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Phyciatrist prescribed me anti-depressants for daytime BUT I fall asleep no good for work?

Phyciatrist prescribed me Perphenazine for Schizophrenia 2pills a day plus hydroxyzine 2pills a day for anxiety. Problem is with just 1 pill of each i start to get drowsy and need a nap. Now how am I supposed to work like this? Doesent the doctor know what she is doing if she predcribes me this during the daytime? And then for nightime she prescribed me trazodone for insomnia and anti depressant. I thought anti depressants were supposed to be taken during the day. I dont see my doc for another month so thats why Im asking here. Thanks.

Anti-depressants work in 24 hour cycles, so taking them at night isn’t a problem. She prescribed them to be taken at night so they don’t mess with the Perphenazine and the hydroxyzine. Unfortunately you will likely find that most of your medications for your schizophrenia will come with drowsiness as a side effect. You will have to learn to work around it.

How to get prescribed Xanax or some other benzo?

I am a minor and have been going to a psychiatrist for a little over 8 years, or about half of my life. I have been going for problems ranging from OCD to ADHD to severe anxiety. My main problem now is the severity of my anxiety.
When you are my age, doctors are usually against prescribing such a drug because of its potential for abuse, but I believe that i have reached the point to where I need such a powerful drug. A main concern of mine in obtaining the prescription is that I am also prescribed Vyvanse which is a stimulant but I need one of the 4 major benzos( Vallium, Xanax, ect.) which is a sedative. In my short life I have never found getting high too enjoyable, I only look for some mental stability which may or may not come in the form of a little pill. I do not write this as a junkie looking for a new high, but an adolescent who wants nothing more than a little relaxation and sedation from my daily panic attacks and frequent mental breakdowns. Please help icon sad How to get prescribed Xanax or some other benzo?

You sound like you have more insight than most of your peers.

While benzos are great for quick/rapid anxiety relief, they’re not so good in the long term. Other meds like Paxil, Lexapro, etc can help and are good long term.

However, you might already be on one for your other issues. Buspar is purely for anxiety and can help many.

The best way is to sit down & talk with your psychiatrist and tell him/her what you posted. If you can, talk about any triggers, etc. Explain that you’re willing to try anything they suggest.

On a side note, clonidine (originally a BP med) is sometimes used to treat anxiety and even ADHD.

Best of luck.

Is it okay to prescribe a patient having a productive cough with both expectorant AND antitusive?

Is it okay to prescribe a patient having a productive cough with both expectorant AND antitusive?
Sorry, wrong question, the question should be, on what condition can we use both expectorant and antitusive, is it safe & are there any scientific facts regarding both of their use??

Yes, but only in extreme cases. On occasion, I have been prescribed both only so I could sleep without coughing.

What do I have to say to my doctor to prescribe me Xanax?

First of all, I have a legitimate anxiety condition, and suffer from panic attacks. I have been given all sorts of medication, like Zoloft, Prozac, Atarax, and Ativan. None of them worked for me. I’m more of a yoga/meditation type of person, but the anxiety has overpowered everything I’ve tried. I even have relaxation apps on my iPhone. I exercise daily, and that isn’t working either.

A friend gave me Xanax once, and it really helped with my chest pain and gave me the relief I needed. I really like that it’s not a pill you have to take all the time.

But, when I ask a doctor about giving me a prescription, they look at me like they just saw a ghost. Apparently, it’s very addicting and they don’t like prescribing it. I guess people also abuse them, or something like that.

What angers me the most about this is that I know perfectly healthy teenagers and adults that fake their symptoms just to get it, and here I am, getting the runaround.

I’m frustrated and don’t know what to do. Am I going to have to have a panic attack in front of doctors to get this stuff? I’m going to the psychiatrist next week, so hopefully they’ll understand my frustrations. Anyone else have a similar experience?

A word of advice… never go in to a doctor’s office and name a known addictive and often abused drug, and then say you want it. If you’d just told them your symptoms, you’d have had a better chance of having it prescribed. A major warning sign of a drug seeker is someone coming in requesting a specific controlled substance, and the second best warning sign is a doctor-hopper (going to multiple doctors asking for the same thing until someone says yes).

Just talk to the psychiatrist and tell them what you’ve tried, that it didn’t work and outline your symptoms as they are when asked. If they think Xanax is appropriate, you will be offered it with the appropriate warnings, etc. Telling them that you took a controlled substance from someone else (i.e. you had no prescription) is also a bit dodgy… no one wants to prescribe that sort of thing and then have people sharing it out to friends. Not a good look. So, just tell them how you’re feeling and what you’ve tried with your lifestyle and on prescription, and leave the choice of drug to the professional. You will be more likely to end up with Xanax that way as you won’t be ringing warning bells through your whole interview. Remember too that Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has the best long term outcomes anyways.

What kind of medication is usually prescribed for sore throat that is consistent?

I’ve had this fever a few weeks ago alongside with sore throat and a runny nose. The doctor prescribed me some pastilles and fluids to clean my throat. The fever went away by itself, but the sore throat is still there. What kind of medications should I buy? I am seeing the doc in a few days, but I’m just being curious.

Prescribing medicine is a doctors easy way out. You want to find out what is causing your sore throat. It could be symptomatic of something else. Poor diet leads to weakened immune system. Dust mites can cause a sore throat to be persistent until the problem is dealt with. Do you dress properly for the weather…scarf..explore the reasons and you will fix your sore throat.

What can a doctor prescribe for bad menstrual cramps?

I’m going to the doctor Thursday about my bad periods.Is there anything that she can prescribe for bad menstual cramps?I have been diagnosed with dysmenorrhea(painful periods)and mittelsmerz.Is there anything that she can presribe for me besides birth control pills?I can’t take birth contol pills because they give me migraines and no OTC medications is helping the cramps.

They usually prescribe birth control, because is decreases cramps and blood flow during your period. Other than that, they usually prescribe over the counter Motrin or something like Pamprin. I have used Premsyn and it has worked way better than Pamprin and Motrin combined.

If substance abuse is a symptom of ADHD, Do doctors feel uncomfortable prescribing a schedule II substance?

I have read that substance abuse can be a symptom of ADHD. If this is the case, I was wondering if doctors feel uncomfortable prescribing a schedule II substance like Adderall?
What kind of alternative treatments are available for people who have abused substances in the past, but are troubled by ADHD?
Especially people who are in recovery.

Yapp. they are.

Are doctors and psychiatrists incentivized to prescribe certain medications so they get paid more?

Do Doctors and Psychiatrists get paid more if they prescribe certain drugs and if so, how does this work?

How can a pharmaceutical company give commission to a Doctor or Psychiatrist when the pharmaceutical company isn’t paying their salary?

I believe that doctors often receive free sample of medications (as part of a promotion) and pass them on to patients at no cost. Most of the time a doctor must prescribe medications that must be provided by an independent pharmacy (of the patient’s choice). Pharmacy is a specialty in itself and can track all medications from all doctors of a given patient avoiding doses that interact to double or cancel desired effects. Doctors likely prescribe medications that are well accepted by mainstream medical practice unless patients agree to participate within special trials. That avoids possible malpractice and loss of license.

How many narcotics are prescribed annually in the United States?

Hello, I am having trouble finding a reliable source stating how many narcotics are prescribed annually in the United States. I am also having trouble finding a document stating some sort of statistic proving that illegal drug use isn’t as much of a problem as legal drug use in the US.

Thank you so much to everyone who can help me find relate-able articles and/or statistics. I’ve been looking for over an hour and I simply cannot find it. icon sad How many narcotics are prescribed annually in the United States?

You are talking about is diversion, when prescribed drugs are sold or abused or given away. There are all kinds of journal articles about this problem on the web. Do some journal searches.
What you call "legal drug use" is not legal, it is abusing prescribed drugs.

Selling prescription drugs without a license is ILLEGAL. Do not call this legal, ever.

One place to look: The Pharmaceutical Journals: US Pharmacist, Drug Topics, scan their articles.