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How long does it take your body to get used to the side effects of a new medication?

Right now i feel drowsy and headache from a new anti-physcotic medication i started taking for Schizophrenia. Will my body get used to this medication? Or will I always feel that "heavy" feeling.? These are daytime medicine so I dont know how I can carry on like this everday for work unless my body just needs time to adjust to it then I wont feel anything. Are these how anti depressants and anti physcotics work?

It can take days to get use to a medication there is a site that tells you all about medications itis at
Use that site for drugs by condition and side effects. I am on Geodon a anti psychotic and it took me about 2 weeks to get used to it made me very heavy and tired as well. I don’t know what meds you are talking about but if you would like to talk to people / friends become with you can join my site with people going through the same as you @

I have owned and run this group for the past 8-9 years and NAMI sponsors me.

I am not trying to sell my group but it is very helpful to be a part of something and talk to those whom have many great answers without having to wait here, I just nticed nobosy replied and on the group everyoneis treated equally no matter f they have a title or not.

It is a safe wholesome group enviroment and all features are free when you register you get a Free Lifetime membership with all features such as Blogs and gallery for pics and pm orivate messages and it is family orientated as well.

Good luck with your new med the can help you with any medication issues but communication is key.

LOL jan

Is Lamictal a medication that would interfere with getting a commercial driver’s license?

A man is claiming that he has complex partial epileptic seizures that come only at night. He has been suggested that Lamictal would eliminate that problem but then he states that he would not be able to get his license to drive a truck because he is on the medication. It seems absurd to me since the medication would cure the problem…sort of an antidepressant or a mood stabilizer for a depressed or bipolar individual. Would a man taking Lamictal be allowed to drive a commercial truck?

No, he would not.

The medication itself does not interfere with getting a licence but the medical condition associated with it does. Unfortunately, an anticonvulsant does not necessarily prevent seizures. Most likely, it will reduce only their frequency. Since there is no guarantee that the treatment will be effective, it is very unlikely that he will ever be able to get a commercial licence, and even his non-commercial one can be suspended (the law differs from a state to another).

P.S. Lamictal does not cure epilepsy, nor do antidepressants cure depression/bipolar disorder. There is a huge difference between "treat" and "cure".

What happens if you drink while on medication?

I have hypothyroidism and im currently on natural medication for it. I was wondering what would happen if i maybe have a glass of wine or two.

there is no "natural" medication for hypothyroidism, unless the thyroxine or triiodothyronine(T3) you take is synthetic there is a chance it will do nothing, as long as you drink approximately the same amount every day there should be no problem

What medication for my cat with miliary dermatitis?

On 2 previous occasions, my cat was given medication for miliary dermatitis, which was effective in clearing it up. I can’t remember the name of the drug, but Vet said it was equivalent to HRT medication. The condition has returned and I was hoping to be able to buy online. I contacted the vets but was told they cannot give me the medication without seeing the cat. I object to paying a consultation fee to be told the same as I was, on 2 previous occasions.

It is a prescription medication. Vets cannot prescribe medication for your cats without seeing them any more than a people doctor can.

what will happen when you just stop taking medication for high blood pressure?

A friend of minds threw away all of his medication in June 2007 for high pressue and high cholestoral, because he said it made him tired. He says he feels much better without the medication.I am on medication also, but I still continue to take mines. I am afraid to stop taking mines.

It really depends on the medication. If you stop a diuretic nothing will happen very quickly, though you may gradually resume being hypertensive. Other medications, however, such as beta blockers, can have quite dramatic effects if stopped abruptly. In people with coronary vessel disease as well as hypertension, abruptly stopping beta blockers, as well as some others can precipitate chest pain (angina) and more rarely actual heart damage (myocardial infarction).

Listen, if you don’t like the side effects of your medication, talk to your doctor. There are SO many different medications available to treat hypertension, that you can almost always find medications that you can live with.

Don’t just stop your medication. Be smart, take care of yourself and don’t ignore your blood pressure

Remember, one of the biggest reasons that hypertension is so dangerous is that you don’t really have symptoms until really bad things have started to happen. (Kidney failure, strokes, heart complications such as failure and heart attacks)

Call your doctor, and let him (or her) help you get on the medication you need.

Best of luck

How do you know whether your medication is working?

How much difference does anxiety medication make to your moods and how do you know if it is really working? How much of your mood is the result of confidence and how much can be put down to anxiety?

Well, first you may have to wait up to 4 weeks to feel a difference. Then it’s a matter of finding what medication and what dose works for you. It may take a while to get the right combination, so just remember that, don’t feel down about your meds not working, and like they say keep a positive attitude,(or at least have in the back of your mind, eventually I’m going to feel better, and just hold on.) Good luck.

What anxiety medication do you take and why do you like it best?

What anxiety medication do you take and why do you like it best?

I have endured some horrific things in life, but I would NEVER take medication for anxiety. Why would you? All it is doing is masking over the anxiety, it is not teaching you to cope with it & get rid of it by altering your reaction to it. It seems to be an American obsession that medication is the answer to everything. It’s not going to make your problems go away so you may as well learn to deal with them.

What’s wrong with counselling & cognitive behaviour therapy? Or tai chi or meditation to calm you down? I used to do a tai chi class for an hour & it kept me calm for the next 3 days – no meds required! Also high cardio exercise calms you afterwards & for the next day or so. You can’t feel anxious if you’ve just physically exhausted yourself.

Try the website below, it’s a fun way of examining your thought patterns re learning to look at things differently so that you won’t be anxious. It has some questionaires so that you can see where you are on the scale of anxiousness & you can do it again in a week to see how you’ve improved.

Can you put prescription medication in a different container and put it in checked baggage?

I am flying today and want to bring my prescription medication from my surgery in my checked baggage. But I put all my medication, prescription as well as Advil and whatnot, in one container. Will they search it?

i would tell them first what you did and they might let you go through.or they and if you still got the containers i would take them as well to show they are your medication .ot they will check all your luggage .

What if they prescribed you medication because you did not want to go back to work at the bubble factory?

Should you have not agreed to taking the medication because if you did not agree to it they would not sign you on disability benefits?
You don’t have to go back to the bubble gum factory, no way!

If medication was prescribed, it was needed.

Good thing you agreed to take it.

Now you’re on benefits.

When you are well , you can stop taking the meds and go back to the bubble factory.