Pete Doherty Cocaine Arrest : Latest Chapter in Rocker’s Addiction Battle

0 Pete Doherty Cocaine Arrest : Latest Chapter in Rockers Addiction BattleThe Babyshambles front man Pete Doherty is trending on news of his arrest for cocaine possession. The notorious bad boy and ex-boyfriend of Kate Moss was detained as part of an investigation into the suspected overdose and death of heiress Robin Whitehead. This forced the Babyshambles to cancel their show in Scotland. Of course, it’s not the first time Doherty has struggled with substance abuse. Back in 2008, his manager told the Daily Mail, “The only time I can be sure he’s not doing heroin or crack is when he’s in rehab or prison or asleep.”

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20 Responses to “Pete Doherty Cocaine Arrest : Latest Chapter in Rocker’s Addiction Battle”

  • tort534 says:

    I really hope he …
    I really hope he and his bandmates get help with Dr. Drew because Dr. Drew Pinsky really cares about people going through addiction with drugs.

  • tort534 says:

    Dr. Drew if you see …
    Dr. Drew if you see these comments please reply back to save Peter Doherty’s health and his bandmates health too.

  • tort534 says:

    Just because he’s …
    Just because he’s popular in the U.K. doesn’t mean he shouldn’t get help in the U.S.A.,with Dr. Drew Pinsky’s help.

  • tort534 says:

    Pete should be on …
    Pete should be on Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab on VH1. So should the rest of the BabyShambles band too. Why not right?

  • transformersHD2009 says:

    lol i guess it cool …
    lol i guess it cool to use cocaine if your a rockstar! what fucktards.

  • MetalGuitarKenny says:

    @00gpowe …
    @00gpowe stupid brit

  • williiamm23 says:

    @00gpowe it’s North …
    @00gpowe it’s North Americans not yanks… stupid brits

  • PearlyGatesGrafitti says:

    its pronounced …
    its pronounced dockerty stop making americans look bad.

  • 00gpowe says:

    It’s Do’ck’erty not …
    It’s Do’ck’erty not Dohorty – stupid yanks

  • BOBET3 says:

    like this if u got …
    like this if u got to this video because of may 21st

  • claryhol says:

    first – say his …
    first – say his name right
    second – peter is a talented lyrical genious just search his lyrics
    Third – something about him is sexy

  • stoltobot says:

    who the is …
    who the is Babyshambles? The only reason I’ve heard of this is because he is a junky.

  • NickSayle says:

    talentless shite …
    talentless shite who uses his addiction to gain fame, he is beyond sad

  • nicksobx says:

    no one cares
    no one cares

  • TheShmadam77 says:

    @bluesonicno1 It’s …
    @bluesonicno1 It’s pronounced “doh-bag”, not “dooooosh-bag”. . .

    A rose by any other name, is still a douchebag.

  • bluesonicno1 says:

    It’s pronounced …
    It’s pronounced dock-herty, not dough-erty…

    This is “news report ” is ill-thought out, unadvised, and ignorant of the man’s real feelings, as well as any unbiased journalism.

  • happyhappyjoyjoyguy says:

    who the is …
    who the is this bitch. looks like need always needs to have dick in his mouth

  • mward1995 says:

    Sorry to hear about …
    Sorry to hear about this Pete! When you get out I’ll make sure I’m at your first gig:)

  • wildenfree1 says:

    Grow up man, your …
    Grow up man, your 32 now, you are about as obvious as Jordan.

  • amadeus3x16 says:

    What a twit he’s …
    What a twit he’s more famous for being a druggie than a musician

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