to hurt you, and often in some attempt to help you, no matter how irrational that may seem. You do have to consider that their logic skills and empathy is a bit influenced, so sometimes something they do may seem to be done with one intention to you, but may be done with a completely different intention.

For some more hardcore addicts, even if they aren’t actually malicious in intent, it may seem more reasonable to act maliciously or selfishly in order to get drugs/continue doing them, because drugs hindering your thinking + addiction making you feel like your life and everything that matters in the world depends on securing a dose, doesn’t make a good combination sometimes.

So basically, they may have more perceived reasons to lie; their intentions may not be obvious, logical, or easy to interpret at all; and they may have seriously altered priorities.

What questions to ask to a recovered drug addict?

I have to write an essay about interviewing a recovered drug addict. What questions should I ask the person?


At what age did you begin using alcohol or other drugs? (alcohol IS a drug)
What did you try first.
What other drugs have you tried?
What was your drug of choice?
At your worst, what was the name and the amount you used in 24 hours?
How much did you spend in 24 hours?

These are just questions I used to ask (reworded) when I worked at the Methadone Clinic. As long as you have their permission to ask, you can ask them anything. However, remember, they DO NOT and MAY NOT answer your questions.

Be very selective about your interviewees. Just because they’re clean doesn’t make them NICE GUYS. (Quoted to me by my Ex, while he was attending AA)

How do I get my 22 year old drug addict son out of my house?

My son is a OxyContin addict. When he is straight, he a a good kid. But he will do whatever he needs or steal from us anything he can to get money to support his habit. iPad, iPhones, xboxes all have been stolen and pawned or sold to another drug addict to get money. We have to keep everything locked up, money, car keys or anything left of value to keep him from stealing it. Again he is a good kid, just the drugs control him. How can I get him out of my house. I’ve head I have to have him evicted.? Any one with any ideas?

Put his stuff outside and change the locks.

Drug Addict Staples His Own Leg with Staple Gun

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My Mom Is A Drug Addict (Part 2)

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My Mom Is A Drug Addict (Part 1)

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Spoken Word Poetry || Carried by Wings of Protection by Matthew Ganem the Poet(Drug Addiction)

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Fallout New Vegas- HARDCORE DRUG ADDICT EDITION- The mamemamo Show

0 Fallout New Vegas  HARDCORE DRUG ADDICT EDITION  The mamemamo ShowI play fallout NV with mah buddies on skype.
Orange: Shun
White: Me
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The mamemamo Show, a new gaming/tech show with tons of ideas for the future, inspired by famous YouTubers.

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Psycho Realm- Confessions Of A Drug Addict

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