Aram H. – My Addiction Story: From the Streets to Success

0 Aram H.   My Addiction Story: From the Streets to Success – Aram H., certified Chemical Dependency Counselor and founder of, describes how addiction sent his life spiraling out of control, including losing a full scholarship to USC, doing multiple stints in county jail, destroying his successful business and living on the streets due to abuse of alcohol and drugs from xanax to cocaine over the course of 15 years.

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  • wcaelan says:

    ummm yeah iam …
    ummm yeah iam trying to quit using drugs its up my life pretty badly not failed school last year and failing all this year to………i tell my self i wanna quit but its like in the back off my head i dont idk

  • pillskillhelp says:

    whats going on? You …
    whats going on? You can text me at 2135032726

  • 100antipigs says:


  • 100antipigs says:

    I need help!!
    I need help!!

  • marcmantione says:

    I stoped doing blow …
    I stoped doing blow for 4 days iv been doing that and a 710 ml of wiskey night now i’m drinking 2 beers 710 ml 10% and loravapna I’ll let u now what happins my doc seas it ok to drink but less LAN less everyother day let u nooo I’m 26 iv been drinking hard doing blow for 8 years ..

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