What Happens at Rehab

0 What Happens at RehabA drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility is under investigation after authorities say three of its patients have died there unexpectedly in the past seven months.

This past week 20-year-old Stacy Murphy of Owasso, died after just six weeks at Narconon Arrowhead, a Scientology run facility.

Murphy’s father says his daughter got hooked on painkillers and sought help.

“There’s no way Stacy should have died,” said Murphy. “This should not have happened.”

The cold-turkey program touts a more than 70-percent success rate, but in reality after investigation that number is more like 9 – 12 percent.

Stacy passes away last Friday morning. He says he was told by Narconon that Stacy left the facility unattended for a little while and returned. When she got back, she tested positive for opiates. Murphy says officials left Stacy in a room by herself, where she later passed.

“She did not have 24-hour staff, she did not have a physician, she did not have a Narcon shot. Her parents were not called. Nothing was done to save my daughter’s life,” said Murphy.

Murphy says he didn’t know about the other deaths until weeks after his daughter’s enrollment. He also found out that there aren’t any physicians or licensed drug and alcohol counselors there, as all the people that work there are former patients, some having just graduated days before who are fully in charge of detox and other ‘programs’ there.

Murphy hopes Narconon Arrowhead is held fully accountable. Ss of now, they have not issued any statement, or given any hand of help in any way to any of the families.

“There needs to be something done about this place,” he said. “It’s not safe. Too many people have died there.”

Which is true. There have been many deaths over many Narconons in the past several years. The FBI is heard to be now investigating Narconon, which is run by David Miscavige and Scientology organization.

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  • UrbanAssault5150 says:

    I was just in …
    I was just in narconon for 3 months and I left on july4 I remember this girl she was a sweet person´╗┐ so sad. If you have any questions about narconon or how they treated people you can ask me.

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