Detox Anti-Inflammation Juice Recipe – Saturday Strategy

0 Detox Anti Inflammation Juice Recipe   Saturday Strategy
Kale, Ginger, Lemon, Cilantro, Cucumber, Celery, flax oil, aloe juice, curry, cayenne, turmeric, nettle leaf
Give your body a boost by doing a simple detox. Giving your body a break is important. With all the stress that our bodies endure from environmental toxins, it’s important from time to time to detox and get rid of the harmful toxins that buildup in our bodies. Detoxing not only helps get rid of toxins, it’s also a time where our bodies can rest and heal.

This week’s winner was Denise Gabay Otten. This is her story:
“Twenty years ago when my first daughter had ezcema at 6 months old and used to throw up at every meal, even when it was breast milk…the doctors and I were stumped at how to get her to hold food down. I finally went to a chiropractor (Dr. John Pagano) who was ahead of his time. He told me the child was allergic to many foods. I should not feed her milk (which I did not) but formula that was soy. But she threw that up too. Then he suggested JUICING FRESH FRUIT, as well as an elimination diet (she was allergic to foods).
She had bottles of papaya, asian pear, and prickly pear every week. Just add some calcium into it so she could get her recommended dose of Calcium.
At 6 months old until she was 18 months, my daughter lived on fresh juice (& breast milk until she was 12 mos) She still has ezcema and allergies, but I suspect the JUICING helped her grow and stay strong with more vitamins that any other child was receiving. She’s now 20, strong and vibrant. Still has allergies, but she hasn’t juiced since she was 18 mos old.
I truly BELIEVE JUICING SAVED HER LITTLE LIFE, as she was NOT gaining weight because she was vomiting everything up.
So to all those mothers out there…yes, you can give your child FRESH JUICE from the JUICING MACHINE. But you should add extra calcium. Talk to your Pediatrician about that.”

Remember, we’re in this together.

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  • bahni byrd says:

    committing to …
    committing to purchasing a juicer and juicing for LIFE this week! thank you :~)

  • Lynn Dirk says:

    Just beginning my …
    Just beginning my venture into juicing and green smoothies. I have suffered from Fibromyalgia and Shingles for 9 years and I am DONE! going to do my total best at changing my diet and I know in my heart and intuition that this is the
    way to go. Thanks for all of your help and time. Im learning so much

  • wkp413 says:



  • debdipaola says:

    Drew, you always …
    Drew, you always make it sound easy to get healthier- thanks.
    The lemons, celery, parsley etc all are delic!

  • Indiegaze says:

    Drew; I have had a …
    Drew; I have had a lot of problems with tendonitis. Mostly from to much time with a laptop trackpad and guitar. I’m overweight and not that healthy either, but I’m trying to change that. My arms pretty much hurt every day, and it has spread to my back and shoulders a bit as well, and after many years I’m getting pretty tired of it, and it’s holding me back in life. Do you think incorporating this into my diet wil make it “go away”? If so, how much a week and how long will it take? Thank you.

  • Debbie Grezik says:

    Inspiring !! Love …
    Inspiring !! Love Green Juice’s and all the recommendations for Inflammation !!

  • Karma Terfis says:

    Awesome!! …
    Awesome!! Definitely going to try these :) :):):)

  • MJayB26 says:

    My parents need a …
    My parents need a juicer.

  • David A Velasquez says:

    The power of juice
    The power of juice

  • Kathryn Saunders says:

    YES TO LIFE :)

  • hangukluveuz says:

    i really hope i can …
    i really hope i can have a juicer, i have just a mixer and it doesnt do the work proprely! I’m enjoying green juice with spinach ! i love your videos! i learned so much!!

  • graciemarieb1 says:

    I just started my ” …
    I just started my “juice quest” and love all the information. Thanks so so much.  Subscribed!

  • mikeyzmag says:


  • Purna Bhattacharya says:

    Great video – I …
    Great video – I love doing the same with my videos (inspiring people to eat clean, get those anti-inflammatory foods and make easy recipes, including juices). Keep it up! Would love a juicer too!

  • ryojusen7 says:

    Dear Drew,
    I love …

    Dear Drew,
    I love you, man. (No homo)
    Yours truly,
    No Homo

  • Bill Nadraszky says:

    Great vid as …
    Great vid as always Drew. Thanks for sharing these anti-inflammatory foods

  • Louise Companion says:

    Hi Drew, this anti- …
    Hi Drew, this anti-inflammation detox recipe could not have come at a more perfect time. My son has quit drinking (age 27) and has been coughing up phlegm and blood. The doctor prescribed Amoxicillin and Omeprazole (Prilosec) to help him heal. We discussed just this morning that the issue is inflammation and, of course, the fact that his body is detoxing from years of recreational and binge drinking. His name is Bruce. I shared the 02-23-13 Saturday Strategy video with him. Thanks, Louise

  • zurajudachick says:

    Drew, I learned …
    Drew, I learned recently that I have Hashimotos and have struggled with other auto immune issues. Inflamation has been a fight for me. I maintain a healthy diet of greens and fruits but I need to step it up because making smoothies are not enought to stop the inflammation. I currently work as an unpaid Pastor for an inner city church and a Homeless Ministry and would like to know, since I do not have money to waste, which juicer you reccommend?

  • TheIrishmikemac says:

    Trying to get my …
    Trying to get my family into juicing, and getting my friends hooked cause I’m using it to lose weight heal my wounds and get me off my pain pills! :)

  • Garrett Drissel says:

    Great stuff Drew! …
    Great stuff Drew! Thanks for the video!

  • Cindy Mae says:

    You’re so right …
    You’re so right about dairy, gluten and sugar being the cause of inflammation and this causes obesity. Great video. Do you recommend Standard Process supplements? I’ve been ready up on them, wanted your thoughts.

  • Christy Marie says:

    i cant believe this …
    i cant believe this vid was published today!!!! i have suffered for 8 yrs w this autoimmune inflammatory disease. its robbed me of so much. the doctors have all but given up, so i decided to heal myself! my husband bout me a juicer today and i start my 7 day reboot tomorrow. thank you for all your information and MOTIVATION!!!!! your inspiration is greatly appreciated!! you are helping so many get on track with reclaiming their lives……THANK YOU!

  • tarijadecw says:

    Thank you so much …
    Thank you so much Drewl for the information. I believe this is what I need to get rid of my inflammation.

  • justxide says:

    that’s just what i …
    that’s just what i need right now, thank you, Drew, for making this video! also noticed that i catch cold etc. more aesily when i eat less raw food and more processed foods (even though they’re vegan), so yeah – you feel as good as your diet is)

  • Steelsink98 says:

    What do you do with …
    What do you do with your pulp? I like to make soups with it…

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