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sober companion questions for the doctor?

Welcome to sober companion by Dr. Rob Tencer DC,BSC.

We first wanted to answer your main questions of who is this sober companion? What does this sober companion do? How much does a sober companion cost? How do I contact a sober companion?
To contact dr. sober companion, please email us here: EMAIL SOBER COMPANION

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Father Michael O’Connell Recognized by Hazelden for Visionary Work

0 Father Michael OConnell Recognized by Hazelden for Visionary

Hazelden leaders and Jeremiah Program CEO & President Gloria Perez share their thoughts on the visionary leadership of Father O’Connell, a “courageous leaders who is always tapping into the notion of what’s right and good, not what’s easy,” according to Perez.

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Landcruiser Mountain Park – Jamie Hazelden, Glen Hasbeen, Dave Challinor and John “Roothy” Rooth

0 Landcruiser Mountain Park   Jamie Hazelden, Glen Hasbeen, Dave Challinor and John Roothy RoothExpert advice on from Dave Challinor, Fortified Finance & Leasing Pty Ltd, on how to finance 4wd’s, Caravans and Camper Trailers.

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Crawling | Kay Hazelden

0 Crawling | Kay

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Andrew Hazelden’s Winter Warmup RetroChallenge 2013 Post #1

0 Andrew Hazeldens Winter Warmup RetroChallenge 2013 Post #1To prepare for the RetroChallenge event I had to swap the power supply on my Silicon Graphics O2 and tinker with the RAM. Since the old power supply died in December I ordered a replacement from Acronyms Systems in Texas and it arrived in time for the start of the RetroChallenge.

Blog Post:

It only took a few minutes to swap the power supply and reconnect all of the cables and power cords. Once the power was turned ON, the system started up automatically and played the familiar O2 chime.

After the computer finished booting I played a few soundtracks to test the audio system. At this point I started seeing critical ECC memory errors. When I rebooted the O2 again the front LED blinked orange to let me know there was a system memory error.

This meant I had to disconnect all the wires and pull out the O2′s main circuit board. I started by re-seating the RAM in the memory bank and then tested the computer. In the end I got the O2 to boot again by removing a pair of DIMMS and rearranging the RAM.

In the next video I’ll start the process of rewriting the mini-sub game to work on IRIX.

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Dear Body – Kay Hazelden

0 Dear Body   Kay

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Reverb-O-Matic by Edward Hazelden

0 Reverb O Matic by Edward HazeldenReverb-O-Matic by Edward Hazelden
I think that this plugin is now (DISCONTINUED)
Reverb-O-Matic is a reverb plug-in based on Moorer’s reverb model (from ‘About this reverberation business’).
for more information visit.
original website no longer works.


news &reviews

reviews and news

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Hazelden’s youth facility in Plymouth, MN expands

0 Hazeldens youth facility in Plymouth, MN expandsDream On, Hazelden Foundations’ Campaign for Young People, was launched to help close the enormous gap for treatment young people so desperately need to combat addiction. This video depicts the $30 million expansion ($20 million of which was bond-funded and $10 million through philanthropy) of its addiction treatment center for young people in Plymouth, Minnesota, one that will add 32 beds, an indoor fitness and recreation area, a welcoming entrance and admissions area, and state-of-the-art classrooms. Ground was broken in October of 2011 for this project and is to be completed in two years.
To learn more about the campaign, contact Jana Olslund, Vice President, Office of Philanthropy, at 1-888-535-9485 or at Help us to help young people Dream On.

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Platform Three – Kay Hazelden

0 Platform Three   Kay HazeldenJust jotting down ideas for songs. icon smile Platform Three   Kay Hazelden

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Hazelden Riding Randoms x

0 Hazelden Riding Randoms xHiya xx i was really bored so i just thought i would make a video, some of the clips are recently and some are from ages ago x i’m feeling a lot better now since Pablo died, i still love and miss him but i can’t cry forever. Great news though because my riding school bought 2 new horses today. They are both 16.1hh and one is white with Chestnut patches and the other is just chestnut. i wont have clips of them for another 2 weeks though coz they will be in the field but i can’t wait to meet them. One is 5yrs and the other 11yrs so that should be great fun icon razz Hazelden Riding Randoms x I just have sum sad news because we had to sell one of are school horses, Bailey. you may not have seen Bailey before coz he never got riddin because about 2 yrs ago he fell over a jump and badly hurt himself and now he’s just scared of everything so we had to sell him coz he wasn’t safe x its for the best though and i hope he has a better life icon razz Hazelden Riding Randoms x that’s all for now but i’ll keep you posted about the new horses x

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