Afghan parents give drugs to kids boosting consumption

0 Afghan parents give drugs to kids boosting consumptionThe United Nations has expressed alarm about the rise of drug abuse across the world. In its annual report on narcotics, the UN Office of Drug and Crime has identified Afghanistan as a country of special concern. It reveals that a huge number of parents give opium to their children, running the risk of condemning the next generation to a life of addiction.

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  • BugattiIncorporated says:

    Right and so does …
    Right and so does Area 51, the war in Afghanistan, our involvement around the world right? NO. I’m sick of people’s saying this is the CIA’s, F.B.I’s or Governments covert missions or some shit. They handle criminals and help take off the streets, and ya they do alot of complicated things, but they don’t have all that time to spend on each little issue that’s going on, do you really think they would use drugs as a mission? Come on, get a life.

  • tpvalley says:

    @CommonSensePeter …
    most deaths are a direct result of illigality, unknown strengths and cut with god knows.
    have supervised legality and the money saved – crime will drop- areas with heroin prescribing pilot schemes notice crime almost stops!! we could licence the opium farmers to starve the dealers and give that to hospitals and addicts (there is a morphine shortage!), healthy addicts would be dependents who work HARD and society would be better for everyone, illigality has a hidden agenda.

  • Mola omar says:

    این ها برادران حامد …
    این ها برادران حامد خرزی اند.
    ملا عمر کور قاچاق چی است و نوکر حلقه بگوش پاکستان و برادر ناراض و انتحاری آقای کرزی خرزی است این ها همه کشت و کشت زار ملا عمر کور است و آقای خرزی هم ازان بی نصیب نیست . برادران خرزی هر کدام به نحوی در قاچاق و تولید مواد مخدر دست دارد. این خوانواره کثیف جاسوسان امریکایی و نوکر حکومت آخوندی ایران و دال خوران پاکستان است.

  • CelticBadBoyPoet7 says:

    LOL These Are The …
    LOL These Are The Same Fuckheads That Allow GMO Raised Agriculture to be Used in Baby Food, Along With Aspartame…Along With Growth Hormone in Milk & Meat Products…Personally I’d Take my Chances With The Opium, @ Least Your Gonna Die HAPPY!!!!!!!

  • Sarib N. says:

    1:56 ” …
    1:56 “Forty.Thousand.Percent”  lol sounds funny and sarcastic

  • Sekou Sankofa says:

    @mrconradhoppe What …
    @mrconradhoppe What is crazy is that the people who control the world, put everything that they do right in our faces. They don’t care what they tell us because they know the mass of people can’t stop them. Its like what happened in Haiti, the u.s.a army invade the country after the earthquake and occupied that land. Its like they were the one’s who cause the earthquake and wanted to let more people die by closing the airports and not allowing foreign aid to come in.

  • Sekou Sankofa says:

    @mrconradhoppe What …
    @mrconradhoppe What are these people suppose to do when they are under occupation by u.s.a., and NATO countries? I would get up everyday if I was living there! What do they have to live for, the next NATO bombing?

  • holajim says:

    So true, Capt John …
    So true, Capt John Forbes built the family wealth trafficking opium from China–you know; Forbes magazine.

    people would know this BUT the FEDS took over the educational system. Patriots are now terrorists. Join a Militia.

  • holajim says:

    @macks3123 Payback …
    @macks3123 Payback always comes. We have already been defeated economically. I now believe these criminals want our military destroyed so they can roll on in. There are over 260,000 foreign troops on our soil right now. Rome was taken down with its troops far away.

  • dreamtime182 says:

    Allah forbids …
    Allah forbids alchohol, but is understanding about opium its a local plant species we must preserve from extinction, environmentally natural, the children read koran and say prayers on opium, eat camels balls….who are we to judge in our so called ‘civilised’ society, probably might be safer than our food additives making children hyperactive and crazy.

  • 150133 says:

    Fuck I wish I lived …
    I wish I lived there.

  • WhereEaglesDareWWII says:

    You can thank The …
    You can thank The Jewish Banking Mafia , they have a very long and documented history of DEALING huge amounts of Opium etc etc.

    Google this - Hong Kong , The land built on Opium -

  • David Gunning says:

    f c u k
    f c u k

  • OhNoItsGojira says:

    This is just …
    This is just madness. Thanks Langley. Your “intelligence” gathering is certainly making America a safer, nicer place to live.

    Fuck you.

  • ParrhesiaJoe says:

    So, the question is …
    So, the question is… do you believe the studies presented by the United Nations?

  • MI5487 says:

    Once they’ve got a …
    Once they’ve got a Mcdonalds, a WH Smiths, and an HMV, and they’re all addicted to shopping everything will be fine…….

  • takenothin says:


  • jnnycliff says:

    Agree, same thing …
    Agree, same thing happend to Sickman Asia in China. OMG, really same old style.

  • oicub2 says:

    hmm , sounds like …
    hmm , sounds like a CIA opp to me ..

  • onmynyshit says:

    These are World’s …
    These are World’s dumbest parents obviously! 

  • tobiasaurusrex says:

    Why? It’s working …
    Why? It’s working the way they want it too.

  • mediteranian213 says:

    and they say . …
    and they say . their winning the war on drugs

  • halcyon0830 says:

    If NOONE joins US …
    If NOONE joins US military, Corporations & Neocons can’t ever start false wars for oil, resources, & more empire-building ever again.

    Iraq War started because Saddam chose to trade oil in Euros and not the dollar.

    Israel wanted oil/minerals/artifacts from Iraq (Operation Shekhinah is the real name for Iraq War)

    Afghanistan War because Chevron & Halliburton (went against the Afghan people & Bridas Corp) and is building pipelines from Turkmenistan to Afghan to India. Osama (CIA Agent Tim Osman)

  • halcyon0830 says:

    Bin Laden (CIA …
    Bin Laden (CIA Agent Tim Osman) is CIA.
    Karzai (USA’s UNOCAL Oil Executive, Drug-Lord & Puppet of Drug Cartel CIA (Crimes & Insurgency in America).
    Karzai’s Brothers are Drug-Lords and Fund the Taliban to kill Americans,brothers are on CIA payroll.
    Pentagon & CIA also pay Taliban & CIA’s Al-Qaeda to Kill American Soldiers (The Main Enemy of US Soldiers are US Gov, Pentagon, Whitehouse & CIA).
    Obama is CIA (worked for Business Interational Corp)

  • kris devlin says:

    43,000 % increase . …
    43,000 % increase ………………..gee you think they would re think their strategy by now

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