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sober companion questions for the doctor?

Welcome to sober companion by Dr. Rob Tencer DC,BSC.

We first wanted to answer your main questions of who is this sober companion? What does this sober companion do? How much does a sober companion cost? How do I contact a sober companion?
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do you believe that drug addiction is filling a void?

i believe that drug addiction is either a filler or a crutch. meaning, every drug addict is either using his drug of choice to fill a void in their life, OR to run away from something.

i know because i used to be a drug addict myself, and i’ve relapsed 2 days ago.

prior to relapsing i was clean for over a year. then suddenly a few weeks ago all my friends left me and my girlfriend left me (for unrelated reasons). both have no desire to talk to me.

i am turning 20 on saturday. i am alone and lost and depressed.

when i’m high on opiates i am totally okay with what’s going on in my life. when i’m not on opiates i sit on the computer miserable.

Addiction is complex matter and it is often the case that people use drugs or alcohol for different reasons. I will say that once an addict always an addict, whenever an addict stops using does not mean that her or she is no longer an addict. It is usually the case that recovering addicts find something to put in place of their drugs or alcohol to deal with life’s challenges. Many turn to faith, while others turn to some sort of 12-Step program which incorporates a higher power of ones choosing. I will say that few ever recover if they do not find an outlet like the aforementioned, those who do recover are those who are willing to be honest with themselves about the severity of their problem and are willing to take certain steps to change their life for the better.

I am sorry to hear about your relapse, please do not be discouraged, sometimes relapse has to be a part of one’s story in order for them to reach a point where they are truly ready to take a different path. i would also like to point out that it is next to impossible to recover with out the help of others.

Opiates once made me feel good, nothing could bother me in life. However, as time passed and I went deeper into my addiction my problems increased exponentially to a point where I was looking up at the bottom. Addiction is a progressive illness and if it goes untreated there is usually only three places we end up: jails, institutions, or worse – dead.

I wish you the best….

Do you think drug addiction is a disease or choice?

As a former drug addict who’s been through numerous addiction therapies and clinics, I’ve been presented with all the so called evidence of drug addiction being a disease numerous times. Its true that certain people have addictive personalities, I certainly do, but in the end quitting your addiction is your choice. I think the disease theory does more harm then good. What does everybody else think and why?

It is a choice. You choose to do drugs, knowing full well what the consequences would be. It’s a stupid choice that I hope I am never ignorant enough to make. It is not only your choice to take a drug the first time, it is also your choice to fall to the addiction. It is also a choice to quit, as hard as it may be. It is not a disease, because you can control it.

Is a theme of drug addiction too mature for a dramatic story for 5th/6th graders?

I am currently writing a dramatic children’s story about a dog that is raised as a fighting dog and then is released from that environment. If I continue down this path, one of the dogs’ owners will be a drug addict. Although the dug addiction would definitely be small undertone, there would be many obvious references to drugs throughout the story. I could feasibly avoid this path, but it would make things a bit difficult, as the character’s drug addiction serves as a catylist for numerous events and it provides a source of conflict and tension in an otherwise peaceful part of the story. What do you all think?

I think that while the kids would probably be able to handle it the parents would never let them read it because parents are stupid.

Drug Addiction among Youth and teen in the World ( Ill Be Your Sopport )

0 Drug Addiction among Youth and teen in the World ( Ill Be Your Sopport )Im basically made this video , because drug addiction is overwhelming in our population and in not acceptable , Think of the person you wanna be in 20 years !!!!! Subscribe , and let me be your support, let me be the person there to tell you its ok ,and everyone fuckes up sometimes , but you gotta get back on your feet !!! Together we can quit drugs and mike a brighter future for everyone !!

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Pantera’s Drug Addiction

0 Panteras Drug AddictionPantera the cat let our cameras follow him and film the devastating effects of his addiction to catnip.

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What is Teenage Prescription Drug Abuse

0 What is Teenage Prescription Drug AbuseWhat is teenage prescription drug abuse? Mike Ritter explains that GenRX is a term that is used to describe addiction to prescription drugs in teenagers and young adults today. This is compared to the popular term GenX. Gen RX is used to describe the people of Gen X that have become or at risk of becoming addicted to prescription medications. There are so many people. A lot of the time, the perscriptions that people are getting addicted to are those that do not even belong to them. They get these medications illegally on the internet or teens using debit cards to buy these medications online and have them shipped to them.

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The Redemption Story of a Drug Addict

0 The Redemption Story of a Drug AddictThis is the story of William Davis’ struggle with drug addiction and how God brought him through it, restoring his life and family. William Davis is now the Outreach and Youth pastor at First Assembly of God in Clifton Forge, Virginia.

A special thanks goes out to my production team Nick Meo and Zach Snyder, this wouldn’t have happened with you.

Thanks for watching, may you be blessed by his testimony.

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Trazodone Addiction and Trazodone Abuse

0 Trazodone Addiction and Trazodone Abuse Trazodone Addiction & Trazodone Abuse – Discover the best treatment options for you – call our Recovery Hotline Toll-Free at 800-303-2938.

Wherever you are, you’d be surprised the level at which we understand, whether you’re gripped by Trazodone addiction or Trazodone abuse, wrestling with alcohol abuse, or a combination.

Through our rehabilitation program, you’ll be addressed respectfully as an individual, and we understand that you have specific needs as an individual, and that is how we approach drug addiction and alcoholism treatment, in a way that addresses the root causes of the dependence, rather than just treating you as a ‘drug addict’

Look through to learn more about this Trazodone abuse & Trazodone addiction and some considerations about finding suitable help with recovery.

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Krissie’s Story of Recovery from Addiction to Opiates & Benzos

0 Krissies Story of Recovery from Addiction to Opiates & Benzos – Krissie Bergo developed carpel tunnel syndrome while working as a legal secretary, and four botched operations caused her to also develop RSD.

A workers comp doctor prescribed opiates and benzodiazapines, and that’s where the trouble started. In September 2008, a judge ordered Krissie into treatment.

She spent more than 70 days at Malibu Beach Recovery Center, 62 of them just to detox.

When she left, a pain management doctor put her on suboxone, a synthetic opioid.

Two years later she came back to Malibu and successfully detoxed from suboxone.

This is her story.

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