Consequences of doing Meth-missing teeth!

0 Consequences of doing Meth missing teeth!Yo Kid’s!
Watch closely as Grandpa Dopn shows you how you can plan on brushing your teeth every morning if you say yes to drugs and alcohol instead of NO!
Grandpa Don was addicted to Meth for over ten year’s and he lost all but one tooth because of it, they rotted out of his head!
Visit Grandpa Don at and see what he is doing today to show and tell Kid’s to Say NO to Meth and all other drug’s!
See you on the site!
Love ya,
Grandpa Don.

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25 Responses to “Consequences of doing Meth-missing teeth!”

  • Terry Freeman says:

    don you brushing …
    don you brushing your false teeth brings back memories of my grandfather taking out his teeth an brushing them also gramma brushed hers an later on in life my mom an dad had false teeth ,so what im gathering don wahn they were on meth back then right,i bet you polished bell heads for meth didnt you don

  • Jerry Rogers says:

    how about missing …
    how about missing my son

  • rhysevans200 says:

    nice guy :-)
    nice guy :-)

  • anthony enriquez says:

    jackin offf
    jackin offf

  • 10nolo10 says:

    Double you dubewa …
    Double you dubewa dubuewah

  • max wheeler says:

    Thank you, grandpa …
    Thank you, grandpa Don

  • isk8erboi says:

    @puppywuv525 Thats …
    @puppywuv525 Thats not true but its still horrible to do

  • ewanotherbeautyguru says:

    dear gramps, i love …
    dear gramps, i love you, thanks for this i was thinking about doing it but then i realized grampa dopn said no!

  • plt801echo says:

    i did meth while i …
    i did meth while i watch this video. im 16

  • Tammy8525 says:

    dubya dubya dubya
    dubya dubya dubya

  • Biotektan says:


  • dshute13 says:

    your one of a kind …
    your one of a kind grampa don good video :)

  • IDABAYAREA650I says:

    Hey Gramp :] just …
    Hey Gramp :] just want you to know I will always say no to meth unlike alot of Immature Kids Below me , Say no to meth You have my word on it. :]

  • BplusJequalsFire says:

    dubaya dubaya …
    dubaya dubaya dubaya lololol

  • GhostKillz520 says:

    wya wya wya . Say …
    wya wya wya . Say NNo To METH . Caom

  • xander fortin says:

    probably not, but …
    probably not, but that’s assuming you don’t get addicted your first time. if you do choose to do it, don’t do anymore meth after the first time. that includes more after your first hits. when you’re high, you’ll want more. so it’s a bad idea to even try it once

  • comidaparaperro says:

    you should turn off …
    you should turn off the water sometime :-D

  • BeeEllPee says:

    I love meth
    I love meth

  • jerzeytpke says:

    Your teeth look …
    Your teeth look great I could never tell if I didnt know GOD BLESS YOU

  • still2weirdfoU says:

    This is like 10 …
    This is like 10 times better than any meth commercial I’ve ever seen.

  • LtotheILLY says:

    frkn sweet.

    frkn sweet.
    meth is too dumb.

  • mustard102 says:

    @SAYNOTOMETH YOU PWN!!!!! your so awesome, im 17 and my parents did meth and i wish there were more people like you!

  • Amy O says:

    if you try meth …
    if you try meth once, you’ll be addicted, so there is a very likely chance that it’ll happen

  • telhacerta says:

    If you try meth …
    If you try meth once, there’s no chance of having meth-mouth, right?

  • poin1991 says:

    Wow he is the best …
    Wow he is the best looking grandpa i ever seen.

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