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sober companion questions for the doctor?

Welcome to sober companion by Dr. Rob Tencer DC,BSC.

We first wanted to answer your main questions of who is this sober companion? What does this sober companion do? How much does a sober companion cost? How do I contact a sober companion?
To contact dr. sober companion, please email us here: EMAIL SOBER COMPANION

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Where can i find a suboxone maintenance program is south florida that accepts medicaid?

Im from up north and have been living here the past year and a half. I cannot for the life of me find a suboxone maintenance, everywhere i called is a detox n wont accept medicaid. plz if u know a place help me out. Im back in the grips of opiates n its only gonna get worse unless i find help. A detox in 6 weeks is not what im looking for looking for long term maintenance. Thanks.

"each individual sub doctor has to accept 3 medicaid recipients go to read and I’m sure if you want you will get it"

How many days until suboxone kicks in?

I was an opiate addict who switched to suboxone 4 days ago and the general withdrawals are subsiding, but I still can’t sleep, get restless legs, and have no energy or appetite. Does anyone know how long until I feel normal again on suboxone?

It takes 5-7 days for medical withdrawal, don’t know if you are doing it right and you need medical help.

EDIT: look up suboxone doctors, they usually have a good deal going for withdrawal. also your county mental health willl also, or sometimes a low cost non profit in your area
It is too dangerous to do it on your own. get help

Starting on Suboxone: early days’ titration

0 Starting on Suboxone: early days titration“we try to do it so as just to treat the symptoms (withdrawal), not to make you ‘feel good’, per se”

In order to taper, reduce your drug-habituation “dose”, you have to feel a little bit “antsy”. Just as when you are trying to lose weight, you have to feel little bit “hungry”.

“If you can get by with a little bit less, that’s what we like”. So we try not to start with just a blanket larger dose, we try to tailor the initial doses to the patient’s individual withdrawal needs. Try to wait until symptoms begin before taking the medication.

It’s not absolutely necessary treatment, ultimately it’s one you want to take as little of as possible so as to begin to lower your dose and taper off. Suboxone itself is a narcotic.

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Oxycontin and Suboxone – in the revolving door

0 Oxycontin and Suboxone   in the revolving doorwe talk about how remedy for Oxycontin addiction; and it’s other uses. Suboxone in a medical remedy for addicts, yet the controls prevent those who need it from getting it. we talk about how people detox on their own; from the street corner pharmacies – in a week.

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Day_22 Hope After Suboxone Detox.wmv

0 Day 22 Hope After Suboxone Detox.wmvDay 22 and getting stronger every day, I think this week, no, I know this week will be treating me well, stay strong and face yourself, and you will be so much stronger, believe me, it gets much better than it ever was on that poison!

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Recovery Today – “Suboxone Treatment – Part One”

0 Recovery Today   Suboxone Treatment   Part OneHosts Jerry Phillips and Deanna Irick.

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Testimonial 1 year after Natural Detox from Suboxone – Iboga House

0 Testimonial 1 year after Natural Detox from Suboxone   Iboga HouseJeanie and Brad visted the Iboga House in January 2011 for a detox from a six year battle of trying to get off Suboxone. After trying, in vain, just about every way to detox in the United States, they finally decide to try an alternative therapy; A Shaman from Gabon who is giving life changing detox and awakening treatments in Costa Rica. One year later they give a follow up testimonial about how their lives are transformed today.

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Suboxone Update, Q&A, etc.

0 Suboxone Update, Q&A, etc.How things are currently going, etc. Going to start doing Q&A – Inbox me or leave a comment with your questions and concerns.

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RAW VEGAN smoked Oxycontin, Herion, Fentanyl, Suboxone: REBIRTH!

0 RAW VEGAN smoked Oxycontin, Herion, Fentanyl, Suboxone: REBIRTH!HandyManBananas! A Fruitarian With A Second Life!
Find me on FaceBook: Handyman Bananas

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