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Can you fly with over the counter meds in your carry on bag?

We have big Costco size bottles of some over the counter meds. SInus meds and ibuprophen and a couple of 5 hour energy drinks. Can we carry those on the plane in a backpack or do we have to check them?

you can take ANY meds over the counter or prescription in your carry on and its recommended that you do in case you checked luggage is lost or stolen.

5 hour energy is NOT considered a medication at all and it must follow the 3-1-1 liquids rule for carry on luggage which is…
-3.4oz (100ml) containers or smaller
-all containers must be placed in a 1 quart size clear plastic zip top baggie
-only 1 baggie per person
-during security you must take out the baggie and place it in a bin provided to you for it to go through the x-ray machine.
if your liquids don’t follow those rules you’ll have to put them in your checked luggage.

How can I get depression meds without parental consent?

This isn’t for me, but my girlfriend has severe depression, but her parents 1) Don’t believe her; 2) Wouldn’t allow her to take meds even if they did; 3) Would look down on her for it no matter what, even for just asking. I was wondering if there was any way to get her depression meds without her parents giving permission or even finding out. I know my parents would give any help possible, if that makes any difference, but I’ll do anything for it. Please help me, I’m very desperate for this.

I agree with the other person who posted an answer. My thought is, how old is she? If she’s under 18 then you won’t be able to get meds without parental permission. Another idea is to try flaxseed or fish oil capsules. You can get them at health stores, pharmacies and other places. They contain the omega 3 fatty acids that our bodies lack severely at times and can after some time help the brain reset itself for lack of better words. There are foods that naturally have these acids in them, but we don’t always eat enough of them to help. Hope she gets better.

How come when your overweight and fat u have high tolerance to medications and meds are less potent?

Why does it feel like meds n drugs don’t work when ur about 280 in pounds

You don’t really have a higher tolerance and meds are not less potent. However, obese individuals have significantly more body mass (in shop-talk this may impact the volume of distribution of the drug) the medication has to distribute through (for fat-soluble medications, anyway), so higher doses are needed for some types of medications.

Seems more are going to therapists and taking meds and yet more mental illness and violence?

So many tell me going to therapists and taking meds like antidepressants is a good thing for mental health stability – yet there seems to be more "diagnosed" mental issues and those taking antidepressants.
And now more violence – and many have been on antidepressants or other meds prescribed by a therapists.
If there is no connection, I will be very surprised.
More teens and young 20s (mostly white males) are going to therapists and taking meds and the violence of shootings like the one today is increasing. And many were on meds. No connection?

I agree with you, bc many of these meds, just make a person feel more distant from
themselves and especially bad on young people who are just finding out who they
are in the first place , and then become lost. A lot of money to be made here, which
is why companies like GlaxcoSmithKline- do not even blink when being made to
pay millions of fines for deceiving drs. for meds like paxil and making people sick.

That is why I like homeopathy and chinese medicine systems. They are not
toxic, you don’t keep taking them, they cure from the root and it is over.
The commercials for the meds are also disturbing in that they create a demand
for them and have kids wondering if they have mental illness when it is just part of
puberty issues.

Is it normal for asthma meds to make your lungs extra-sensitive?

My asthma meds make my lungs more sensitive for an hour or so after taking them, and they feel more sore and initially weird, like you can feel the medicine in your chest.

Is that normal and totally nothing to worry about? Is that just a sign of it all working?

I don’t know what to really make of it.


Wow I know exactly what you mean! I take albuterol for asthma and I get the "sensitive" feeling too. I have it where I can almost feel what’s going on inside my lungs, which sounds odd to most people probably. I think it’s normal for the meds to do that. Asthma meds dilate the airway, and I’m sure you know that, which in turn causes that "open" feeling in your chest. I wouldn’t say it’s anything to worry about. You might call your doctor and ask if it is bothering you, or turn to your prescription-info packet.

Can I get some good pain meds wit a sprained ankle?

I sprained my ankle earlier today and its pretty swollen right now. I’m planning on seeing the doctor tomorrow so can anybody tell me if I can get any pain meds for this some percs hopefully and how? Haters don’t just trying to capitalize on this unfortunate accident.

I don’t think you can get serious pain meds for sprained ankle, I do know ice helps alot,

Can I still eat fast food while im on blood pressure meds?

They just put me on blood pressure meds because I have to get my bood pressure back to normal in 7 days or I wont be able to get this job. And I want to eat some fast food. Will that effect my blood pressure going down if i just take the meds?

im sorry to inform you but the reason why you are on the blood pressure meds is because of the fast food….

you have to realize all the high cholesterol content in fast food…. the sodium alone is astronomical and the calorie content…

look at a big mac for example…the calories for one is 509 cal and from fat is 306 so basical 60% of a big mac is fat and the sodium alone is 1070 mg..

i’m sure just alone the LDL (bad cholesterol) is more than the HDL (good cholesterol)….

i would seriously back off on the fast food all together you don’t want to be stuck on those pills forever…check out this website gives a sample nutrition fact…i didn’t know all of that stuff by heart about the big mac lol….check it out and you can probably look up other stuff as well on the same site….

i hope this helps a little bit….

Taking meds to regulate my mood is a huge commitment for me and it had become a burden?

Does anybody have any experiece with taking meds because i’ve been doing it for years and stopped recently because i was so sick of it and felt the problems were all external and couldn’t be remedied with medication. Part of me thinks I should go back on the meds but there’s a concern that I won’t be able to commit to it because of where my state of mind currently is right now.

Does anybody have any advice?

Thank You.


a friend in need

Antidepressants were originally intended only for short term use, just like all those addictive sleeping pills doctors are now prescribing for years to some patients.

Anyway, you are better off without them unless you are extremely suicidal and just need to stop feeling that way. If you believe it was externally caused depression, you are probably right because life sucks hard sometimes and doctors don’t get that.

If you are still having issues with mood, it could just be that you are still re-adusting to life without drugs. It can take a bit for your body to get back to it’s natural balance.

You can do a few things to help, like anything that will get the meds out of your system quick. This includes taking a daily multivitamin, and exercise as well as drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep at night.

Good luck to you, I feel you are on the right track and I think you will be ok, you just have to be patient with yourself.

What methods have been successful in making someone with a mental illness take their meds?

My wife has suffered with bipolar disorder and now schizophrenia for app. seventeen yrs.During that time she has had to be hospitalized twice and was put on meds. which helped with her psychosis. However once home she has gradually stopped taking the meds. Has anyone had any success in convincing them. I know this might be a far fetched question to answer, but I’m always hoping that there’s something that can be done.

I lived with my roomate and her mum who suffered from bi-polar disorder.

unfortunatly she did not want to take her medication when she was on her low "veg.state" ..

she would only take her meds once hospitilised for her high states when in fact she was hospitilised."where she was forced to take them.

so i’m sorry you cannot reason with a person whom is ill, it won’t work..and it may just trigger them to another episode, they tend to get worked up quite easily..

one thing you can do is maybe sneak a pill in her brownie or something?…but that’s still not very honest.