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sober companion questions for the doctor?

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Why do people say that Hollywood is evil and the music industry is a hard business to be in?

A lot of celebrities have ended up in Hollywood, making movies or music and some great artists and performers have died from drug and alcohol related causes. Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, Michael Jackson, 2 Pac etc..

I just hear people say that Hollywood is evil and I don’t understand because Hollywood is amazing and everything is there. Why do people who have the best things in life fall?

The best parties, food, drink and stylists and teams and yet they have problems. Can anyone explain to me what happens with these people in fame and hollywood etc?

thanks icon smile Why do people say that Hollywood is evil and the music industry is a hard business to be in?

Well you see, the general public sees Hollywood as GRAND and powerful and the greatest idea and place but it’s become so glamorous and so huge that stories and movies and actors/actresses get distorted. When people say, "only in Hollywood"…they mean you wouldn’t normally see things occurring there in normal life. It’s theatre, it’s a completely different form of living and people tend to overdose on the this glamour and lifestyle. Money and power become too heavy of a burden on people’s minds. People want to be the best and they forget about their ideals and humanity and do stupid, crazy things. Also, people with power and money will undermine others to reach higher statuses. Survival of the fittest, i guess.

Who can name the longest list of celebrities who died of drug overdoses?

Doing research is NOT allowed! This is a test of your knowledge and memory, not your ability to use google and wikipedia!

Elvis Presley
Kurt Cobain
Mark Speight
Heath Ledger

If some of them didn’t die of drug overdoses, I apologise.

Name a celebrity who died because of their drug use?

The recent death of Whitney Huston brings to mind all the others who have gone before her.
I ask this to prove a point to people that fame and money cannot buy happiness. Drugs are not the answer.

Who can you name?
Hey Rose, you are right, but I found myself wondering about Cobain as well. Wondering if drug use contributed to his depression and lack of happiness. He may have just been a tortured soul, no matter what. RIP.

Marilyn Monroe – Her death, due to an overdose of sleeping pills, was ruled as a “possible” suicide.
John Belushi – Died in 1982 after injecting a speedball – a mixture of cocaine and heroin.
River Phoenix – Died of a heroin overdose while in the presence of his younger brother Joaquim in front of the trendy Viper Room.
Heath Ledger – Died of an accidental prescription pill overdose.
Christopher Pettiet – You know him as Zach the budding chef in “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead”. He died of an accidental overdose in 2000.
Mary Anissa Jones – Better known as Buffy from “Family Affair”. Drugs found in her system at the time of her death include Seconal, PCP, methaqualone and cocaine.
Lani O’Grady – You remember her as the brainy and practical Mary on “Eight is Enough”, Lani died in 2001 at the age of 46 of “drug intoxication.” Found in her system at the time of her death were Vicodin and Prozac.
Chris Farley – Overdosed in 1997 after taking a speedball.
Judy Garland – Died in 1969 of an overdose of barbiturates.
Anna Nicole Smith – Died in 2007 of “combined drug intoxication.”
Elvis Presley – Found dead in his bathroom in 1977 after overdosing on prescription drugs.
Rodney Harvey – On the verge of being taken very seriously as an actor, Harvey died of a heroin overdose in 1998.
Nick Adams – Died of a drug overdose in 1968.
Nick Cantor – The Dirty Dancing actor died after injecting a shot of pure heroin in 1991. He was
Montgomery Clift – Died in 1966 at the age of 45 – the combined effects of drugs and alcohol.
Dorothy Dandridge – Died at age 46 of an antidepressant overdose.
W.C. Fields – Died as the result of a shot liver due to excessive alcohol abuse.
Robert Pastorelli – The Murphy Brown actor died of a drug overdose in 2004 at the age of 50.
Dana Plato – Died of a drug overdose in 1999 after taking Vicodin and Vanadam.
Edie Sedgwick – Died in 1971 after mixing alcohol and barbiturates.
Brad Renfro – Died of a heroin overdose in 2008.

money doesn’t create a person’s faults either it just exposes them.

i got mad cut and paste skills

9 interview questions for Heath Ledger READ AND IT WILL EXLPAIN WHY ITS IN THE WOMENS SECTION?

i know thats he dead but i need to do this thing for communications that i have to make a interview thing please help he out!! they have to be in deept (not like yes and no ?) i only have a few minutes please help i put it in womens health because the homework section doesnt have people there and i need it fast QUESTIONS TO HEATH LEDGER

What is your biggest regret?
What is your favorite movie you have done?

What last words would you leave for your daughter?
Would you have went to a drug rehab?
Who is your role model?
Where did you get your inspiration?

Do you think someone else can play the joker as good as Heath Ledger?

If so, who? I’d say Brad Pitt. Not the best, but he’s all I can think of and he can act. He did a good job in Inglorious Basterds.

Heath was good. You can really tell he was drugged up making the movie. About 1/4 way into it. I think Johnny Depp. He has definitely proved himself as an actor. I do disagree on your choice of Brad Pitt. I don’t think he is that kind of actor.

What do Michael Jackson and Elvis have in common mental wise?

Don’t say Lisa Marie Presley. I’m asking what mentally drives these two to death.They had money, fame (but the best things in life are free) They had children to live for, they had it all. Why did they choose to go in the opposite direction? Why did they choose for drugs to be apart of their lives?

when you’re in such high demand and constantly traveling meeting millions of people on a regular basis, your health can be hard to maintain. (fatigue, dehydration, low immune system, sleep deprivation). while their focus is on their fans their doctors focus is supposed to be on their health. both elvis and michael were responsible for what they put in their body but there’s a lot of trust in these doctors who are being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to perscribe appropriate medication. another recent victim being heath ledger. obviously in all these cases the prescriptions were just too much. who’s to blame? honestly it’s not a fair question.

How was Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight?

I thought he died? Or did they start making the movie way before that?

Heath Ledger stared as The Joker in the film Batman:The Dark Knight. He finished filming. Two months went by and he was on his own drinking in his hotel apartment ( very deprest). He had a drug overdose and died before The Dark Knight was launched officially.
Hope this helps

what did you think about heath ledger in the dark knight?

did you think heath ledger did better in the dark knight than his other movies please answer this.

I think he did amazing in most of his movies. He really really puts his best in the movies he does but may not recieve alot of glory making it. Take the movie "Candy". He really diverged himself into the role and convinced me he was a drug user. It was an emotionally heartbreaking story about two young lovers who abuse drugs and it was captivating. I loved it. Next, another one of my faves was Casanova which showed me his happy, eccentric, playboy type character. I just fell in love with that character. In the Dark Knight, he played the villainous Joker which to me was out of his league. He played it…I can’t even describe the words to explain how good he did! I just loved every minute of the movie! I’m looking forward to see his last movie.

Can somebody help me with this question?

Recently, Actor Heath Ledger died as a result of the interaction of several drugs including prescription medications. what are your thoughts on prescription medication? Do you think that these medications are over prescribed? Do you think that they are safe and effective and should be prescribed more? Do you think that the government does enough to regulate prescription drugs or is it too easy to abuse these medications?

I am answering your rant with my own.
There is too much government control.
– Individuals must be responsible for their actions.
I do not have the expertise to decide if prescription medicines are over-prescribed, or even to define over-prescription. Regulation works, but there will always be people who do not like it, and others that will subvert it.