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Ariana Grande’s Advice to Lindsay Lohan

0 Ariana Grandes Advice to Lindsay LohanOne of my favorite Victorious stars, Ariana Grande hit the orange carpet at the Teen Nick HALO Awards where she stopped to talk to us about how she stays grounded in this crazy world called Hollywood. She even offered some kind advice to Lindsay Lohan, who is dealing with all sorts of troubles these days.

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Lindsay Lohan

0 Lindsay Lohanali khan Lohan

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Q&A SHOW Ep.5-LINDSAY LOHAN talks Sex&Drugs-Parody

Executive Producers Nicole and Jeff Friday (Film Life, Inc.) introduce “The Q&A Show”: a sketch comedy web series created by and starring husband and wife team, Quin Walters and Addison Henderson . Spoofing pop culture celebrities, athletes, political figures and introducing original characters, this edgy show brings new talent to the screen while pushing the envelope with its racy humor and situational satire while poking fun at race, religion, and sex.

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Law & Crime News – Bali, Delhi, Lindsay Lohan – Jan 22, 13:13

0 Law & Crime News   Bali, Delhi, Lindsay Lohan    Jan 22, 13:13
British Woman Sentenced to Death in Bali Drug Case
Lindsay June Sandiford was sentenced to death Tuesday by an Indonesian court after she was caught smuggling $2.5 million worth of cocaine onto the island of Bali.

Delhi gang-rape case to start in fast-track court
Legal proceedings in the fatal gang-rape attack on a student in India to start.

Lindsay Lohan: Take Your Plea Deal — And Shove It
Lindsay Lohan doesn’t care that the prosecutor in her car crash case is willing to let her skate without spending a day in jail … because she won’t plea bargain a case in which she says she’s innocent. TMZ broke the story … attorney Shawn Holley was on her way to court Monday to negotiate a deal in Lindsay’s lying-to-cops car crash case when she got her walking papers.  Law enforcement sources tell us … the prosecutor was willing to let Lindsay plead no contest and agree to six months of lockdown rehab — NO JAIL.

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0 MICHAEL LOHAN Fails At LINDSAY InterventionCops were called to Lindsay’s house after dad tried to stage an in home interview. He now says he wants a conservatorship for his daughter who he claims drinks up to a bottle and a half of vodka daily.

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Dr. Drew Exclusive – The Daily Buzz September 7, 2012

0 Dr. Drew Exclusive   The Daily Buzz September 7, 2012Dr. Drew discusses stars in crisis. What advice does he give LeAnn Rhimes,Lindsay Lohan and Prince Harry?

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The Bestest Ever Most Accurate Celebrity Gossip News on the Internet!!

0 The Bestest Ever Most Accurate Celebrity Gossip News on the Internet!!My friend Cristina and I are here to bring you the inside scoop on all the latest and greatest celebrity news in all the land. This is a gossip roundup featuring Lindsay Lohan, Bethenny Frankel, Leann Rimes, and more!!!

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Lindsay Lohan arrested in NY for hitting pedestrian

0 Lindsay Lohan arrested in NY for hitting pedestrian“Lindsay Lohan arrested again” “Lindsay Lohan arrested” “Lindsay Lohan” “Mean Girls” “Lindsay Lohan arrest” “Lindsay Lohan arrest 2012″ “Lindsay Lohan arrested 2012″ “Dream hotel” “Jose Rodriguez” “Maritime hotel” “Liz & Dick”

NEW YORK – Lindsay Lohan was arrested on Wednesday after a pedestrian told police that her car struck him as the “Mean Girls” actress was driving into a hotel in New York, New York City police said.

Lohan’s vehicle clipped a 34-year-old man in an alley, around 2:30 a.m., police told Reuters, and the man later went to a nearby hospital saying he had an injured knee.

The 26-year-old actress, who has been in and out of court, rehab and prison since a 2007 drunk driving arrest in Los Angeles, was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident. Police arrested her as she left the Dream hotel in lower Manhattan.

She was charged with a misdemeanor and released, the New York police department’s Office of Public Information said.

Lohan’s spokesman in Los Angeles said he believed the claims would not be proved.

“While some of the facts are still being gathered, it appears that this is much ado about nothing. We are confident this matter will be cleared up in the coming weeks and the claims being made against Lindsay will be proven untrue,” spokesman Steve Honig said in a statement.

Celebrity website, quoting sources at the hotel, said surveillance video of the incident made it hard to tell whether Lohan’s car made contact with the pedestrian or, if it did, how hard.

The New York Daily News identified the man as Jose Rodriguez, a cook who was leaving his workplace, the adjacent Maritime hotel, when the incident occurred.

A Los Angeles judge released Lohan from formal probation in March, but she was instructed to obey all laws until 2014. A conviction in the New York case could trigger a violation of those conditions.

Lohan, who rose to fame as a child star in the 1990s, has been trying to make a comeback after her once promising movie career was derailed. She stars as screen legend Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime TV movie, “Liz & Dick,” due to air in November.

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Amanda Bynes Denies She’s Having Any Problems After DUI Arrest: ENTV

0 Amanda Bynes Denies Shes Having Any Problems After DUI Arrest: ENTVFormer actress Amanda Bynes denied that she’s having any personal problems after another recent run-in with the law. Her family said the opposite, stating that she does have a problem and needs help! Bynes has also been publicly fighting with fellow troubled star Lindsay Lohan after she said Bynes should be arrested for her behavior.

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