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sober companion questions for the doctor?

Welcome to sober companion by Dr. Rob Tencer DC,BSC.

We first wanted to answer your main questions of who is this sober companion? What does this sober companion do? How much does a sober companion cost? How do I contact a sober companion?
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How to be inspired to write while sober?

I know it sounds like a stupid question but I’m wondering if anyone has this problem, and if so how do you overcome it? Don’t judge me! I live in Cali, it’s legal. I mainly write dark poetry, but I write jokes as well. It seems that when I’m "medicated" there’s a stream of ideas flowing through my mind. When I’m sober I can’t come up with anything! I’m trying to not medicate anymore right now for personal reasons but I really hate the fact that I can’t write! How can I be inspired to write when I’m sober?

How to be inspired to write while sober?

Understand that the deep repository of your stream of consciousness responds as it is DIRECTED to do….to "give you ideas" and it CANNOT say no. Your subconscious does not care what its instructions are. Its purpose is to carry out instructions, period (no matter what state of influence you are under). That’s HOW you can retrain it to ACT according to YOUR instructions while sober. (Hint: continuous practice doing this IS the retraining).

Try this: while sober, write about what it’s like to write when you’re not. How ? DELIBERATELY see this as a purpose so compelling that you will not allow anything to change it. The "compulsion to do" can ONLY be invoked IN you, BY you, not by any information you receive from asking for an answer.

Your ample experience of writing while intoxicated (medicated) will give you PLENTY to write about….because you ALREADY have a body of work to use. REMEMBER ?

Take a dispassionate look at EACH work you’ve already written and describe HOW the ideas you put on paper showed up that way (even if only how you think they did).

The stream of ideas flowing though your mind will PULL THEMSELVES INTO YOUR SOBER CONSCIOUSNESS, because you are TELLING your mind to reenact your memories OF writing them.

The process would be like "re"-training yourself to drive safely on the roads in England or Japan (on the "wrong" side) with different "driver’s and passenger’s side, brake and accelerator pedals, different hand brake, etc,…..after years of driving on the "right" side in the U.S.), do you see ?

The motivation to learn would be just as urgent….to navigate the roads (retraining your writing process) without "crashing", if you know what I mean.

A bit of concentrated effort doing this WILL retrain your subconscious to respond to you….because you’re doing this ON PURPOSE (see 1st source on motivation).

Wait until this starts getting to be such fun, that you’ll be surprised when this becomes as second nature to you as say, enjoying the sights in a rental car YOU drive on busy London streets to get to Heathrow Airport so you can hop back across "the pond", pick up another rental in the U.S.; then drive to a friend’s home on the crowded highways of California, before taking a weekend-long trip to Japan, driving your own rental to an apartment in Tokyo….ALL without blinking an eye !

….(’cause you’d be jet-lagged !)

Just kiddin’…

Hope this and the sources, below, inspire you to become so ambidextrous….that you’ll even be able to write (drive) with BOTH sides of your brain, without crashing….whether in the U.S. or not !

What does it say about some who asks others to drive while drinking or intoxicated?

Sometimes they want a ride, sometimes they want a ride for a friend, sometimes their just poking fun at someone for not driving or taking a cab or finding a sober driver. Yet sometimes these people never or very rarely drive while intoxicated.

What does this attitude say about that kind of person? Why?

just a user…their all all kinds, that’s why we gota find the strength to say get away drunk!

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails – Low on sugar and free from Caffeine?

I have given up alcohol and I would love to know some good non-alcoholic cocktails that are low in sugar and free from caffeine. I am the designated sober driver for my family members and partner so I still enjoy sitting down to enjoy the party with them but I feel left out if I’m not at least drinking something yummy icon smile Non Alcoholic Cocktails   Low on sugar and free from Caffeine?
Sorry – should have said, im Dairy Free icon smile Non Alcoholic Cocktails   Low on sugar and free from Caffeine?

it’s extremely hard to make a cocktail with low sugar/caffeine, sorry. hope this helped x

Can a sober minor get in trouble for driving high minor passengers?

So I am going to a concert and my friends are going to get high and potentially drunk.
I am not going to be high or drunk. I will be completely sober.
I live in Massachusetts.
I will be driving my friends to and from the concert. There will not be drugs or alcohol in my car at anytime.
I am 17 and so are my friends, so I am legally allowed to drive minors.
Can I get in trouble if I get pulled over?
im not asking if its morally or legal right or wrong to let my friends get high or drunk.
I am asking if I will get in trouble.

You should review the FAQ for Junior Licensed Drivers at the link below. You might need someone over 21 depending how long you’ve had your Junior License. And you could be subject to curfew.

As far as having passengers that are high, as long as they’re behaving themselves and not causing you to drive recklessly, then that shouldn’t be a problem. Besides that, the only way the police would know your friends are drunk is if they stop you for an infraction.

If a drunk driver hits a sober driver who runs a red light, whose fault is it?

If a sober driver runs a red light and gets nailed by a drunk driver, whose fault is it?

Drunk drivers

In La Caif why did Police Chief back order illegals not to be arrested for drunk driving if no accident La?

In La Caif why did Police Chief back order illegals not to be arrested for drunk driving if no accident La police are required to wait 90 minutes for a sober driver or call a cab.

Call a cab.

In the state of Texas, is it legal to be the designated driver if you have an instructional permit?

I was wondering if i was legally able to drive home from a party for instance if my parent was drunk. I know its called an instructional permit, but having a sober driver is better than a drunk one. I just wanted to ask to know if i could get in trouble if i ever did this

If the licensed driver is not capable and aware enough to "instruct" someone with an "instructional permit", then no it wouldn’t be legal. Would it be legal to drive if your licensed driver was asleep in the back seat??

But, that being said, it would be unlikely you’d get a ticket if you were pulled over and said, "I know it might not be right, but the option was HIM driving drunk, or me driving".

In Calif why do police officers take drunk driving illegal Mexicans home or make them pull over?

In Calif why do police officers take drunk driving illegal Mexicans home or make them pull over to wait for a sober driver ? Beck said it’s LAPD job to enhance and earn the trust of illegals not arrest people here working to support their families and we will not break up families over such a minor crimes ?

They don’t. Anybody who says they do is lying. What they do not do is impound the vehicles of people driving without a license.

Who gets in in not trouble? Drunk driver or sober friend on visa who’s from another country?

Who gets the worst fine? A drunk driver or my friend who is visiting from another country? They have a license from their country but not for California. I wouldn’t drive drunk but just curious about who would get more in trouble?

The drunk driver. It is legal for the friend to drive in CA.

Visitors over 18 years old with a valid driver license from their home state or country may drive in California without getting a California driver license …
If the drivers license is not in English an International Driving Permit wouldn’t hurt but is not legally required as long as the DL is valid (may take some time to verify this).