Detox Your Mind With Hypnosis

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Emotional First Aid on Tap

With this book Learn easily how to change the way you experience everyday of you life and overcome what holds you back with Emotional Freedom Technique…… EFT is a gentle tapping technique….. Where you tap on specific points on the body….. While you tune into an issue that has being causing a disturbance in the bodies energy system …… this disturbance is called negative emotions…. Negative meaning something uncomfortable and emotion meaning energy in motion ……. so by tapping these points that are derived from the ancient art of Acupuncture and acupressure…..while tuned into a past emotional issue balance in the energy system can be restored bringing with it relief from physical and psychological problems .Abundance, Anger , Anxiety, Bullying ,Confidence , Fear , Emotional Blackmail , Healing , IBS , Sports Performance , Golf , Jealousy , Loss , Karma , Bad Habits , Pain , Quit Smoking ,sex Life , Stammering ,worry , Bad Feelings to Zero

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Hypnosis is a consent state that works for you only in the way to want it to so by deciding to listen to this recording and only accepting at a subconscious level the positive changes that are right for you , listen to this recording for 28 days to receive the full positive changes and benefits

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