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Will a DUI, simple drug possesion and underage drinking charge keep me from getting my Private Pilots Licence?

I have quite a bit of arrest for underage drinking,a simple marajuana possesion charge,and a DUI..But I dont drink or smoke marajuana anymore….Will these charges prevent me from getting a Medical Certificate needed to complete my flight training….Please pilots and instructors only!

It all depends on what the FAA has to say. But, expect to be held up for a minimum of 90 days for not reporting your DUI’s to the FAA within 7 days of them happening. If you have an extremely rocky past (which it appears you may do) then a Private Licence may be out of your reach unfortunately. But, with new legislation on the books about only needing a drivers licence as a third class medical, you may have a glint of hope. Terribly sorry to rain on your parade, but I believe you deserve the truth. Definitely try to get your third class medical first though, even if you have to wait a couple of years for the FAA suspension to end it may be worth it.

But, with your background you will NEVER get a commercial pilots license. And even if you did, nobody would hire you.

Lastly, and FWO (Flying While Intoxicated) will guarantee your license will be permanently revoked and you will go to prison. The FAA does not not take lightly to such things.

What is the difference between a DUI and a DWI?

I am mainly interested in the DUI/DWI definition in relevance to alcohol.
I know DUI is Driving Under the Influence
DWI is "Driving While Intoxicated, but what is the difference between the two?
What exactly do they mean whenever they say "under the influence?"
Does it mean driving with alcohol in the car (or open), or does it mean having a drunk person in the car with you? Maybe a difference in the alcohol content?

By the way, I live in Missouri, so please include any differences with DUI and DWI in my state, thanks!

In-toxicated – while poisoned… while with a Toxic sibstance.
and Alcohol is a poison.

logically, it refers to Alcohol only. (or another poison)

while DUI,
can be that AND/OR something else (that prevents you driving well).

What happens when you get a 2nd DUI in California?

My brother got his second DUI, it was a car accident. His girlfriend had to go to the hospital. The police took him. What is going to happen to him? Any body had a similar experience? What happened? The car was my moms. The car only had liability insurance. According to my brother, the car that hit him did a hit and run.

An intoxicated driver is not considered "automatically at fault" in an accident, but some insurance policies will not cover a driver if he is intoxicated. If his driving proximately caused the injuries to his passenger, he will be charged with felony DUI (Veh C 23153). With his prior conviction of DUI he would be facing a minimum of 120 days in jail, and a maximum of three years in prison, a fine of up to $20,000, and a three year revocation of his driver’s license.

If he bore no responsibility for the accident, he is looking at a minimum of four days in jail, a maximum of one year, a fine of up to $4,000, and a two year suspension of his driver’s license.

His mother’s insurance will not be cancelled based upon his driving–though the company may not insure him in the future. The three strikes law has nothing to do with this. His prior DUI is not a felony, and therefore not a strike. Even a felony DUI is not a strike.

He needs a lawyer.

ADD: Kapsack is wrong in claiming that a prior conviction makes no difference. It does. With no prior conviction, the minimum custody time for a violation of Veh C 23153 is 5 days. With a prior conviction the minimum time is 120 days. Quite a difference. He is correct that the charge could be filed as a misdemeanor, but the minimum term is the same, and with a prior I would think a felony filing is more likely.

How many people who get a dui end up getting a 2nd?

Also, how many of those who get a 2nd DUI then end up getting a 3rd? I teach a DUI class (I am newly hired) and a fellow coworker had been spouting out about 76% of all 1st offenders become 2nd offenders and then out of those 2nd offenders, the percentage that become 3rd offenders is more than 85%. I have been looking for this information on the net for days now and can’t find it. I don’t want to offend my coworker by questioning his numbers,(and a veiled attempt by asking what site he found it at won’t work) but I also don’t want to repeat this number to my students when it might not be right. I live in California.

This study:

found an annual recidivism rate of 24.3 per 1000 among first offenders (and they included as "first offenders" those who refused an alcohol test even if not convicted). That is 2.43%. I can find no support for the 76% claim, and suspect he is reading some statistic erroneously, which is not uncommon.

Smells like also errs. If 3-5% of drivers account for 80% of DUI offenses, then it simply cannot be true that 4 out of 5 (or 76%) of first offenders offend again. It would mean that 80% of arrests for second offenses involve only 3-5% of the driving population, which seems to fit more closely with the 2.43% recidivism rate in the study above. However, that would fit with a high recidivism rate among SECOND offenders (i.e., the likelihood that there will be a third).

Can I purchase a shotgun or rifle while on probation for a DUI in Jefferson County, CO?

Currently on probation for a DUI. I would like to get into clay shooting and possibly hunting. I would like to purchase my own rifle or shotgun for this.
The DUI charge is a misdemeanor, not a felony.

If it’s a felony DUI it’s illegal for you to own a gun anywhere in the US. Misdemeanor DUI you can buy a shotgun or rifle in Colorado but the smart thing would be to ask your PO for permission because the terms of your probation might not allow it.

I am a student pilot who recently got arrested for DUI. How will a CWOF impact my aviation career?

I am a student pilot who recently got arrested for a first offence DUI. How will a CWOF impact my aviation career? I have not yet gone to trial but assuming I receive a Continuance With Out a Finding how does that determine my career? My police report shows I was very respectful and cooperative, passed all field sobriety tests but failed the breathalyzer with a .11 and .12. I cannot afford a private lawyer as i am still in college but have a court appointed one assigned. I am extremely worried about this as I am also in the military. Any information or guidance would help!

Arrested is not the same as a Conviction.
A conviction is very severe. If you want to fly, you better get a good lawyer (JAG Attorney?) who can plead this down to some non-substance operating charge, where you do not have a history of substance abuse such as DUI, DWI, OUI, OWI, etc..

Any conviction will likely have your medical/student pilot certificate suspended.

How long does a dui on your record affect your car insurance in California?

Is it 5, 7 or10 years and will my rate go down 5 years after my DUI anniversary?

Each insurance company has its own policy regarding the rates it charges. The look back period for a DUI is 10 years, it will remain visible for 10 years, some insurance companies will use a DUI up to 10 years to set the applicable rate. I encourage you to shop around, my experience has been that many insurance companies will charge the most money during the SR-22 period (first 3 years after the conviction or APS loss) and then gradually reduce your rates over the next few years, usually by year five rates have returned to pre-DUI levels…but not every insurance company works in this fashion. You should call around, your rates may be higher than other companies would charge for a driver with your driving history.

Jack Swagger Arrested for DUI & Marijuana Possession

0 Jack Swagger Arrested for DUI & Marijuana Possession Another in our series of breaking news updates today – Jake Hager b/k/a Jack Swagger of WWE fame was arrested after last night’s SmackDown taping in Biloxi, Mississippi. The arresting officer thought it would be a simple DUI stop, but it turned out that Swagger had pot in his car as well. He also got a speeding charge when booked.

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