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What was life like in London during the reign of Elizabeth the 1st?

I need to find out what life was like in London during this period. Please help? 10 points to the best answerer, its for my English homework…

In ‘Elizabethan England’ Alison Plowden writes:

The heart and centre of Elizabethan London was the City, bounded by the river and by its ancient Roman and medieval walls. The City was the centre of merchantile life, run by the Aldermen, who belonged ot the Liveried Companies, which evolved out of t he medieval guilds. The liveried companies regulated trading practises, laid down standards of workmanship, dctated and suerpvied working conditons and the treatment of apprentices, and provided welfare for orphans, widows, the sick, and maintained almshouses and schools.

Along the Strand, connecting London proper with the royal suburb of Westminster, lay a string of great mansions with gardens running down to the river. These houses, many of which are commemorated by modern street names, included Arundel House, Essex House, Somerset House, the Savoy (once John of Gaunt’s palace, Russel, House, Worcester and Durham Houses; all combined to tmake this the most fashionable and exclusive part of the town. Beyond Westminster was the country, with the riverside villages of Chelsea, where Queen Elizabeth had spent some of her girlhood, Putney, Hammersmith and Chiswick, where the boys of WEstminster school were evacuated in time of plague.

The Thames, then a crystal stream ‘full of swans white as snow’ according to a foreign visitor, played a vital part in the life of the capital and was alive with craft of every kind – wherries (the taxis of Elizabethan London), plying for hire, private barges, skiffs, lighters and sailing ships – for everyone, from the Queen downwards, used the river for convenience, pleasure and gtrade. Ferries operated from several places, for London Bridge, connecting the c/ity with Southwark and the Dover Road, was still the only other means of crossing from north to South. This bridge, one of the sights of Europe, was an astonishing stlructure built on 20 arches of squared stone 60 ft high and lined on both sides with houses, shops and chapels ‘so that it seemeht more a continual stree than a bridge’. There were towers with gates in them at either end, and a drawbridge which could be raised both for defense and to allow tall-masted ships to pass upstream to the dock basin of Queenshithe. An additional point of interest was the display of shrivelled heads of those executed for high treason which were impaled on poles over the tower guarding the drawbridge – the Duke of Wuttertemberg counted 34 of them on one occasion in 1592.

The first thing that must have strukc most visitors was the din: the clatter and hammering from a thousand workshops, the rumble and squeak of cart-wheels, the lowing of cattle being driven to market, the raucous cries of street vendors proclaiming their wares (anything from hot mutton pies to mouse-traps) and the constant noisy sales patter of shopkeepers standing in their doorways to lure the passers-by with their ‘What do ye lack?’

The crowds too, with their vigorous and free and easy ways came as something of a shock to the newcomer. Pickpockets and cutpurses mingled with sober groups of merchants in long furred gowns on their way to do business at the new Royal Exchange, and with gaggles of smartly dressed housewives out shopping. Apprentices and maidservants, making and earrnad last as long as they could, joined in backchat with urchins hoping to earn a penny by holding some fine gentleman’s horse. Gangs of boys from rival schools engaged in running battles, using their satchels as weapons, and the drivers of carts and drays exchanged insults and sometimes blows over a disputed right of way.

London already had traffic problems. ‘The number of carts, drays and coaches, more than hath been accustomed, the streets and lanes being straitened (narrow) must needs be dangerous, as daily experience proveth.’ wrote John Stow.

But there was no stopping the march of progress in ‘the storehouse and mart of all Europe’ the magent which attracted the trade of the civilised world. ‘Most of the inhabitants’ wrote Thomas Platter ‘are employed in commerce. They buy, sell, and trade in all corners of the globe, for which purpose the water serves them well since ships from France, the Netherlands and Germany and other countries land in this city, bringing goods with them and loading others in exchange.’ ‘What can there be in any place under the heavens’ asked the dramatist John Lyly ‘that is not in this nobel city either to be bought or borrowed?’

I have no desire or motivation in life at the moment?

This could be a lengthy read, I will greatly appreciate it if you read it let alone give me and answer.

Im 20, in my first year of University studying graphic design. I have limited interest or drive at the moment in pretty much anything from studying to going out partying.

Last year before getting into Uni I did my foundation year and I finished with the top mark, I was buzzing…It was the hardest I had tried in all my years in education and the first time I had got the top grade in anything. I found that when ever I was having a low point or lacking motivation the tutors were quick to put you back on track giving you serious words etc.

I have always been spoon fed in anything at life, Im an only child and while i do appreciate everything my parents have done for me, I know this is effecting my current drive. Now Uni requires my own push I am finding it hard. I am quick to push the blame on other things like, not having enough hours with the tutors or the course is rubbish…all pretty rubbish excuses in there selves. So far, I feel I have put minimal effort in but I’m still on course for a 2:1.

But its not just my course, im having difficulty having interest with, its other things. Im single, yes Ive had girlfriends but Im still a virgin. It plays on my mind everyday, and I get comments saying im good looking, but its making me wonder….but then again I have no drive to get a girlfriend, and when I think I do I just want something to happen straight away.

But then I feel held back as I have acne…its cleared up on my face but its very bad on my back, causing me pain and scarring pretty bad. I am currently on tablets for this…so hopefully it will clear in the next few months.

Now I have quite an unhealthy obsession with my looks, I want to get perfect skin…I believe my bad acne has caused me to be like this. Im obsessed with eating my 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, drinking green tea. Ive pretty much quit drinking alcohol, which makes going out on nights out very boring when all your friends are drunk and you’re there sober. I dint miss the hangovers, but it just makes going out that one more thing that im losing interest in doing…which makes you look boring as hell being a first year fresher!

At the moment I just like watching films….usually by myself. I do go to the cinema with (girl) friends
on the odd occasion but that’s it. Reading this back right now, wow, it really looks like im living a sad little life. I need a life coach or something, someone there over my shoulder to just shout in my ear to get stuff done. Im not going to lie and blame something, I am lazy, but I don’t know what to do. I could go on and on with my problems…my biggest fear is not to make it in life, to lose the little friends I have, to be forever single…and at this rate its going to happen.

Hi, first of all, congratulations at being at university! I know you are probably baffled by the difficulty right now, but take my advice, it is better to face something difficult and fulfilling rather than flank it even with no motivation and end up being bored and feeling useless.

I am single too, and you know what, we should be proud of that, it is not a bad thing to be single; wait and be patient, if someone comes, they come, if they don’t, they don’t. There is no point on dwelling on this.

I know that feeling that you describe and writing your words down are more healing than you think, you have a bit of strength to be acknowledging your feelings in the way that you are.

Is there any counselors at your uni? Someone you could talk to face to face about this? Or perhaps show them? Because if you leave it, you may fall behind, and then it will discourage you even more; I should know, but not on the scale that you are now dealing with.

You know, I have no friends and I am single and I am not exactly in an interesting position right now, if this is what you fear then you need to try and get to the root of your problems. Not making it in life is more worrying than the other two, but inevitably, a few people don’t make it, there is something for everyone though and on the surface you are in a opportune position to get somewhere if you can get your motivation back.

I kind of get your feeling of wanting someone to tell you what to do; I have always, wondered to myself why I would want that, it is so complex but yes, things would be a lot more logical and directive that way, I don’t think you can find a life coach which would do that though.

You are in a good position with the 5 fruit and veg a day and not drinking; I wish I could be like you, at least in that respect icon smile I have no desire or motivation in life at the moment?

When you have no motivation it is difficult, you need something to give you the zest back, before its too late.

If you want to email me you can; you are better off than I am in the physical position sense, you should get some comfort from that.

My rant is over icon razz I have no desire or motivation in life at the moment?

Report out today that Newcastle considering offering Paul Gascoigne a coaching role at Newcastle Youth Academy?

A Newcastle club insider said this in the Sunday Mirror today:

“He will always be a legend at this club. If he can stay on the wagon for around six months, the powers that be may find him a job here.” “Everyone here knows it’s the one thing which could keep him on the straight and narrow.”

“Obviously that could only happen if he was totally sober.” “Even if the only responsibility he had was to put out cones and hand out bibs, it would be a footballing role he could focus on.” “Just having him around the place would be massively inspirational for the youth teams,”
“At this stage it is a theory and hasn’t yet been formally discussed.”

What do you think about this? Legitimate story or Sunday Journalism at it’s finest?

Personally I think it would be brilliant for the club and Gazza – But he needs to get himself clean first.

I’m bored of this. I’m gonna go watch Game of Thrones before I hit the Pub.

Report out today that Newcastle considering offering Paul Gascoigne a coaching role at Newcastle Youth Academy?

A Newcastle club insider said this in the Sunday Mirror today:

“He will always be a legend at this club. If he can stay on the wagon for around six months, the powers that be may find him a job here.” “Everyone here knows it’s the one thing which could keep him on the straight and narrow.”

“Obviously that could only happen if he was totally sober.” “Even if the only responsibility he had was to put out cones and hand out bibs, it would be a footballing role he could focus on.” “Just having him around the place would be massively inspirational for the youth teams,”
“At this stage it is a theory and hasn’t yet been formally discussed.”

What do you think about this? Legitimate story or Sunday Journalism at it’s finest?

Personally I think it would be brilliant for the club and Gazza – But he needs to get himself clean first.
@ Lizard King – That part was what made me question it’s validity also, it likely is just some local fan hanging round the Stadium looking important and the Mirror decided to run it.

Unless it was said tongue in cheek.
@ Hassan – Yes?
@ Hassan – I decided it was time.

“Even if the only responsibility he had was to put out cones and hand out bibs”

What an insult, that is total rubbish, Newcastle have more respect for Gazza than that.

Sunday Rags are being a bunch of C***s as per usual.

I really want to kill myself.?

i know that wasnt really a question but whatever. So theres basically a long story behind this that goes back but everything is just building up and i dont know what to do. I use to cut but ive been "sober for about 1 month and a half now but ive been getting urged to cut/ self harm. What i do now ( since i have no blades atm) i dig my fingernails into my arm/leg.
Ive only told one friend but she completley turned her back on me and basically said f u. My younger sister hates me. And she has tol me . She always tells me to kill myself and to shut up and get out of her life. My parents are always either working or fighting with eachother or with me, I hate my dad and i know that sounds selfish but i do. He treats me horibley. Always balmes me for everything and always screams and yells at me. Me and mom actually dont have a bad relationship. We actually have quit a good one. But we get so mad at eachother sometimes.
Im doing poorly in school atm also because i havent been able to pay attention due to my stress/anxitey and stuff. I used to be very loud/outgoing and fun but now im so quite and to myself. Other people kept asking me whats wrong so now i pretend to be ok but it actually kills me. Ive stopped eating. I dont eat breakfast or lunch at school. I only eat a tad at dinner so my parents to think somthings up.

Theres a lot other things going on. thats just some, but everything has just kind of boiled up and i feel like im trapped. like im stuck and i cant get out. I want to die. I really truley do. What should i do?

Maybe you don’t want your life to end, maybe you just want the pain to end. In that case, you need to talk to someone you trust, a counselor, coach, favorite teacher, trusted adult, minister or other clergyman.

Emotional abuse from a parent can cause depression, anxiety, low-self esteem, withdrawal from social activities and friends, falling grades, poor communication skills and lack of joy in life.

Unable to build self esteem despite actively trying for over a year now?

I’ve always had horrible confidence and very low self esteem. It’s something I have dealt with as long as I can remember being socially self aware of myself (probably around middle school). These low levels of confidence and self esteem have prevented me from ever being in a relationship with a girl. None of the girls I was interested in in HS ever shared mutual feelings for me. There were a few girls who liked me in HS, but I couldn’t even bring myself to manufacture feelings for them. I’m in college now, and the party scene has allowed me to get hammered and not care about anything. I’ve had my first kiss, hooked up with a few girls, and had more positive experiences with females than I ever had before. After a depressingly slow freshman year, I actively worked to be more confident. I dress nicer, look people in the eye, make small talk with others, I work out regularly, and think positively about myself. These helped me when I was drunk, but in sobriety nothing has changed. The girls I hooked up with disappeared once they were around me in sobriety a few times. Everyone says I’m a nice guy and that I’m pretty good looking (not sure I buy it), so it’s depressing that I’m still so alone. I’ve joined on campus clubs, I’ve started study groups, played intramurals, and I go to bars occasionally (can’t afford to be Greek) so it’s not like I haven’t tried to get out.

People say confidence comes from success, but I’ve never been successful with a girl while I was sober. I want to believe in myself, but I have no reason to. It’s sickening.

Below are 8 ways for improving your self esteem, self confidence or self worth.

A. Be positive. Focus on talents and achievements, rather than shortcomings.

B. Set realistic and achievable goals that stretches you but does not break you. Do not be hard on yourself. Let go of any mistakes made in the past.

C. Surround yourself with people who encourage you in whatever you decide to do.

D. Monitor and celebrate your success. Reward yourself when you accomplish goals.

E. Take good care of yourself. Your body, mind, health and spirit.

F. Regularly practice self-love. Look into the mirror each day and say: Wow…How wonderful you are. I love you.

G. Work with a professional coach, counselor or spiritual teacher.

H. Use personal development programs. One I like can be found at the link below. There are others you can find online.

I am like my husband-to be’s life coach and personal therapist. Is this bad?

I’m in a long term relationship with my bf who talks about marriage in a year or so (I don’t know if we’re ready… I’m nineteen and he is in early twenties). He has had a lot of baggage.. woman issues, porn issues, attachment issues, self-esteem issues depression and more! When I met him it had all been resolved and he was very charming, but he can be clingy and needy I have found, but this is ok with me because it means he will always love and be in need of me right? And not abandon me?
Anyway, so I feel like his personal therapist and life coach. The pro’s of our relationship are that he is excruciatingly honest, listens to all of my advice, and though initially we had a few issues we disagreed on, and some habits I did not approve of – such as flirting as a general style of communication with females to make him feel like an alpha man/woman issues – a lot of it has so far has been resolved and/or we are making much progress, through deep and extensive conversations and analysis. I guess I am a fan of exploring peoples issues and genuinely interested in people, (which is how we got together, we were best friends and I lovingly and patiently got him to open up to me about his issues but mainly out of curiosity, and he fell for me because of my accepting demeanour, as apparently no girl had accepted him completely before…..
ANYWAY. We are both a fan of intellectual conversation and love to have long chats on the nature of these issues and also personal improvement, and it’s fun being together… Tho sometimes his issues become a bit much for me. Also, if I ever express I want to break up or he thinks I don’t love him, he gets depressed and suicidal…

I love him, and we get on really well but it sometimes feels like I am his life coach or personal therapist he says I am more effective than his previous therapist (he had one when he was depressed) and I agree because since I met him he has made so much improvement, and not just on a superficial level but at a deep level where he understands himself better and feels he is more empowered.
Also He has overcome a porn addiction a couple of years ago but still watched porn when he was down and it made him even more depressed but he lets me control when he masturbates now (his idea) (has been going on for a while) and it’s helped a lot……. yes, he is a bit masochistic…. not too much…. but I guess I am dominant and a little bossy by nature. STILL I want a normal relationship, that will last. And I don’t really have many sexual needs although I am a woman, I just want to marry a man and have a big family and be with someone for life.

And I wonder, does anyone have personal experience or know if this type of relationship is healthy? Sure its great he listens to me and is grateful and thinks I’m amazing and perceptive and the love of his life and needs me/is clingy in a loving way etc… he’s also intelligent and has a good career and family, and women therapists have married their male clients in the past so I’m sure its been done? I wouldn’t know…
Does anyone have advice? Is it normal to be like your husbands personal therapist/life coach? is it better to be in an equal relationship? (he is the dominant one in the bedroom, I just have the final say in everything else..) Would it be better to find a more resilient and stable man? Or do people think the current arrangement is good? Any advice/thoughts?
Please don’t judge me. As I said I’m only with him because 1) we get on well and more importantly 2) When i found out about his issues I asked on many occasions to break up but he was depressed/borderline suicidal and I feel I have no choice but to stay in this. It’s not about stroking my ego but helping someone become a better person… also I care about him and would be scarred for life if he committed suicide. So I don’t think I have a choice to leave or stay, I just want to know if people have advice. Also I love him too.

Also he has never had alcohol or done drugs, so that’s not an issue. It was mainly sexual/woman/self-esteem issues..
Thanks Anya icon smile I am like my husband to bes life coach and personal therapist. Is this bad? I don’t want to get married till 25, but he says we should tie the knot sooner.. and I know I could be with other guys but I don’t mind our relationship now, I just wonder if we can work out for the long term? And *also* I wouldn’t want to hurt him or for him to commit suicide *heaven forbid* he has previously been on antidepressants for almost two years and his main issues are about guilt. He is religious (like me) and thinks porn/masturbation/his sexual desires are wrong and when he was a child felt his mum didn’t love him, which led to a need for approval from women – all that has translated into a very confused world outlook, but he is becoming more normal now….. (I know about all his problems)…. I agree that becoming angry/suicidal upon suggestion of break up is a red flag but he told me his biggest fear in life is rejection from a woman he loves (comes back from childhood issues). Apart from that he is funny, kind, gentle, loving, smart, a me
woops it cut off. I meant to write:
Apart from that he is funny, kind, gentle, loving, smart, a medical student, humble, has a lovely family, is intelligent, and passionate…… almost perfect actually… *sigh*
Also the masturbation thing was his idea because he says that although he no longer has porn issues when he feels down there is a risk he might watch porn which makes him feel guilty and terrible so has asked me to tell him when to masturbate/release and I set it for once every day and a half/two days and he says he releases very quickly and this cuts down on his need for other sexual stimulation which I guess is good?
To everyone that has answered, you are right though, I am way too young to be thinking of marriage/complex issues like this that a therapist would think about, but it seems to be working for him. And while I love him I don’t want to marry him but do want him to grow and develop as a person….. I dont mind being with him now, because he is loving and swee

Did you know that many alcoholics divorce AFTER they get clean and sober? Huh. Yeah…the spouse was there for the alcoholic during the worst of the worst but the relationship failed after the alcoholic was no longer a mess.

At first I was wondering why you would date someone who is so screwed up. And then I realized that dating someone who is so screwed up strokes your ego and intellectual curiosity. If you are no longer his personal life coach, you will get bored with him because it is so different from the pattern that the two of you have created in your relationship.

By the way, you should never date someone who you would consider to be inferior to you…and you know that you feel superior to your bf and all of his emotional baggage. Whomever you date, this person should be an equal to you.

EDIT: it doesn’t matter if he is uses drugs or alcohol. I used alcoholics as the example of someone who is screwed up but the relationship fails once the alcoholic is clean and sober.

There is a very good reason why therapists do not have a personal relationship with their patients. First of all, therapists are trained in how to deal with these issues. Secondly, as the patient improves, the therapist is able help the patient cease or decrease treatment. In your situation, when your bf loses his therapist, he simultaneously loses his gf.

The relationship cannot be that satisfying to you if on many occasions you asked to break up with him. And he is blackmailing you by threatening suicide and making you responsible for whether he lives or dies. A therapist would know how to effectively deal with these threats.

I think you need to talk to your minister or a counselor at your school about this situation.

By the way, as someone who as worked in the mental health field, I think you have some good skills and instincts. You certainly have an interest in psychology! But you are channeling them inappropriately by being the therapist to your bf. Maybe you should get your PhD, PsyD or MSW and work as a therapist.

Question about The Hunger Games book?

What happens, after the tribute is reaped, in order. Is it like this:
1. Reaped
2. Taken into the justice building to say goodbye
3. Taken to a car with their escort
4. The car takes them to a train
And I don’t remember what happens next! So please help by listing it in detail.

your order is correct. this is what happens next but can i just tell you please do read the books and not just watch the movies. This trilogy is well worth your time. Movies can never equal books and once u have seen the movie, some of the book’s magic will be completely lost. However i’ll still give details about what happen next (SERIOUS SPOILERS ALERT)

Katniss and Peeta ride the train to the Capitol. On the train, Katniss experiences luxury like she’s never known and gets to eat the richest, most decadent food. They both get to know Effie Trinket, their escort, and Haymitch Abernathy, their drunk mentor and the lone surviving Hunger Games winner from their district who, after seeing that Katniss and Peeta have some fight in them, promises he will sober up enough to help them survive the Games.

After they arrive at the Training Center, Katniss and Peeta meet their stylists. Katniss is pleasantly surprised when she meets Cinna, a young man who dresses simply and wears very little makeup compared with the other stylists. In a strategy that has never been used before, Katniss and Peeta are presented as a pair during the opening ceremonies. They race through the Capitol in a chariot holding hands, their outfits blazing in fake flames, earning Katniss her nickname "girl on fire." Their entrance becomes the highlight of the opening ceremonies.

After the ceremonies, the tributes begin their training. Haymitch coaches Katniss and Peeta together, per their request, and instructs them to keep their biggest strengths a secret from the other tributes. For Katniss, this means staying away from archery. After many years of hunting game in the woods, her prowess with the bow and arrow are unrivaled. The Gamemakers reward her skills, and her feistiness, with a score of 11 out of 12 during her private session with them. Peeta’s biggest asset is his strength, so he stays away from weight lifting while he’s around the other tributes. Haymitch tells them to remain together at all times, too. They are to appear inseparable, which, as the training goes on, becomes increasingly tiring for Katniss, who can’t decide whether Peeta’s kindness and compliments are genuine or simply a part of a scheme for winning the Games.

Then, just before their interviews, Peeta asks Haymitch to coach him separately. This angers Katniss, who feels betrayed, but decides that she and Peeta aren’t friends and the sooner they stop pretending they are, the better things will be. At the interview, however, Peeta professes his love for Katniss, and the audience believes they are star-crossed lovers, trapped in an arena where their love cannot survive. Katniss is furious with Peeta for making her look weak in front of the audience and the other tributes. Haymitch and Cinna, however, assure Katniss that Peeta has given her an advantage, making her appear desirable and enabling her to get more sponsors.

The 74th Hunger Games begin with the tributes rising up from below ground. They stand in a circle around the metal Cornucopia, a giant golden horn that holds supplies and weapons, meant to lure the tributes in for a bloodbath.

If you need any other help regarding this trilogy, feel free to mail me. Hope it helps icon smile Question about The Hunger Games book?

Who would win in a fight: THE COACH or Jahron?

BQ: Me or One of the Worst?

It depends how drunk THE COACH is….Jahron messed him when he was drunk the night he kidnapped him…But when THE COACH sobered up he F****d Jahron up big time…If THE COACH is sober I would say THE COACH, if hes drunk I say Jahron…

BQ – You, I mean come on, his name is "One of the Worst"!! How tough can he be?