do creationists deny?

1) the traits of a life form is determined by its DNA…During the process of gestation, it is by the information on DNA that determines what cells will be where, what state they are in (kidney cells, heart cells, etc) Cells are not self aware and they cant figure this out on their own…DNA some process informs them, and this is DNA

2) Mutations are possible…During the process of DNA replication…ANY of the alleles might not replicate correctly…
[if the totaly information is described in some huge binary number, for example, (which basically is what it is...there are 4 possible chemicals which are bonded, and 2 of them always compliment with eachother, so ultimately at any point on the DNA strand you have a choice between 2 different chemical pairs)any of the 1s might be replaced by a 0, or 0 by 1]…..

OR IF NOT…. are some of the 0 or 1 special, and some process watches and makes sure that none of those contain an error…and is this babysitter of the DNA also there among the wide variety of DNA topologies we see in life, and regardless of the nubmer of chromosomes, etc

3) Things are capable of dying before they reproduce

do creationists disagree with any of these 3 concepts? or do they generally accept all of these concepts?
uh…its just obvious that evolution would follow by logical necessity if you accept these three ideas…i can spell out the steps if necessary…but to me its quite obvious
wtf is this loss of information…suppose daddy is 00100110, mommy is 00100101…baby ends up with 001110111…mutation at #4….loss of information? no. same number of bits.
loss of information = miscarriage, not mutation.

What creationists don’t realize is that if you agree with all of these concepts, you agree with evolution.

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  • Skeptical says:

    They disagree and try to stay in the dark ages.
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  • humanteethproductions says:

    Other than number 3, they probably can’t understand these concepts.
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  • Graham says:

    Doubt it
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  • Great Gazoo says:

    They can’t understand all those big words to answer.

    Let me summarize….it doesn’t say "goddidit" so the answer is yes they deny it.
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  • Phorry None says:

    They deny reality. There’s no point in arguing with them. Creationism is a very advanced form of brainwashing, a point of no return.
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  • scooterpoop says:

    Changing of traits is not evolution.

    (Where did you go to school?)

    The theory of evolution claims that species transform in whole, like a monkey becoming a human. This is not the changing of traits.

    Think about what you’re claiming if you ever want to be taken seriously.
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  • moondoggy says:

    Creationists generally agree with all three of those concepts.

    Let me stipulate, I am not a creationist, and I am not defending creation science.

    However, as for the other answers – the more prominent creationists certainly do understand the science involved, and many of them hold advanced degrees in relevant disciplines. Their rejection of evolutionary theory usually stems from doctrinal presupositions, and not because they are confused about the science involved.

    Case in point, some prominent creationists include Raymond Damadian (inventor of the MRI), John Baumgardner (who holds two Masters in engineering and a PhD in geophysics), Ian Macreadie (peer-reviewed and award-winning microbiologist), AE Wilder-Smith (holds three doctorate degrees, including one in organic chemistry and two in pharmacological science), Robert Gentry (PhD in nuclear physics).
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  • Richard Right says:

    1) No I accept this. Do you accept that DNA communicates information, and that every example we know of that involves communicating information also involves an intelligent mind behind that information?

    2) No I accept that mutations are possible. Do you accept the fact that nearly every observable mutation is either detrimental or neutral, and not beneficial to a species?

    3) I don’t even know the point of this one. Obviously something can die before it reproduces.
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  • Sjnoring Ejverloodyr says:

    You can have your godless babysitters if you want. I’ll take the Infallible Word of God repnet today.
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  • jethom33545 says:

    Yes. Reality most of all.
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  • Reconstitute America says:

    Do evolutionists deny the fact of the DNA having a designer and the intelligence to perform in a certain manner.
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  • Enough of us have died already, end the wars. says:

    I think it’s obvious that neither the Atheists or the Creationists know what you’re talking about.
    We’re not biologists, we’re simply people here to be entertained by R&S.

    Personally now, i see this as just someone rambling on about DNA.

    Personally, I’m a Creationist Evolutionist, don’t judge!
    I don’t believe that "homo sapiens" came from something else.
    We can see that mutation can occur, but i don’t see how WE can see it occurring on such levels.
    Through fossils and dating systems that are only so accurate? And by little observation tests in the labs?
    I don’t believe that it’s likely at all that "homo sapiens" came from "Homo heidelbergensis.". or anything else. Or whatever you people are saying these days.
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  • Touched by His Noodly Appendage says:

    What creationists don’t realize is that if you agree with all of these concepts, you agree with evolution.
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  • TONI101 says:

    Most creationist probably have no idea what you are talking about.
    A creationist believes that God created things in 6-24 hour days. This is not a Bible teaching.
    So, if they cannot study the Bible and learn the truth about creation, then they would not comprehend what you asked.
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  • David says:

    The informatIon in DNA appears so complex that it seems difficult that it happened randomly.
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  • Frankinsense says:

    1, No Christian I know denies that DNA is life’s building blocks. We also see DNA as proof that God created ALL life . . .

    2, Yes, mutations happen, and always cause the LOSS of DNA – which is why mutations are always a degeneration of the original . . .

    3, Agree.

    The facts you mention, correctly interpreted, show that evolution is an impossible dream, and what YOU think is obvious, is exactly what Satan wants you to believe . . .

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  • Friday says:

    What most of them protest is 4) Therefore beneficial mutations occur and evolution! 4) does not actually logically follow from the first three, because beneficial mutations have never been observed to occur. They have been deduced to occur, based on these cats got free and now thirty years later they have a new mutation that allows them to drink salt water, but nobody’s seen it actually happen. Most mutations, however, are harmful to the organism, so the great majority of mutations are weeded out by natural selection.
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