Hitting Rock Bottom Pilot Teaser

0 Hitting Rock Bottom Pilot TeaserHitting Rock Bottom is a new original web series that is currently in development. Its a docu-drama about drug and alcohol addiction and recovery. Its an hour-long show with each show focusing on one person’s true story of their addiction and recovery. The docu-drama format is unique to addiction shows. It allows us to follow a person’s story from the very beginning of when they are first introduced to a substance. From there we can follow them into addiction, hitting rock bottom and eventually recovery. We can also explore all the characters and factors that contribute to this lifestyle.

Addiction is still very much a large social issue and the more information we can share about all the behaviors and substances out there the better. Our goal is to shed light where we can and help people find recovery.

We have created the first half of the show and are in post-production now. We plan to go into production on the second half but we need everyone’s support. We currently do not have funding or distribution. So any resources or donations would much appreciated.

Thank you everyone!

Corey Snyder, JJ Ko, Jonathan Baudoin, Chelsea Downs, David Powers, Robert Young, Steve Longo, Tara Stromberg, Nick Stromberg, Veronica Spratley, Kevin Jacobson, Stephan Versi, Ming Wong, William Bentley, Shenna Vaughn, Veronica Castro, Harry Morrison, Chris Ryan, Malcolm Xavier, Kae Cohen, Andres De Vengoechea, Gilbrando Acevedo, Karim Elkholy, Zeshan Bhatti, Bekir Ognat, Oxana Nalbandyan, Afia Odi, Adam P. Murphy, Albert Q. Moy, Erickson Dautruche, Bridget Gabbe, Toru Nishikubo, Gillian Visco, Kim Michelle, Lisa Spada, Lucius Bryant, Adonis Williams, Ivica Marc, Max Cohen Hanes, Lisa White, Assibey Blake, K’Sandra Sampson, Jimmy Welleby, Priscilla Godfrey, Sherae Smith, Ivan Durant, Carl Robinson, Monty Fischetti.

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