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COCAINE ANGEL captures a grinding and tragic week in the life of a weary young drug addict who is clinging to the remnants of his once hopeful existence amidst the stink, the sweat, and unforgiving heat of Jacksonville, Florida. Directed by Michael Tulley and written by Damian Lahey COCAINE ANGEL has played in over ten film festivals. On the surface, COCAINE ANGEL might seem like another hopelessly bleak portrait of the dangers of drug addiction, yet it addresses a theme to which everyone can relate: the sad passage of time.
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15 Responses to “Cocaine Angel – trailer”

  • jason messer says:

    I was almost there …
    I was almost there. The movie kinda made me realize that at the time.

  • Sway Vides says:

    Does anyone realize …
    Does anyone realize how expensive cocaine is nowadays. . . only the rich can afford to be addicted to cocaine.

  • DChronExpress says:

    People who say it’s …
    People who say it’s crap have never been an addict. This is pretty much what it is to be a junkie. I saw it when I was still using skag (over 2 yrs clean now) and it was like Holy crap I’m only a step or two above that… Don’t do drugs. Seriously…

  • smokingplates says:

    these movies …
    these movies glorify drugs but never show the day in day out task it takes to afford drugs.ahhh i hate it

  • msjulicious says:

    0:23 i used to …
    0:23 i used to work there. haha

  • Rebmat Evol says:

    uh, you’re probably …
    uh, you’re probably watching the wrong movie if you use phrases like “my indie hipster friend” lmao

  • boddahveryape says:

    you’re lame. have …
    you’re lame. have you ever been in a situation like that and know how it is? Everyone is different, some can be fine on drugs others can’t

  • 90zosoman09 says:

    agreed I’m 16 and I …
    agreed I’m 16 and I smoked weed when I was 8 stared doing viccoden, and oxycotton, it felt amazing because my parents both act like little kids and it gave me a vacation in my own mind, then I got older at this point at least 12 of my friends are dead, my best friends still trying to recover and relapses all the time. 5 of my friends are in jail it really makes you re evaluate things.

  • kareimy1 says:

    To the “squares” …
    To the “squares” who gave this film negative comments: The movie was vary realistic. once you’ve been in a situation like that, then you have the right to judge. I was very screwed up, worse then him. nothing in that film was cheesy. that movie shows how alot of people really are. The hurt foot thing reminds me of a few different times me or one of my friends walked around screwed up in some way without doing anything about it and not caring what people thought around us.

  • keyfoodstore says:

    SO BAAAAD, and I’m …
    SO BAAAAD, and I’m being nice. First off, my indie hipster friend invited me to see this movie. I knew nothing of it and thought it was gonna be a different take on cocaine. I work in the banking industry (half-RIP) and know PLENTY of successful men on coke. For some reason, I thought it was gonna be like this.

    But no, same old Hollywood cheesy bullshit. There was a doc out on HBO following two cokeheads. That was much more raw, less contrived, and less desperate for your approval. Lame.

  • howard8888 says:

    My upbringing …
    My upbringing sheltered me from addicts/alcoholics. Then after becoming a grown-up and getting divorced I fell in love with a person outside of my bubble. Although I didn’t know it until after she’d moved in, she was an addict. I was thrust into a hell, the likes of which I’d previously never known. This is exactly what it looks like.

    F#ck ‘reality’. THIS MOVIE is more real than any reality I’ve seen elsewhere on tv. Not only is it excellent, it is important.

  • avoglerprods says:

    it looks like it …
    it looks like it was shot with a home video camera.

  • avoglerprods says:

    i saw this film and …
    i saw this film and i gotta say i was quite bored with it from the first minute. the colors were bland, the cameras were too shaky, the lighting was horrible, the actors pretty much sucked, and the sound quality was very poor.

  • avoglerprods says:

    shawn lawullen
    shawn lawullen

  • SaddeQ says:

    (01:20) what is …
    (01:20) what is that song?

    it’s nice :D

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