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sober companion questions for the doctor?

Welcome to sober companion by Dr. Rob Tencer DC,BSC.

We first wanted to answer your main questions of who is this sober companion? What does this sober companion do? How much does a sober companion cost? How do I contact a sober companion?
To contact dr. sober companion, please email us here: EMAIL SOBER COMPANION

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Quitting Weed: Lucid Dreaming

0 Quitting Weed: Lucid DreamingI am trying to become a lucid dreamer in order to help me quit da mariwhowanna. Sorry the video got cut off, my roomie walked in and I hate talking personal in front of people, and yes I know the entire world could see this video. But yea important thing is to keep a journal. I write about my dreams as well as normal entries on my weed addiction and how I feel.

Ill probably make another video about the rest of this when I can. Should I talk about my salvia trip or is that a little too personal for youtube?

The song by the way is Satyr IX by Electric Wizard

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Is Marijuana Addictive?

0 Is Marijuana Addictive?Watch more Marijuana Facts & Medical Marijuana videos:

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Medical Marijuana for Children with ADHD, Dr. David Sack, Promises Treatment Ctrs, on The Doctors

0 Medical Marijuana for Children with ADHD, Dr. David Sack, Promises Treatment Ctrs, on The DoctorsDr. David Sack, CEO of Promises Treatment Centers appeared as a guest on the TV show, The Doctors, and expresses his concern about doctors who prescribe medical marijuana to treat children with ADHD.

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Marijuana Addiction 2013

0 Marijuana Addiction 2013This person suffers from Marijuana Addiction. Only by making this so called drug Free will solve the problem for the addict. Free meaning zero tax from government cunts!!!

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Smoking Weed :)

0 Smoking Weed :)hey ! icon smile Smoking Weed :) sorry for no updates life has been kinda hectic but also wonderful at the moment icon smile Smoking Weed :) so many good things coming my way, i feel so blessed. Keep updated guys and thanks for watching.

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Ken Cuccinelli Discusses Marijuana Legalization – February 9, 2013

0 Ken Cuccinelli Discusses Marijuana Legalization   February 9, 2013At the monthly breakfast meeting of the Albemarle Republican party on February 9, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli clarified comments he had made earlier in the week while speaking to Larry Sabato’s government class at the University of Virginia. Cuccinelli had told UVA students that he was watching with interest developments in Colorado and Washington state following those two states’ voter initiatives to legalize the use of marijuana for recreational purposes.

Cuccinelli answered a question from a self-described former marijuana addict who opposes legalization. He said that, while he does not favor legalizing marijuana today, he thinks that the the situations in Washington and Colorado raise important questions about states’ rights, federalism, and the relationship (sometimes contentious) between state and federal laws

Cuccinelli also said that, during a period of limited government resources, priorities must be set about how dollars are spent. He said that enforcing laws against methamphetamine (crystal meth) may be a higher priority than enforcing laws against marijuana use and distribution.

Cuccinelli’s opening remarks are here:

Cuccinelli’s answers to other questions are here:

Cuccinelli’s reply to a question about Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling is here:

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OMCA: Addiction specialist on medical marijuana

0 OMCA: Addiction specialist on medical marijuanaDr. John Sorboro, who runs the Outreach Addiction Clinic in Kent, OH, explains why he feels medical marijuana could benefit Ohio’s communities.

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Day 128 Off Weed

0 Day 128 Off WeedWhy do I keep counting the days I have been sober?

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115 subs ! Thank you ! :) – GIRL SMOKING WEED!

0 115 subs ! Thank you ! :)   GIRL SMOKING WEED!THANK YOU SO MUCH !! No editing or anything this time just all the way through.. P.s i keep looking to the left because my friend was with me.

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