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Will this method help for opiate withdrawal?

I have been using a low dose of opiates for 2 weeks now. I bought 2 8mg Suboxone tablets. I plan on starting with half of a tablet, and the next day using a quarter, than half of that, than half of that, until I am virtually taking nothing. Will this help the acute withdrawal? Thanks!

yes, you will be fine,,, you did it the smart way,,, the only issues you will have will be in your head.

if by low dosage you mean like maybe 30mg hydrocodone, less than 20mg total in a day then you are already able to stop anytime without going through withdrawls,, which will make you wish you had never heard the word opiates
Good luck,, you’ll be fine,, you are one of the smart ones

How can u tell if a loved one is going through a crack withdrawl?

My godchild droped her baby off 6 months ago with me out of the blue she shows up wed night late, shes been in my bathroom rolling around moaning,sweating, foaming at mouth, vomiting,shaking.. Is that withdrwls? She also has lost over 120pds in that 6 months. I need to know cause I have her baby.

Her reaction actually sounds more indicative of an an opiate withdrawal, but it certainly does indicate that she is withdrawing off from something. The weight loss is also a strong indication of previous heavy drug use. I would be cautious in allowing her to resume caring for that child until you are certain that she is stabilized and sober.

How long does it take for opiate withdrawl to happen?

I’ve been doing heroin and morphine for about a week now. 1000mgs of Morphine per day and some heroin here or there.
Is this enough using to cause me to go into withdrawal if I stop suddenly?

yes, within 24 hours you will notice withdrawals.

What natural foods or liquids can help a person through opiate withdrawls?

Im tryin to stay away from using suboxone or a methadone clinic , what foods or liquids help with the withdrawls
THanks JC

I know that Atkins mentions using glutamine as help in withdrawing from drugs or booze. Glutamine is an amino acid – and the cheapest way to get it is in powdered form. It’s a tasteless white powder. You make it in your own body, but you can always use more.

So I remember Atkins saying to put 5 grams (teaspoon) into some heavy cream and drinking it. You get a good shot of fat and protein.

If you want to read Atkins’ book where he mentions this – it’s "Vita-Nutrient Solution" which you can get used off of Amazon.

Will opiate withdrawals cause weight loss?

Can the withdrawal symptoms from Opiates (lortab) cause weight loss? And how long should i expect these withdrawals to last?

Opiate withdrawals can be very uncomfortable if one used them in excess. Opiate withdrawl do cause reduction in appetite and the length can vary usually lasting a week or so. I had a hellish experience with oxycodone withdrawl, shititng constantly and insomnia for 4 days straight, course I was using them recreationally.

The withdrawal with vary on how strong the drug is, how long it was used, and how it was used.

What would happen to me if I went to my doctor and admitted that i’m addicted to opiates?

I’m only 18 and I was prescribed vicodin for about a month and a half last year and ever since i’ve been buying them off anyone I can find. I know I’m a bastard but I’ve gotten to the point where I feel that I can’t quit on my own?

If I told my doctor, would he need to inform my parents and would he be able to help me (and how?)

He will help you. You have already taken the biggest step,,admitting to yourself that you have a problem.

If you are 18 your doctor cannot communicate any of your medical information without your consent.

Having a pain med abuse problem doesn’t make you a bastard. If it did there would be millions of people that would also have to call themselves one. You do not have a unique problem, actually it’s real commom. That’s why the DEA is cracking down so hard on people and doctors abusing them.

I think you are a smart person for reconizing the problem and wanting to do something about it. You are saving yourself from a life of hell. I know because I also use to abuse them. I had a pain problem and let it get out of control and it was my doctor that helped me. If you have been taking enough to get ‘dope’ sick without them you want medical help kicking it Withdrawls are not something you want to go through unless it is the only way you can get off them. Good luck

Here are a few links that you should check out.

You can also contact a local methadone clinic and they can help you with a 14 day detox program that is a lot better than going ‘cold turkey’. Just don’t let them talk you into a methadone maintenance program. All that does is make you a legal abuser.

What can I do for opiate withdrawal?

Withdrawals from vicodin and percocet usage everyday for the past 6 months or longer. I don’t want to hear ‘go to the doctor’, I need something that will help NOW.

Well if you can’t get a prescription for Suboxone (a really good pill for opiate withdrawls), do you have anything else laying around? Valium, xanax, soma? Those help a lot. People that are addicted to opiates usually don’t get dependent on benzos since opiates are a much stronger, more pleasurable high.
Opiates gave me TONS of energy, so when I stopped taking them, I got really tired. Red Bulls/Monsters helped a little bit. Vitamin D helps a lot (helps elevate mood), cold/flu medicine, hot baths, exercise, lots of sleep, eating a good meal.
Also, in some states they sell Robitussin AC & Mytussin AC over the counter, which contain 10mg of codeine per teaspoon. It won’t give you the same effects as the vicodin, but the codeine may alleviate some withdrawls. I have indeed bought codeine over the counter before, but they only sell you one bottle per month or soemthing like that. You have to ask the pharmacist they keep it behind the counter.
Opiate withdrawls really suck, I know what your going through.

How long is the withdrawal from Oxycontin last?

i have been taking 10 mg twice a day for exactly a month. I have been using percocet with it and been using it to help with the withdrawl

Using percocet to "help" with withdrawal is like using hot water to cool a burn – they are both opiates.

The physical withdrawal syndrome lasts 3-5 days.

Is it dangerous to go thru opiate withdrawls when ur 7 months pregnant?

It can be. Remember there is a good chance that your baby is going through withdrawals as well. I would contact your healthcare provider to help you cope with withdrawas and help your unborn child cope with them as well. They will be able to give you more information.
If you do not have insurance, contact Planned Parenthood. They can help you or point you in the right direction to get the help you and your baby need.

What side affects could happen from mixing adderall and suboxon?

Someone I know ate less than a querter mill. of a suboxon strip and probly 8 mg of adderall. A few hours later they started to get a really bad headache so they layed down. Though the headache was better a few hours later got up and started puking and the headache got worst. Could this be from mixing?

It could be they both raise your blood pressure.I found this about mixing them:
Can you take suboxone and adderall?
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I wouldn’t suggest it. But the fact that you’re asking leads me to believe that you have been using Adderall in combination with an Opiate. If that combination works for you, then Suboxone would not be much different. Both drugs, however, increase your blood pressure significantly and can cause serious long-term problems. Then again you know that if you have a reason to take Suboxone. Be careful and avoid taking them together if possible. And try to eat healthy if you don’t want permanent Hypertension!

P.S. Good luck with the Suboxone. It has worked wonders for me!
This is a very dangerous and addictive combination, do not try this under any circumstances! The effects on your heart could be fatal.
I somewhat agree and disagree, I have been prescribed both by not only my doctor in Maine but since I moved to Georgia my doctor down here kept me on the same. but at the same time it is true if you have an addiction problem which is more than likely why your on the suboxone. Than you do need to be careful if the adderrall is not prescribed and being watched by a doctor. Alot of drug abuse doctors do try to find an underlying cause for the addicts abuse like add,adhd,depression…. Remember that everyone is going to give you a million different answers and please be careful. GOOD LUCK

My name is Tonya and I have personally used suboxone and I currently am prescribed adderall. First off you should be aware that adderall is an upper, like speed or meth, but not to the severe degree. Second, Suboxone is mainly prescribed for opiate withdrawl… so you are looking at a downer. Taking them together will actually negate any "high" you are trying to attain, since suboxone will bind to opiate receptors in the brain causeing you to lose your high. NEVER take Suboxone unless you are trying to quit using drugs. It is very effective as an alternative to Methadone in treating heroin addiction, or opiate addiction. I hope that helped.
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