Type O Negative – Everything Dies/Lung

0 Type O Negative   Everything Dies/LungTrack 9 & 10 from Type O Negative’s fifth album “World Coming Down”, released on September 21, 1999 on Roadrunner Records.
This is seen as the band’s darkest and most personal album.

As with the band’s previous album, October Rust, this album also features a “joke intro”: in this case, the intro, appropriately titled “Skip It”, is 11 seconds of staccato band noise, meant to sound as if the listener’s CD player is skipping. Cassette versions featured the noise of a tape being “eaten” by the tape player. The track ends with what is presumably guitarist Kenny Hickey shouting, “Sucker!”

The first song, “White Slavery”, deals with cocaine addiction. Two other songs, “Everyone I Love Is Dead” and “Everything Dies,” touch on the difficulties of watching family members and loved ones die. The band’s awkward and dirgeful song “Who Will Save the Sane?” incorporates, among other oddities, Peter Steele reciting the number pi truncated to 9 decimal places (3.141592653). The album contains three “soundscape” tracks, which are named after internal organs, as segues between songs. Each of these songs is intended to suggest the possibilities of the deaths band members may suffer: “Sinus” as death from cocaine use, “Liver” as death through alcohol abuse, and “Lung” as death by smoking. In an ironic foreboding, Peter once told a close friend that he could not bear to listen to “Sinus” after it was mixed and completed, because the sound of the heartbeat escalating to its furious pace after the suggested cocaine-snorting sound effect actually drove him to the point of an anxiety attack because of its realism. Also featured, at the end of the CD, is a cover song, this one a medley of three Beatles songs. This trio of tunes cost the band an enormous sum of money after the recording and release was finalized, much to the dismal surprise of band members, because Michael Jackson’s record company owned rights to the Beatles songs used in the medley.


“Everything Dies”

Well I loved my aunt
But she died
And my uncle Lou
Then he died

I’m searching for something which can’t be found
But I’m hoping
I still dream of dad
Though he died

Everything dies
Everything dies

My ma’s so sick she might die
Though my girl’s quite fit she will die

Still looking for someone who was around
Barely coping
Now I hate myself
Wish I’d die

Everything dies
Everything dies
Everything dies

(No why)
Oh god I miss you
(No why)
Oh god I miss you
I really miss you

(no no no no)

Everything dies
Everything dies
Everything dies

[no lyrics]
[Cigarette lighter strikes]
[Inhaling, puffing on cigarette]
[Phlegmy snort, cough]
[Labored breathing]
[Man coughing in background]
[Children playing outside, people talking]
[Heart Monitor beeping]
[Woman weeping]
[Heart Monitor hits flatline]
[Woman sobs]
[Child singing "Three Little Speckled Frogs"]

Duration : 0:9:21

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