Kicking the Drug Habit

0 Kicking the Drug HabitRecovering drug addict Clayton Chamberlain, shares his story with The Gleaner of overcoming his cocaine addiction. See his story here.

Duration : 0:5:9

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  • gallen2101 says:

    Inspiring story; …
    Inspiring story; may he continue to Be Blessed!

  • SirAntTheLegendary says:

    I actually never …
    I actually never knew this side of my Uncle, its been hidden from me since I was a child *(his brother Keiths son) Now I know why I hardly ever got 2see uncle Clayton, and Im 36now~ Im happy 2say that from seeing him at our Family reunion in 2009 he’z been doing Very Well & This is a great accomplishment 4him… Thank U All 4sharing Ur good words on this video… God Bless & Much Luv~ Sir Anthony Chamberlain

  • mintoplex says:

    Freedom! Used to go …
    Freedom! Used to go in at 4:30 but not going out 4:30! WOW! Reminds me of freedom in Christ!!!!!

  • luvmakeup29 says:

    I wish this man …
    I wish this man the best! I hope he never goes back to drugs!

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