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How to make a healthy natural organic heavy metal brain detox drink by Jordan Blaikie Liver Flush Man. This recipe includes cilantro which can help carry nutrients across the blood brain barrier. Chlorophyll is used to detox heavy metals from the body and the cilantro detoxes heavy metals from the brain.

Jordan Blaikie Liver Flush Man

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  • Jordan Blaikie says:

    Most people drink …
    Most people drink it in the late afternoon or early evening so the stones pass while you sleep. It is recommend to this this as often as you can handle as it has soo many health benefits. Most people can not handle more than 1-2 liver flushes per year but that doesn’t have to stop you from doing more than the average person. I have personally done over 100+ of these flushes over a two year period. Let me know if you have any other questions, please be specific. CHEERS!

  • Jordan Blaikie says:

    Mushrooms are good, …
    Mushrooms are good, although they are a fungi they do not act like mold, fungi and yeast. Mushrooms contain vitamins, minerals and many health benefits. As for the juices not sure if you are referring to this heavy metal brain detox drink, my fresh vegetable juice recipes or my liver flush recipe with olive oil and lemon juice. If you are referring to the liver flush recipe you take the oil and lemon juice on an empty stomach. 3-4 hours is enough.

  • 2glor5Him says:

    Hi Jordan! I am …
    Hi Jordan! I am watching video 14 and counting, on your channel. You have many awesome videos and sooo much information i didn’t know where to start so i started at the beginning. I have a few Q’s that you adressed already in your other videos but i’m not there yet so i’ll ask and c if I get a respnse… Um…. my first Q is about mushrooms. I have heard good and bad, don’t know who to believe. and when you drink these juices, is it on an empty stomach, certain time of day & 4 how many days?

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