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sober companion questions for the doctor?

Welcome to sober companion by Dr. Rob Tencer DC,BSC.

We first wanted to answer your main questions of who is this sober companion? What does this sober companion do? How much does a sober companion cost? How do I contact a sober companion?
To contact dr. sober companion, please email us here: EMAIL SOBER COMPANION

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Tough Love, Part 1 & 2

0 Tough Love, Part 1 & 2It’s halfway through the competition, and the remaining eight players go to singles this week. The contestants face their first temptation in honor of Valentine’s Day, featuring favorite Valentine’s Day treats and the promise of the winner getting a weigh-in-advantage for themselves and a friend.

Duration : 1:25:46

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Sunday Feb 3rd service (Teaching) – Mosaic Miami church

0 Sunday Feb 3rd service (Teaching)   Mosaic Miami churchPastor Kevin Sutherland teaching for Sunday service at Mosaic Miami church – February 3rd 2013, 11:36 AM EST


Follow this live webcast link every Sunday
Follow us on USTREAM.TV
USTREAM Channel: sunday services at Mosaic Miami church

2801 SW 31st Ave
Miami, FL 33133
We are all about two things: Jesus and His Word!

Service times: Sundays at 10am and 11:36am

† Follow us on Twitter: @MOSAICMIAMI
† Follow us on Facebook: /175528015833749

Tel: 786-373-8997

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Kat Von D Romantic Makeup How-To: Poetica Palette

0 Kat Von D Romantic Makeup How To: Poetica PaletteWatch Kat Von D’s tutorial using the Poetica Palette to create a romantic makeup look. Click Show More for the steps and product links.
STEP 1: Start with Rehab Priming Elixer ( on face and High Voltage Eye Primer in Stellar ( on eyelids.
STEP 2: Use Tattoo Concealer ( with the Tattoo Concealer Brush ( to cover up dark circles or blemishes.
STEP 3: From the Poetica Palette (, use the Tijuana shadow starting at the bottom corner of the eye and move it towards the center of the eye. Dab the same color on the corner of the upper lid.
STEP 4: Use the Wonderland shadow to blend with Tijuana on the upper lid.
STEP 5: Use the Skiba shadow in the crease.
STEP 6: Use the Babe shadow to blend all the purples together.
STEP 7: Use the Forgiveness shadow to highlight the corner of the eye and the outside of the smokey eye up to the brow.
STEP 8: Use the Sand Timer shadow to blend the bottom lash to soften the look.
STEP 9: Use Autograph Pencil Liner in Puro Amor ( to line upper lash.
STEP 10: Apply Sin-Full Lash Mascara (
STEP 11: Apply one coat of metallic Foiled Love Lipstick (
STEP 12: Finish with Lock N Load Makeup Setting Mist (

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Alcoholism rehab centers

0 Alcoholism rehab centersBegin your sober, drug-free life with Scottsdale Recovery Center! Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, we specialize in treatment for drug & alcohol addiction including cocaine, heroin & more to help you achieve life-long sobriety.

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Winter Wonderland by the Winslow girls–Played at nursing home today!

0 Winter Wonderland by the Winslow girls  Played at nursing home today!Madelyn, Grace and Elisha played this at the rehab center this afternoon! It was a HUGE hit!

Duration : 0:2:13

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Filme On The Road Legendado

0 Filme On The Road LegendadoRafael Silva On The Road Legendado

Duration : 1:5:47

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Ricky Hatton – Wiki Article

0 Ricky Hatton   Wiki ArticleRichard John “Ricky” Hatton MBE (born 6 October 1978), is a British professional boxer and boxing promoter. He is a former WBA (Super), IBF, IBO & The Ring Light Welterweight Champion and WBA Welterw…
Ricky Hatton – Wiki Article –
Original @

All Information Derived from Wikipedia using Creative Commons License:

Author: SamboD Image URL: ( Creative Commons ASA 3.0 )

Author: Loura Conerney Image URL: ( Creative Commons ASA 3.0 )

Author: Harry (Howard) Potts Image URL: ( Creative Commons ASA 3.0 )

Author: Parrot of Doom Image URL: ( This work is in the Public Domain. )

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Guy Apologizes to his Wife – Makes News – Ryan Seacrest Interviews the ‘Nice Guy’

0 Guy Apologizes to his Wife   Makes News   Ryan Seacrest Interviews the Nice GuyRyan Seacrest KIIS-FM Los Angeles points out something. See if you can find where his genius shines through in this revealing clip.

From the Fox 26 Houston Story with Tom Zizka HOUSTON (FOX 26) -

Saying “sorry” is rarely easy, but making an apology that everyone can see takes a little more courage.

Friday, in the middle of the busy Galleria intersection of Westheimer and Post Oak, Miguel Barba did just that. Armed with a bright sign, he issued a public apology to his wife.

He said he has taken her for granted; that he gets too angry and insecure.

Barba hopes his public acknowledgement of his shortcomings is enough for his wife to forgive him.

“She knows that I hate having random strangers know my business,” Barba said. “For me to go out of my way, embarrass myself, admit what I’ve done, I hope that she sees that I am sorry.”

Most who saw Barba’s sign told us they were impressed with the effort.

No word, yet, what his wife thinks of it.

Fox 26 Anchor Melinda Spaulding and Tom Zizka Fox 26 Business Reporteradultry breaking up celebrity sex tapes cheating comedy couples crazy cat lady creeps dates from dating dating advice dating tips dogs domestic entertainment fashion humor internet dating Las Vegas living together love marriage movement men and women news okCupid online dating online dating profiles puppies relationship advice relationship mistakes relationships relationships advice relationship tips romance satire Star Wars Tommy Lee

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Apple Stock Fall? Assigned Customer Relations Rep VM FULL – Applecare Fail-2012 MBP: Please Help

0 Apple Stock Fall? Assigned Customer Relations Rep VM FULL   Applecare Fail 2012 MBP: Please HelpSincerely apologize for sound quality – WE LIKE APPLE! Please help remedy this. Apple Genius told us not to use our iPhones because ‘iCloud caused the issues with your new MACBOOK PRO.” NEW MBP FROZEN. Not Cloud Atlas. iCloud. Really???

Doing this through the NORMAL channels (not contacting connections within Apple) has proven ineffective. If this is the new Apple, how will it treat my Mother if one of her new Apple products will not function?

We are still appreciative of Apple – it is the ONLY OPTION for us w/ A-D-D and Dyslexic. When I was a small child, Apple’s ‘caring’ ‘simple’ machines helped me. I LIKE Apple.

1. Contacted Customer Relations (Executive office) due to AppleCare failures (wasting our time with Engineers that make us try to be a geek, fixing our own machine)

2. Told Customer Relations (assigned rep) that we cannot spend more time with Applecare or Genius Bar trying to fix a logic board issue.

3. Rep demanded we go to Genius Bar. We did.

4. Genius Bar Rep. stated that iCloud is the worst thing about Apple, and the cause of problem

5. Genius Bar Rep. told us to do time machine backup, separately remove most important files.

6. Genius Bar Rep. insisted we NOT use the backup on this or future computers as it could contain the issues caused by iCloud

7. Genius Bar Rep. insisted we not sync iPhones to MACBOOK PRO when wiped/OS reinstalled, and that iCloud NOT be allowed after wipe /OS reinstall

8. Issues backing up MBP, but accomplished after working through the night & the next day.

9. Back to the Genius Bar. Wipe/Reinstall, no iCloud allowed as demanded

10. Also have not synced iPhones

11. Exact same issues – 100% of 8GB memory depleted – will not function – without adding App Store apps, no iCloud, 750 GB Hard Drive still has more than 720 GB available.

“Thank you for calling Apple … The person for whom you wish to leave a message does NOT HAVE ENOUGH SPACE AVAILABLE IN HIS OR HER MAILBOX, we are unable to take your message at this time… For assistance, press 0″ – “I’m sorry, 0 is an invalid option.” AAPL AppleCare Decline. Apple – THIS IS SAD! Apple Customer Relations has been good in the Steve Jobs era, but for some reason, the greeting indicates it is a workday (it’s Friday within work hours now). The email has a different message.
Either way when following prompts, dialing Zero gives an error. Apple Customer Relations has been good in the Steve Jobs era, but hold times for Executive Customer support have been long & voice mail for the assigned representative is full.
Something is wrong. We have caused each corporation to switch to from the embarrassing, difficult, slow antiquated devices known as “PCs” (when PCs were the ‘thing” to have for biz). They switched to Apple of course. Now that the model has changed, the solution is to wear us out dealing with technical support personnel – engineers – wasting time. We have lost substantial revenue, intellectual property & opportunity cost due to these issues with this new MBP as well as the last.

Adobe Flash, Photoshop, new technology, understandably created by anonymous sources, but it still needs protection. Unique identifiers in online ad industry must be protected. Apple Stock needs to be protected from chosen failures incl. voice mail. Real people are being affected by these enormous compromises of Apple customer service. It’s a different relationship with Apple since we’ve lost Steve Jobs. It’s not Facebook, it’s this GREAT brand we want to see continue to flourish. We can do that for you. Please help us help Apple to restore consumer (and business customer) trust/confidence. It’s challenging in rapidly changing technology environments. Standing still: Not the answer – hold times-full voice mail-invalid options. The ongoing challenge is in not backing up the products, foster awareness of issues-impact future improvements. Build awareness of concerns into it, evolve Tim Cook, for the great benefit of the people. Take action, do not defy reasonable. Potentially, you can be great Tim without ‘new Coke’ strategy with the ‘maps’ launch to show you’ll apologize. They see through that invented PR.
She doesn’t know how to let him down easy, so it’s a call to Ryan Seacrest and Ellen K. Ryan brings rationality and reason to the situation, brings out that she might actually say yes to a proposal, howeer she’s not that into him. Love frequency created. Suggest a new potential direction, whole movements, imagining us meeting again in different ages. I can’t explain it, but i knew when i opened that door… Cloud 9, yesterday, “my life was headed in one direction, today it is headed in another” fear, belief, love, forces begin long before we are born. Every kindness births our future. Yesterday I believed I’d never have done what i do today.

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